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 The Creation of Speckles

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: The Creation of Speckles   Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:08 pm

Before I start I want to say some of you might have read this before on DA or the other site that will be closing soon. That's because I don't want it to be lost. I want to thank you for taking the time to read this & I know my writing needs improvement. I'm taking a writing class so hopefully that will help. Well on with the story!

Chapter 1: The 15th Laff Point

Today was no ordinary day for Samantha Scales. She was going to get her 15th laff point today she could feel it in her! This was the last day to make it to 15 laff points before all the new toons moved onto Toontown. Sam wondered how she was going to receive laff point number 15. She could help her grandma out with her gardening or get a perfect in Catooo's Catching Game lessons. She had an idea! She was going to go ask Mrs. Featherflap how she earned her 15th laff point! Salty Featherflap the first comes by her estate every once in a while to visit with the little toons and let them play with her doodle. Sam sometimes wonders if Salty misses her little Salty. She knew that Mrs. Featherflap would be here today because Salty's birthday is coming up and according to the older kids that have already moved on she usually spends a lot of time here around this time of year.
Sam waited outside looking at the clouds wondering if Salty would be here today. She sure hoped she would. Sam really needed the help with getting that laff point! Just as Sam thought she was going to fall asleep in the cool winter sun a blackout happened. Sam has gotten use to the blackouts. They became more common within the past several days but they are still very scary. Sammie closed her eyes & counted until the blackout was over 1 alligator, 2 alligator, 3 alligator, then it was over. Three long and painful seconds. Sam wondered if the next blackout was going to be long than this one.
"A little chilly isn't it?" A voice came from the path below. Sam looked at the path and spotted the aged tall yellow rabbit. "Lucky for you I brought hot cocoa. Wanna go inside and have a cup?"
"No thanks Salty. I was wondering if you could tell me how you earned your 15th laff point?" Just then Sam remembered how old this rabbit was when looking at her slightly wrinkled face and wondered how much things have changed since she earned her 15th laff boost.
Salty looked up at Sam and smiled. "It's a little last minute isn't it Sammie? Well anyway you need to earn it by today so you will! Lets go into your mother's house and I can tell you the story on how I earned my 15th laff point. I'm sure you know things were different in my day but I know I can help you earn yours before today is over."

While sitting inside of her mother's house Sam sipped on a cup of hot cocoa that she wasn't sure if she wanted it at first but now was glad that she had accepted it. "So um Salty how different was it for you when you had to earn your 15th laff point?"
"Well for one thing Catooo that helpful little green cat wasn't even alive yet." This news shocked Sam. Cat has been around for what felt like forever! Cat even helped train Midnight who was now 101 laff points! Salty didn't even have a laff meter and she was alive before Catooo! That was amazing. "Don't look so surprised sweetie. Cat really isn't that old. Back when I had to earn my 15th laff point Sellbot HQ wasn't even open to the world yet."
Sam was even further shocked. Even some of the highest and greatest toons weren't around before Sellbot Headquarters. "Wow so if you stuck with training instead of moving out of Toontown then you would probably be highest laff possible huh?"
Salty smiled again. Sam could tell she liked talking about the old days. Her daughter Salty The Second taught Toontown history so it's really no surprise. "More than that. I'd probably have every gag track." The old yellow rabbit just stared into Sam's shocked face. Salty liked little toon's reactions when she told them that you could have every gag track back in her day. Then Salty's amused smile turned into a frown. "I do feel kind of bad though. I wish I kept up with everything that was going on with the world when my little Salty entered it. If I knew that you couldn't have all gag tracks anymore then maybe she wouldn't be soundless."
Sam had always wondered why Salty was soundless & now she believes she has her answer. Sound was a very important gag and going without that track was either very stupid or very brave. Sam wanted to change the topic to something a little more cheery actually maybe asking about getting that laff point. "So um Mrs. Featherflap how exactly did you get your 15th laff point?"
Salty's frown slowly turned upside down. As her smile began to reappear Sam could tell that she was about to learn a little more about Toontown's history. "Well back then Banker Bob never got to enjoy his candy bar because the cogs kept on stealing it. I came up with this clever idea. I snatched one of my mom's safes and put a fan inside to keep the inside cool so Banker Bob could keep his candy bar in there without worrying about it melting or being stolen. For my clever idea Banker Bob gave me my 15th laff boost!"
Sam was slightly confused. She didn't even know who Banker Bob was. She felt a little to embarrassed to ask because she was thinking that she should know but her curiosity got the best of her. She absolutely had to ask. "So uh who's Banker Bob?"
Salty bursted out laughing like it was something that Sam should have known. Whipping a tear from her smiling eyes Salty responded. "I keep forgetting Toon HQ doesn't send you young kids to help out Banker Bob, Librarian Larry, or Prof. Pete apart of earning your 16th laff point anymore. Back when I was an estate kid waiting to move onto Toontown the kids who came back visiting their parents always bragged about what they had and how they recovered their item. I always was curious on why the cogs wanted Banker Bob's candy bar. They couldn't eat it because they are robots. They obviously don't have a pet of some sort. Did they just steal it for their entertainment? Well whatever the reason was I couldn't let them steal it again. Bob deserved the right to enjoy his candy bar!"
Sam liked the idea but she wondered how well the safe idea worked. Obviously well because toons no longer had to retrieve the candy bar but still she wondered. "How well did the safe idea work out?"
Salty gave Sam another one of her smiles. She was either in a very cheery mood or just found a little toon's curiosity very amusing. "I didn't know for a long time. I remember when my little Salty was doing the task to earn her 16th laff point. I asked her what she had to do and when she told me she had to get Banker Bob's candy bar I almost wanted to faint. How could the cogs steal it when it's within a safe? I asked her how it was possible and she laughed. She asked me if I actually believed the safe story and then I was confused. She told me one of the stories that the older toons told the new comers before entering Toontown and one of them was how a cog stole the whole safe that Bob's candy bar was hiding in. She didn't believe the story for one second because who would put a candy bar in a safe?"
Both Salty & Sam laughed for a few seconds then Sam realized that she still didn't know what to do to earn her 15th laff point. The moment Sam stopped laughing Salty realized what Sam was thinking and got up out of her chair and went over to the window. Sam curious followed her. "So um why exactly are you looking out the window?"
Salty just stared out there for a while watching the little little toons wrestle with the doodles and the flowers swaying in the icy wind then another smile came across her face. This smile was different from the ones that she has been giving Sam all morning. Sam staring at Salty with her pale blue eyes waited for Salty to answer. Then after a few long seconds Salty said "I have the perfect idea."

Outside Sam watched Salty at work. Still not sure on what she was doing. Salty had every single doodle trick and was a maxed gardener. When you don't fight cogs what are you going to do in your free time? Salty was writing something down but Sam had no idea what it was. The old rabbit wouldn't let Sam take a look. She shooed her away every time she tried. Salty looking back and forth between the doodles and her notes looked like she had some sort of interesting plan brewing but Sam was dying to know exactly what that plan was! Sam then reminded herself of the saying curiosity killed the cat but she wasn't a cat she was a bear. A tall red bear that wouldn't let curiosity get her the same way it got the cat but not even big bears can fight it. Out of frustration she finally yelled "ALRIGHT! What is going on? Why won't you share any of this with me?"
All the doodles and kids had stopped playing and Salty stopped taking her notes. All eyes were on Sam. One of the kids a small yellow monkey named Anna spoke up."Uh Sammie Salmon are you alright?"
"She's alright Anna Banana." Salty answered for her. Salty got up from where she was taking notes and said alright I'm done anyways. Let's go on the roof and I'll explain my plan.
Sam again was confused but this time more concerned. "Are you sure you'll be able to make it onto the roof oka..."
Before she could finish her question Salty was on the roof setting herself down in a comfortable spot. She was stronger than she looked. "Are you coming or what?" Salty yelled from on the roof of the blue house.
Sam felt a little assaulted bye that. Salty was old and wise! The one thing that a young salmon red colored bear would have over a older tall yellow rabbit would be strength. Sam put all her anger into the lead and accidentally leaped over the house and the laughing yellow rabbit. Sam was a little frustrated now. This time she took in a deep breath before jumping and jumped on top of the house. Salty was still laughing. "Ha ha very funny. For a old rabbit you sure do act very young."
Salty gave Sam another one of those classic Salty smiles. Sam was slowly learning what each smile meant. The ones that she has been receiving all day meant that Salty was amused and the one that she got earlier meant she had a good idea. Still two smiles probably isn't even close to half of the amount of smiles that Salty uses. Sam has a long way to go before learning Salty smiling language. "Acting your age is so boring! Can you really see me sitting in a rocking chair knitting all day?"
She had a point. It was time to get back onto the topic. "So what's the plan?"

Chapter 2: The Plan

Salty displayed her notes to Sam still confused on what it was. The yellow rabbit remembered how young Sam was so decided to try to explain the plan as simply as possible. "So you know how when your mom tries to garden and the doodles get bored? They want to play while they are trying to garden. Here there are plenty of kids to keep the doodles entertained but out there in Toontown toons don't have kids to play with their doodles so they are always getting in the way. I left before doodles were even available for us because it was before Flippy's doodle ran away and found all those doodles out in the wild. I never got the chance to own a doodle or even garden while in Toontown but I talk to Salty on the phone every day and she sometimes complains on when her little Monday gets in the way when she tries to garden. I'm thinking these doodles need a distraction while toons garden."
Sam thought about this idea for a short while. It sounded helpful and was defiantly worth a laff boost within her estate. This wouldn't only give her the laff boost that she needed but might change the way that toons ran their estates! "So what exactly is this distraction suppose to be?"
Salty smiled again. Another smile that she hadn't seen yet. She guessed that this was suppose to be a proud smile. This meant that this distraction was good. Very good. It could cause a huge change and it would be because of her! Then Sam felt a rush of guilt as she realized that this was entirely Salty's idea and Sam was stealing it. Was it stealing if Salty let her use it? No it couldn't be! Salty was letting her use it so it shouldn't count for stealing! She still felt guilty and even more as Salty explained HER idea. "So what you do is you put in the jellybeans here in this compartment." She was pointing to a drawing that Sam guessed the rabbit drew while watching the kids and doodles played. "Then here where this speaker is it says a bunch of programed doodle tricks. Right here it detects the tricks and if the doodle does the trick it shoots out a jellybean and says either good boy or girl so the doodle stays happy. Once it's out of jellybeans it automatically turns off until you refill it."
The plan was genius! Sam still was unsure on a few things though. "How many jellybeans exactly can this thing hold and how much would it cost?"
"I was thinking we make it big enough to hold 30 jellybeans and as for the price? We wouldn't want to make doodle training to easy now wouldn't we? It can be like cannons you rent them but instead of 1,000 jb they cost 500 jb. This plan wouldn't only get you your laff boost but might make you rich!"
Again Sam felt another wave of guilt. She couldn't take any jellybeans for it. It was Salty's plan! Maybe if she said she had help with it Salty would get the jellybeans? "Um Salty it was your idea you should get paid for it. All I want is the laff boost."
Again another smile came across Salty's yellow face. This time an embarrassed looking smile. "Oh um right. I think I got a little to carried away with this idea."
The both of them laughed. "Maybe you should be an inventor?" They both laughed again at Sam's suggestion.

Salty and Sam worked past lunch time together on their invention. It was almost dinner time by the time that they had finished. It was time for the test run. Salty was busy sorting through her jellybean while Sam rubbed Pepper's tummy. Pepper was Salty's maroon colored doodle that she bought in TTC the very first day that doodles were available to all of Toontown. She loved Pepper more than any doodle that had ever existed. Sam looked over to where Salty was sorting her jellybeans and had to know why she was sorting through them. "Um why exactly are you going through all of your jellybeans?"
Salty gave another one of her smiles of which Sam was actually getting tired of. With a whole day working with Salty she was getting tired of her different smiled reactions but that was just Salty. There wasn't much she could do about it. "I hate the grape flavored jellybeans but Pepper loves them. She also loves the lime flavored and I think they are alright. I'm putting all of her favorite flavored jellybeans into the machine for the test run. She's also very picky. She won't eat particular flavors." A picky Toontown Central doodle? Well Sam guessed that's what you get with the small amount you pay for one.
Sam watched Salty load the purple and green jellybeans into the machine. When she was finished she closed the top of the part that holds the jellybeans then put her finger on the on switch. "Ready?"
Sam thought for a moment making sure they didn't forget anything. It was a good thing that this ran on silly power so they didn't have to worry about plugging it in. After a the few seconds of thinking she responded. "Ready!" Although she still felt like they were forgetting something.
Salty flipped the switch but nothing happened. They stared at the machine wondering what went wrong. Pepper was staring at it too curiosity showing in her doodle eyes. Then the yellow rabbit figured it out! "Oh yeah! We forgot the most important thing! The countdown!"
"The what?" Then Sam remembered the machine ran on silly power! It likes things silly and obviously wouldn't start without the proper opening. "Oh yeah! Okay then lets count down!"
Together the both of them starting at 10 counted down then when they reached one they flipped the machine on and it worked! "Play dead" The machine said.
Salty and Sam looked at each other at first wondering if it was talking to them or the doodle. After looking over at Pepper who was playing dead they guessed and hoped at the same time the machine was talking to her. "That was fun and it works!" Sam said feeling pleased that she will get that laff boost today.
"Good boy" Both toons laughed after hearing the machine call Pepper a boy even though she was obviously a girl. It still needed a few tweaks but other than that Sam was going to get that laff boost and then she was going to be among the bigger toons in Toontown!

Chapter 3: Moving On

Sam was so nervous. She knew she had the present the machine to someone but had no idea that it was Flippy! The tall yellow rabbit looked up at Sam who was taller than the old rabbit being that she was a bear gave a small, warm, comforting smile. "Relax Salmon Run you'll be fine. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Flippy loves his doodle and likes to garden! I'm sure he's going to love a machine that trains your doodles while you garden!"
Sam gave a nervous smile back at Salty. Salmon Run. Now that's a new nickname. If she's called anything with Salmon in it it's usually Salmon Scales because her last name is Scales. She also thought about what else Salty had said and kept playing it over in her mind. Flippy loves his doodle and garden. Flippy loves his doodle and garden.

When it finally came time to show Flippy what the two had created as it turns out the wise old rabbit was right. Of course she was. It almost felt like she knew everything and yet she was a little on the crazy side. She kind of reminded her a a way less crazy Lil' Ol' Man. Of course Sam herself has never had him but her older brother is currently working on that task to choose between drop or trap.
Sam showed Flippy exactly how the machine worked and Flippy's eyes shone with amazement through the entire presentation. When they were all done he was on his desk clapping like crazy. Maybe Salt isn't that crazy after all. Maybe that's what happens to toons when they have spent as much time as they did in Toontown although after three days Salty quit. She never gave a reason why she quit she just did. Sam had no idea exactly what Salty had done after quitting. Maybe she ran a shop in Toontown through the past eight years and that's why she's a little coo coo.
The aqua colored dog was very pleased. After clapping like a maniac for 30 long seconds he sat back down in his chair. "I loved it! And the fact that you can rent these for kind of a spendy price means that toons won't overuse them and we don't have to make as many. Sam and Salty I would love to be the first to try out your little invention if you don't mind. Even though I have had a maxed doodle even before the smart little guy ran away and brought back friends it still wouldn't hurt to try. I don't want him to get rusty on any of the tricks and um he also could lose a few pounds." They laughed for a moment then Flippy continued. "For your efforts I believe that little miss Sam has earned her 15th laff point and you miss Salty deserve a big reward! Here's a ticket for one free ice-cream cone at the Ice-Cream Bar in the Brrrgh enjoy!"
Salty stared at the ticket in disbelief for a moment then the biggest smile that Sam has seen her give all day appeared on her face. This confused Sam again. She was tired of being confused. Were all toons like this? What is with that smile this time! Is she in shock for not getting a million jellybeans or something? She worked hard on that machine and all she gets out of it is ice-cream? The tall yellow rabbit looked at Flippy with her huge smile then Sam could tell that something in her was about to explode. Sam knew she was filled with anger! She was anticipating Salty to go all crazy on the aqua dog but then something even more unexpected came from her. "THANK YOU SO MUCH FLIPPY!!! YES!!! I LOVE ICE-CREAM!!!!" Then she did a victory dance. This was odd but Sam was going to wait until after they had left Toon Hall to ask Salty what that was all about.

The two were sitting on the steps that lead up to Toon HQ and some other buildings in Toontown Central. Salty still staring at the ticket in disbelief. "Um Salty what exactly was that about back there?"
Salty looked confused. "Uh what do you mean Sammie?"
"You going all crazy on Flippy! Were you so angry you automatically turned that anger into excitement?"
Salty laughed as if Sam was the crazy one. "You thought I would be upset by receiving free ice-cream? Wow that's amazing! I thought you little toons loved ice-cream as much as me. I guess I'm the only one that goes crazy even at the mention of ice-cream."
This scared Sam for a moment. She didn't want to picture Salty when an ice-cream truck passed by. She decided to change the topic. "So um I got my 15th laff point. I guess I'm moving on."
After calming down and returning to the wise old Salty that Sam has always saw her as before today she looked up into the sky. "Yeah I guess you are. You better start packing because the camp out for the 15 laffers is tomorrow night. I know this because my little Salty is going to be watching over everyone this time."
Sam giggled a little. It was hard imagining Salty jr. as little. She had 108 laff points. Had that laff for about a year now. She was getting slower every year getting slower with age the red bear assumed. She was kind of happy that the younger Salty was going to be the little toons chaperone for tomorrow night. At least there would be one familiar face but at the same time she hoped that this Salty wasn't as crazy as her mother once you get to know her. It might be nice having someone crazy watching them that way they wouldn't have to worry to much on breaking the rules or anything but still crazy toons can be unpredictable.
Salty was still staring at the clouds. After taking a closer look at exactly what Salty was looking at Sam realized that it wasn't the clouds but the cogs flying through them. If only toons could fly. Then they would be able to take to the skies and get rid of more cogs! After Sam has moved on to busting cogs maybe she would spend her free time working on a way to ascend toons. Once they have taken to the skies cogs would only become a minor threat but what Sam was going to learn soon that the cogs already were a minor threat compared to a real problem that most toons weren't even aware of how bad it really was.

Chapter 4: Camp Out

After arriving at the camping site at Chip N Dale's Acorn Acres Sam placed her sleeping bag and other important camping materials in the spot where a sign said Sleeping bags and other important camping materials. Sam giggled a little at the sign and wondered how many things in Toontown had labellings like the one that she had just read. She would worry about that later the important thing right now was to figure out why she was the only one there. Was she early? Was the camping trip canceled? After looking at her watch she saw that she was 10 minutes early but still she can't be the only early bird. Salty wasn't even here yet and she's the councilor!
Sam went over to where the geyser spat water every once in a while and just watched it. After 3 minutes she heard a voice that startled her. "What in Toontown are you doing just watching it? Come on lets go play!"
Sammie whipped around to see a tall yellow rabbit that looked almost identical to Salty senior realizing that this was the daughter, the little Salty that she had heard so much about. "Come on early bear! Lets go play!" yep this Salty was just as crazy maybe even crazier than her zany mother.
Sam stepped into the spot where the geyser usually shot water scared to death on what was going to come. She decided that this Salty was defiantly crazier. This could really be painful if it doesn't turn out to well. Sam looked over to Salty about to tell her that this was a bad idea and that she has changed her mind but it was to late. A loud rumble came from the gurgling pool then it happened. The geyser shot the two of them into the air! Flying on top of water felt crazy, zany, FUN! Sam never wanted to get off! It was great! Then the geyser had stopped sooner than Sam would ever want it to.
After splashing down Sam realized that Salty wasn't the crazy one here Sam was. She was such a scaredy cat! It was so crazy to be afraid! She was a bear and not just any sized bear a tall bear. She was the second tallest toon that Toontown had to offer. The first tallest being the tall male bears of course. Not wanting to feel like a chicken but the happy and excited bear that was flying on water a moment ago Sam looked at Salty wearing her mother's excited smile. "Lets do that again!"
The tall yellow rabbit laughed a little then helped Sam up. They positioned themselves in the correct spot then shot up again. Sam closed her eyes feeling the cool water against her fur then opened them back up again slightly startled. It was hard to feel anything over the roaring water but Sam could feel something small then she looked over to Salty worry shining in her eyes. Then suddenly everything went black! Yes black! "Another blackout? Jeez Toontown really needs to fix these!" The tall yellow rabbit didn't sound very pleased.
The two remained still until the blackout was over. In her head of course Sam counted getting the same number as last time 3. When they could finally see both Sam and Salty were in the shallow pond soaking wet. Sam was half expecting Salty to be laughing but she wasn't. She looked sad like she had lost an old friend. Sam got up feeling her wet clothes heavy on her as she walked over to the sad soaked rabbit. "Are you alright?"
Salty looked up into Sam's pale blue eyes her ocean blue eyes looking more like the ocean with tears filling in them. Sam helped her up and the yellow rabbit smiled a little. "Sorry about that it's just with every time the entire town goes dark I get a little nervous. I just don't like this. It feels like someone is trying to steal my world... our world from us."
Sam put her giant bear paw on Salty's shoulder. "Yeah well I hope they fix this problem soon."
Then the two of them heard the rumbling and Salty smiled. "Right on cue!" They shot up into the air laughing like crazy then saw a bunch of dots down below. Sam looked at her watch realizing that it was exactly time to be at the camp site. She was excited because she was going to meet toons from other estates.
As the geyser got to the end all the other toons that had just arrived her laughing and yelling wanting to ride the geyser with the tall toons.They all got into position and waited for the geyser to shoot them into the air. Once it did everyone was laughing and having a great time.

Later on every single one of them had a towel and was shivering like crazy. Salty had just finished lighting the fire and everyone else obviously was enjoying the new warmth rushing over them.
Sam still wanting to get to know everyone better scanned over the group of still shaking toons trying to remember every single face. She would have to so she wouldn't be to alone once she entered the big and scary world.
Every face interested her. She was use to seeing all the bear, rabbit, monkey, and cat faces of her own estate and the neighboring estates. Here she saw toon species that she was a little unsure of. One of which was a tall male horse with a long face and years. He had royal blue fur and what seemed like a tough personality. Looking at him he didn't look afraid of anything not even the tall red bear staring right at him but he wasn't even noticing her. He was to busy trying to keep the horse next to him warm. A slightly smaller pink colored horse. She had a shorter nose but still had long ears. Sam assumed that they were boyfriend and girlfriend.
Salty sat down on her log almost comfortable when she noticed that something was missing then almost right away realized what it was. "Oh trap! Forgot the marshmallows!" Everyone was staring at her in amazement. They didn't expect the older and wiser toon to use a gag in such a negative way. She turned to Sam. "Sammie can you please get the marshmallows out of my backpack?"
Sam wanting to please Salty and wanted to look the most helpful possible in front of everyone else agreed to go retrieve the white fluffy treats. When Sam stood up the royal blue horse's attention drew away from his girlfriend and over to Sam. He stared at her amazed that someone here actually towers over him. Sam couldn't help but smile. She really hoped that she wouldn't appear to chicken to this crowd and so far things looked good.
While Sam was searching through the backpack for the marshmallows she could hear Salty talking. "Mark would you like to find some sticks for us to put the marshmallows on?" Sam wondered who she was talking to. While scanning through the crowd Sam spotted only 3 boys and Mark defiantly was more of a boy's name.
Sam soon learned who Mark was. He was the royal blue horse cuddling the pink one. He walked over to where Sam was crouched by the backpack. "Howdy Sammie!" Mark said with a big smile on his long snout. Sam just smiled back then searched for the marshmallows. "You know Sam there's going to be a few games tomorrow like the three legged race and catch.
Sam knew about these games already and wanted to know why Mark was sharing this with her. "Yeah? And your point is?"
Mark sat down on the cool grass. "Well I was hopin that maybe you could be my partner for the three legged race?"
This shocked Sam. She could already tell that Mark had a girlfriend. Why on earth would he want to pare up with Sam instead of her? After finding the marshmallows Sam stood up then realized that it was her size that Mark was choosing her over his own girlfriend for. She couldn't say yes for that reason. "Um Mark you already have a girlfriend. Why don't you just pare up with her?"
"Well for one we can't have the same partner for every game. Hers and I are partners in the relay race. She's a good runner but I need someone stronger than her for the three legged race. Someone that could support my horse power."
Is that what he called it? Horse power? Well anyways no matter what Sam was going to say no. She rather have fun than win. "Mark I can't I'm sorry. There are other strong looking people here why not ask them?"
"Cuz they ain't bears like you! Also I've never seen a gal as tall as you! You could probably win every game if yous had the right partner."
Sam was starting to feel assaulted. Back home she was pretty tall but there were other bears about her height so she was rarely picked for anything. Size didn't really matter. No one should pick anyone just for size or strength! They have no idea who is under all that muscle! He didn't really know that Sam was a loving and kind bear and wouldn't hurt anyone and doesn't have the same competitive personality as him. Without that she probably wouldn't win every game. Maybe one but not every. The whole thing was about having fun! Sam wished that Mark could see that and this guy had a hard time taking no for an answer so she had to say something else. "I'll think about it."
Mark just stayed calm and cool. "Well I's hope you think long and hard. This offer won't stand long so please make up your mind as soon as you can."
Sam knew he was only trying to get her to say yes but no matter how hard he tried she wasn't going to.
After bringing back the marshmallows she saw that the group was visiting with each other and laughing. It looked like they were all friends for a very long time when in truth they were just trying to get to know each other then Salty spotted Sam coming back from her short journey to retrieve the marshmallows. "Hey Sammie! Took you long enough! Now all we need is Mark to come back with those sticks and we can roast marshmallows while sharing scary stories!"
Sam sat down in her seat then smiled. She loved a good scary story that got her all frightened over something fictional but felt so real.
As soon as Mark came back they were ready to share their scary tails to each other.

Thank you so much for reading this. Chapters 5-10 will most likely be uploaded soon. I don't know if I'm going to do that many in one post but I might. It depends how long they are & yes already I forgot. What? I've been working on the second story! I can't just remember how long each chapter in the first one was. Well anyways the amount of chapters I upload next will vary on the sizes of the chapters but I expect to put up the ones that I said I will. Comments are more than welcome. I love both good & bad. I don't mind those who say it's terrible because I know I need to improve on a lot of things & I don't mind hearing what those things are so I can work on them.
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PostSubject: Re: The Creation of Speckles   Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:38 am

Chapter 5: Scary Stories

As everyone were roasting their marshmallows Salty looked around the group deciding who was going to share a terrifying tale first. Whether they had one or not nobody wanted to go first so Salty had to choose. Salty herself would go first but she knows the rules. Save the best for last. Then she eyed the pink horse making her burnt marshmallow into a smore. "Camilla! Why don't you go first?"
Camilla looked at Salty then kind of gave a nervous smile. "Um miss Salty I don't exactly have a scary story to tell." Camilla said with her cute western accent.
"That's alright Cam! You can just make one up as you go along!"
Camilla finally gave up on her attempts on avoiding going first. "Fine I guess if I have to be the first one to tell a story I'll tell the one that I had planned."
Salty gave a satisfied smile. Sam looking at Salty smile like that could almost not see any differences between her & her mother besides the different clothes and hair. The yellow rabbit pulled her marshmallow off her stick ready to listen to Camilla's story.
"Well I hope ya'll are in for a spooky tale! I call it the ghost of Toon Valley Mine." Ears pricked at the mention of the old mine. It was hidden somewhere in Chip N Dale's Acorn Acres and it can only be found in Toon Valley which made it very special. Nobody knew the exact location of it but there has been many different stories told about it. Sam has heard a few but none about a ghost. "Well I guess I'll start off with the first sightin of the ghost. It happened years ago even before Acorn Acres was open to the public. Toons were investigatin the place to make sure it was safe for toons to golf. Two of them found the entrance to the old mine. Of course they were curious and went to have a look see. After peering into the mine they wanted to look down further thinkin they might find gold or somethin. They looked around a bit but didn't find anythang interstin so they decided it was time to mosey on back to Toon Hall to share with Flippy what they have found. As they turned around both of them felt a deep chill then got kind of spooked. They wanted to get outta there as quickly as they could. They ran for the entrance of the old mine but stopped frozen in fear for what was standing at their way out. It was a glowing green ghost!"
At this moment Camilla obviously was expecting a few jumps but everyone looked half awake. Apparently her story was making everyone fall asleep. "Boooooring!" It was a small multicolored purple cat who had shouted the rude comment. "I was looking forward to some stories with death, blood, chainsaws, and lots and lots of screaming! Not something about a radio active ghost haunting some old mine that doesn't even exist!"
Camilla looked shocked and appalled at the multishaded purple cat's response to her story. "Well I guess you could do better?"
"Can I do better? Of course I can! I have a story that would knock everyone's socks off! That is if you were wearing socks of course."
Salty looked at the purple cat curiously. She wanted to hear from everyone but wanted to let Camilla finish her story even though it seemed the rest of the group was in no mood to hear it. Salty decided it would be fair to have everyone vote. That way it doesn't seem to rude to take Cam's turn away from her. "We can hear from you next Sam if everyone wants to finish Camilla's story first."
"Sam?" Samantha had no idea that there were two Sams here. She had to know if Salty had pronounced the name right or maybe got them confused although it would be hard to get such opposites mixed up.
"Your not the only Sam here Sam! It is a common name. So lets vote. Show of hands for those who want Camilla to finish her story" There were cricket noises. Not even Camilla raised her hand which meant that she didn't even want to finish her story. She probably doesn't want to hear anymore complaining. "Alright and who wants the purple cat Sam to tell a story?" All hands shot up real fast. Cam's rose but more slowly. "Sam's story it is! Sorry Camilla." Then Salty frowned as if she just realized something horrible. "Uh Sam this story is appropriate right?"
Sam smiled in a cool and relaxed manner. "Of course it is! It's a tale about Bloodsuckers!"
Salty suddenly looked a little more relaxed but still a bit on the nervous side. "Well that doesn't sound to bad. Everyone likes a good cog horror story."
The purple cat had some amusement showing in her eyes as if she knew that something interesting and funny was about to happen. "Oh I'm not talking about the cog Ms. Featherflap. I'm talking about The Bloodsucker! It's some sort of creature that hunts at night looking for vulnerable toons camping out telling stories and having a good time like what we are doing. People think it's an experiment from Loony Labs gone horribly wrong! So you guys up for it or are you to chicken?"
Everyone had these terrified expressions on their faces even Mark. They all had eyes wide and was staring at the purple cat scared but very interested. Salty on the other hand didn't look to happy. "Uh Sam I don't think this will be an appropriate story."
Sam laughed a little then suddenly had the most serious look than the red bear could ever imagine on her face. "Oh don't worry Salty it's not only appropriate but it's a good warning on what we could expect tonight. This story will teach us all on what we should do if we were to ever encounter the bloodthirsty beast."
After the purple cat's assurance on how appropriate the story was she got triple O's from the whole crowd wanting to hear this story. Salty did look a little curious her will to hear the story overpowering the thoughts in her mind telling her that even though they are toons they still have to follow the rules. "Alright lets hear it. I'll be the judge on how appropriate this story really is."
After receiving the closest thing to a yes that she would get from Salty on her story the purple rainbowed cat smiled and readied herself to tell a tale so terrifying that it was sure to keep a few toons awake tonight. "Alright so there is this creature. Some call it a beast, some say it's a lost animal, and others says it doesn't even exist. The ones who don't believe in it are usually the ones who get eaten by the thing. Sightings started to occur even before that idiot Scrooge activated the giant robot made by Gyro that made all the cogs. The oldest sighting happened right here in Acorn Acres. You might be asking how that's even possible if the place wasn't even open back then. Toons camped here for hundreds of years way before the golf courses were built. A young couple two goats actually were the firsts that I know of to spot the thing."
"Hold on! Goats? There aren't any goats in Toontown! They lost both elections that they ran in!" It was an medium sized lime green money that had shouted his angry thoughts. It made sense to Sam because she remembered learning about all 3 elections that Toontown has held. Monkeys won the first election beating all the other species running goats being one of them. The second time goats ran pigs beat them which Sam's grandmother didn't approve of. She voted for goat wanting her friend to fight the cogs alongside her. The red bear always thought the elections were silly. Why not just let all toon species in Toontown? Why do they have to vote on it?
The purple cat just looked at the lime monkey for a few seconds then gave her answer. "Well if you payed any attention in your history class then you would know that a long time ago all toon species were allowed. That's why we have Clarabelle who is a cow! Although she was here like a million years ago!"
Salty giggled a little at Sam's over exaggeration. Clarabelle was old but not that old! "Yes Sam had me as a history teacher. I'm happy you remember that Sam. Not everywhere offers history lessons or if they do they learn different things. I hope you understand that."
Sam looked over at Salty. "Yeah I do but I like sharing the stuff that I learned. I'm going to get back to the story now! So as I was saying a young goat couple were the first known toons to spot the creature. They were camping out over where Bossbot HQ now stands but back then it was just forest. They were roasting marshmallows and sharing stories like us. The male goat got up to go get a root beer from the cooler leaving his girlfriend there then he heard screams and turned around to see what was the matter! Then he saw it a tall coral colored creature with piercing red eyes staring down at him! Blood dripping from it's fangs and claws. He soon realized what had just happened."
"Okay I'm gonna stop you there! That was not the kind of story that I wanted to hear and I now am to scared to go grab a root beer for myself!" Salty looked a little angry and scared at the same time.
"Oh come on! We were suppose to tell scary stories! This one was scary!" Sam was angry and wanted to finish her story but knew that Salty wouldn't let her. "Fine then let's move on to the next story! I wanna get so scared that I'll be up all night fearing for my life!"

They heard a scary story from everyone except Sam the red bear and the lime monkey. Salty still hasn't gone yet but after looking at her watch Sam realized that there wasn't going to be enough time for Salty to tell a story. It was almost midnight and they had a busy day tomorrow. She figured she's just let the lime monkey tell a story then went off to bed. She hoped that the monkey had one because Sam sure didn't, Salty was looking at both of them. Sam knew she was expecting a story from them. "We have time for one more story. Which one of you wants to go?"
Sam looked over to the green monkey who was smiling. "Good I wanted to go last. I have a story that will scare all you wimps even you purple Sam. It's about Freckleslam THEE Freckleslam! Not some fake no it's about the original! Who wants to hear it?" Everyone was staring at him ready to listen and he knew it. "I thought so. So the Freckleslam thing all started over at Loony Labs. Of course a toon as sinister as him couldn't be born. He was created. Why he was nobody knew for sure but he came into existence. Once he had been born he took out the scientists just by looking at them! He was really that powerful. He escaped which caused the very first blackouts that Toontown has ever seen! At first it was minor toons in the dark for only about a half hour but then the town came back online. Toons worried but they have seen things similar to this and didn't think much of it. They had no idea that the biggest and scariest day of Toontown history was about to be created." He looked around at everyone's listening faces. He already knew that everyone has learned this story at one time or another but he knew a slightly different version that he has always wanted to share. "A group of toons decided to do a factory run knowing the risks after one blackout there could be another but they didn't care. Super Lemonspeed was the leader of this group. He was calm and confident. He felt like nothing bad was going to happen. He's done a million factory runs but this one felt a little different. There was also a bright red cat in the group. The cat was very unsure about this and Lemonspeed unsure himself tried to comfort her. She kept saying that there was going to be another blackout but Lemonspeed kept saying if there will be we will be finished by then. The cat trusted him but still felt uneasy. While in the factory something truly strange happened. They were almost done. Before going in to fight the Factory Foremen a coral mouse just appeared! Out of nowhere and he appeared in front of every single toon in Toontown with an unpleasent message. He said this is my world and you are not welcome!" Everyone although already knew this part still acted shocked. They wanted to give him some surprised reactions. The part about Freckleslam being created in a lab was just a rumor. One that hasn't really spread to far because many people haven't heard it so that was kind of a shock for the group to hear. What they didn't know was there was more to the story. "I'm still not finished! After that there was the biggest and most famous blackout that Toontown has ever had! When the toons came back online they all crowded together sharing their stories. In one district there was a monkey named Jeebs or uh Jeeber somethin?"
Salty stood in. Being a history teacher Salty should know all of this already and she does. "The name of the monkey was Jeepermash. I can't really remember the role he played but I do remember he was a hacker." A few people were slightly surprised that Salty didn't know Jeepermash's place but that was alright she didn't have to know everything.
"Uh thanks Salt. So as I was saying this monkey Jeepermash was in Toontown Central a crowd of toons around him. Apparently he was a hacker of some sort and everyone was saying negative things to him. This was back when everyone was braver and not so afraid of hackers like they are now. The bright red cat spotted him and just stared in amazement. She was angry but didn't act like everyone else did. After that people don't know what exactly happened to the original Freckleslam and Jeepermash but most just assume they were sent to jail."

After a fun night of hearing scary stories and roasting marshmallows it was finally time for bed but Sam had a hard time sleeping. She kept playing the words over in her head and wondered Freckleslam's exact intentions in hacking Toontown. She had to say the words out loud to see if she could get it figured out. "This is my world and your not welcome." What did it mean?

Chapter 6: The Bloodsucker?

Sam looked at her watch. "3am ugh!" She felt like she wouldn't be able to get anymore sleep than she already had which wasn't much at all.
"Hello? You still awake?" It was the other Sam. The 2 Sams got to share a tent. Salty pared them together because she thought it was a little funny. "If you are I am too. Wanna talk until we fall asleep?"
Sam couldn't sleep and would be bored otherwise so she thought why not? "Uh sure."
"Good! I have something that I really wanted to talk about with you. Our names. You have a nickname or somthin?"
Sam had many nicknames but the one she used most was Sam. She liked going by that. She did for all of her life. "I have a few nicknames like Sammie and uh... Salmon."
Sam giggled. "Salmon? Really? Would you mind if I called you that?"
"Um not really I guess." Sam could tell that she wanted her to go by something else so the two of them won't get mixed up as easily. She didn't mind going by Salmon actually she liked Salmon more than she liked being called Sam.
"Salmon it is! That's good that way we don't have to get each other mixed up. Hey uh do you smell something?"
Salmon sniffed the air. It did smell a little funny. Actually it kind of stank. "Yeah. Hmm maybe one of the guys wet the bed.. err I mean sleeping bag?"
Sam had to take another whiff of it to remember the scent. "Nah this doesn't smell that bad! It just smells like a mixture of old sweaty socks and blood."
Then the two of them heard a low growl. "Do you think it could be the Bloodsucker?" The thought of it being the Bloodsucker scared Salmon. They never got to hear the rest of the story which means if it was the Bloodsucker Salmon wouldn't know what to do but she was sharing a tent with Sam the one who knew the story. How lucky was that?
"It can't be the Bloodsucker! The story was fake! It was something that my cousin told me to scare me into not being able to sleep at night! It can't be real!" They heard another growl but this time louder and they saw a shadow through the tent. "Although I guess the story might have some truth to it."
Salmon was scared to death staring right at the shadow. It had long ears, buck teeth, and antlers. Then she thought about it a little. Did the monster have antlers? She had to ask Sam if it did. "Uh Sam did the Bloodsucker have antlers?"
Sam looked at the shadow a little bit of surprise showed in her face then anger. "Not from my cousin's stories it didn't! It's probably just the boys playing a prank on us!"
Salmon thought that sounded about right and figured this had to be a prank. Then she noticed the shadow hunched over and there was stuff coming out from it's mouth. Blood! There was noway that the boys could fake that! "Uh Sam as much as I would like to think it was a prank it doesn't really look like it is."
Sam looked at her not looking scared at all anymore. "Salmon! We can't actually see it! They can easily fake that awful smelling blood trick! It's probably one of those terrible smelling and tasting energy drinks that they are using for the spitting out blood effect there!"
Salmon not wanting to be scared decided to agree with the small purple cat. "Yeah I guess it is the boys pulling a prank on us!"
"What are we doing?"
Salmon turned around to see Mark and the other two boys there in their tent. "What are you doing here?"
"We came to put snakes in your sleeping bags. We already got the other girls. We wanted to save the best for last." Mark was holding a couple rubber snakes and Salmon knew it couldn't be the boys pulling a prank on them.
"Then if your in here then who is that out there?" Sam now looked terrified after realizing that it wasn't the boys pulling a prank on them.
"I told you! It really is the Bloodsucker!" Salmon was scared to death now and what made it worse was that all the boys were here to see her scared.
"Calm down it could be another one of the girls pulling the prank." Sam still looked scared but a little better now after coming up with that idea.
"Nah it can't be! All the other girls were sound asleep even Salty." It was the lime monkey who had said that. He looked scared at the sight of the unidentified beast.
Sam looked at him angry. "You put rubber snakes in Salty's bed too?" They heard another growl and Sam was reminded of the danger that they might be in. "Uh lets worry about that later. Lets um figure out how to take out the Bloodsucker without it um sucking our blood."
All of them agreed and Mark looked like he had an idea. "How about this. All of you wait here and I'll take out the beast for yalls."
Listening to Mark talk again Salmon was getting more curious on his accent and where he was from but she could ask about that later. She was happy that it was him and not her that was going to go out there and take care of it but when the lime monkey through a different idea out there Salmon got nervous. "Why don't we have Sam uh the bear Sam go out there and take care of it? She is a bear after all. We can use Mark as backup if we need to."
Mark didn't look to happy about people thinking that a girl was stronger than him. Even though Salmon was stronger on the outside she sure wasn't on the inside. There was no way that she could take down the Bloodsucker well not alone at least. Everyone else looked like they liked the idea of sending Salmon out there which kind of scared her but she remembered that she had to show them that she wasn't some chicken! "Fine I'll go!"
Sam grabbed a shovel and went out wondering what a shovel was doing in the tent anyways. Outside the nasty scent was stronger and sent shivers down Salmon's spine. She slowly walked over to where they had saw the figure of the beast raising the shovel ready to whack it as if it were a mole in that fun game. She closed her eyes once she had gotten to the spot where they saw the monster and was about to hit it as hard as she could but she couldn't after hearing it's cries. "Please don't hurt me!" Salmon opened one eye curious. She saw a kind of large sepia colored rabbit with antlers. She lowered the shovel and had to know who this was and what was he doing here. "Your... your not gonna kill and eat me?"
Salmon scratched her head still confused but then ended up laughing. "I thought you were going to eat me! So I guess we are even."
The rabbit looked very confused. "Me eat you? Your a giant bear! I'm just a jackalope."
Salmon laughed some more. Then held out a paw to help the scared little creature up. "A jackalope huh? Never heard of such a strange species. My friends and I thought you were the Bloodsucker."
"Like the cog or the vicious red eyed beast living in these parts?"
"Uh the second one. So uh what was with all the growling, spewing out blood, oh and that awful stench?"
The jackalope giggled a little. "Oh I'm very sick. I saw that there were some toons out here camping and was hoping they had some hot cocoa to make my stomach feel better."
Salmon looked at him a little sad. "Oh that's terrible! I can ask Salty if she has anything for you."
Salmon heard some noises then everyone else who was in the tent came running. "You alright? It actually looked like you were having a conversation with the monster!" It was Sam who spoke and she looked very worried.
"I'm alright. Everyone this is uh.. well I don't know his name but I know he's a jackalope who is very sick."
"It's Marty."
"Oh uh Marty the Jackalope!"
"Hi everyone. Any of you have some hot cocoa?"

They were at Salty's tent wondering how to wake her and explain the problem. "So uh we just go in there and tell her everything?" The lime monkey asked.
Sam looked at him her violet eyes showing anger, frustration, and lack of sleep. "Oh sure we'll just wake Salty up and say we found a sick jackalope that wants hot chocolate? Do you have any idea how crazy that sounds?"
Everyone looked at Sam knowing that it does sound crazy and they needed a different approach but it was to late to think of one. Sam's shouting had waken Salty up and everyone could tell by the screaming they heard inside her tent. The boys were giggling like little girls. "Looks like she found the snakes." The lime monkey obviously found this very funny.
Salty shot out of her tent. "Snakes! Snakes!"
"Calm down the boys were only playing a prank on you" Sam tried telling her.
"Oh this isn't the end. Wait for it." In a few seconds the whole camp was screaming. Salty's screams had waken everyone else up and they all found the snakes in their beds. The lime monkey was right.
"Can you please make the yelling stop? My stomach is already in pain I don't need a headache adding to that!" It was Marty looking sicker than before.
"Purple cat Sam you go quiet everyone down. Boys you three go to your tent and think about what you did. And as for you two... wait we only had two guys whats with the rabbit?" Salty was very curious now.
"Uh he's not a rabbit he's a jackalope and he's sick. He said he wants some hot chocolate. Do you think you could make some for him?" Salmon realized how weird that sounded but it was true.
"Alright. Ugh looks like the games tomorrow will be canceled after tonight's craziness. Come into my tent I think I might have some hot chocolate, water, and something to put the water in. Sam you can build a fire while I look."
"Okay Salty I'm right on it! Oh and I'm going by Salmon now."
"Oh okay Salmon."
Salmon started to build a fire thinking through on all the weird events from tonight. Even though they weren't going to have the games tomorrow she still knew she'd have a hard time staying awake. She's going to have to because tomorrow will be her first day in Toontown fighting against the cogs.

Chapter 7: Jackalope The New Toon Species

It was morning and Salmon didn't sleep at all since the jackalope thing. He was still sitting next to the fire sipping his 6th cup of hot cocoa. "Ah this is a lot better than lime coconut milk. That does not relieve bellyaches! It just makes them worse."
Salty giggled and drank another cup of hot chocolate. Everyone was sitting around sipping hot chocolate. They were at least on their 3rd cups by now. "So where did you come from?" Salty looked like she wanted to ask that question all morning.
"I've lived here way before the fancy golf courses were built and before that giant Cog HQ was built too. I've just been hanging around and hiding whenever toons show up which isn't really that common anymore. Sad I miss watching all those weddings." Marty looked into his hot chocolate looking sad like he lost something and he did. He lost his home thanks to construction.
"Um Marty I thought that jackalopes lived in more desert like areas." Salty asked him looking like she was about to cry.
"Eh most do but I'm not big on hot weather. I like more forested like areas. I kind of wouldn't mind living in a town."
"Actually I can talk to Flippy and see if you can join these young toons at the beginning of their journey to become cog busters." Salty smiled with the thought on adding another toon to the group. "Actually I think I'll call Flippy right now on my toonphone." Salty left to call Flippy and everyone waited over by the fire until she came back. "He said that you technically count as a rabbit so your in!"
Marty looked very happy to finally have a home again and he can fight cogs so he will have a purpose."Thank you miss Salty thank you!"
Salty looked at him kind of smiling. "Your welcome Marty."

Chapter 8: Name tags

The young group of toons were almost ready to enter Toontown. There was a huge step that they had to take first. "Alright so all the girls go with Minnie and the boys go with Mickey." Salty watched the toons separate to go with either Mickey or Minnie.
Salmon hoped that Marty would be fine but she was still a little nervous leaving him with the boys. "Sam do you think Marty will be alright?"
Sam looked at her. "He will be fine!" Worry showed in her eyes but she tried to hide it.

They picked out their clothes then it was time to get their name tags. The name tag maker sat there working on some name tags. He looked old and was slow. He was writing out a fancy name tag that said Crazy Purplefish. "Finished and just in time for his catalog. Oh dear I have so many orders."
Minnie walked over to the old toon and talked to him. While she was talking to him Salmon tried to get a better look. She was a old sea green dog with a bump on his head. He had a very small gray beard that he scratched while Minnie talked to him. He got up and slowly walked over to the young toons. While he was walking over Salmon remembered the stories that she had heard about him. She's even heard some about him from when he was young. He was almost a Toontown legend. "Hey your the name tag maker!"
He scratched his beard looking at Sam who had been the one to say the obvious statement. "How very observant young lady. And who might you be?"
"I'm Sam but that is not what I want on my name tag."
"Oh you kids joining clans and whatever. Your always requesting something goofy or crazy that you wish you could change later on even though you can't. You do know that if whatever clan your hoping to join doesn't accept you or kick you out you still can't get it changed right?"
"Oh I know that and it's not for a clan it's apart of a thing that I have to do. My sister and cousins all did this with their name tags and they expect me to do it too."
"Alright well I am taking orders right now so I guess your first. What is it that you want. I'll write it down on my notepad here." The name tag maker was holding a notepad and a feather pen ready to write but his hands were a little shaky.
"It's Sam The Purple Unicorn!"
"Alright got it. And how about you extremely tall bear?"
"It's Salmon."
"Salmon? That's a bit odd but okay."

He moved on getting everyone's names and writing them down. It was going to be a while until some of them got their tags like Sam The Purple Unicorn but Salmon didn't mind the wait at all and hoped that Sam wouldn't mind because she knew that hers would take forever.
Salmon realized that this was the chance she had to ask Camilla about Mark's accent. "Uh Cam where exactly is Mark from?"
Camilla giggled. She knew why Salmon was asking and probably got the question a lot. She didn't mind to much she kind of thought it was funny. "He's from around here but his dad is from Texas and his mom is from New York. It's a weird combination. He kind of goes between accents and sometimes kind of tries to just stay with his western accent. A horse from New York was a little odd but his mom's side of the family is a lil odd." Camilla was the only one who hasn't given the name tag maker a name yet and she told him what she wanted on her name tag.
After everyone was done it was time to go through toontorial and Salmon was excited to get through it so she could bust cogs. It was almost the time that she had anticipated almost her entire life and she was ready.

Alright thanks for reading. I could not put all the way to 10 because there are a few long chapters there. Again both good & bad comments are welcome.
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Chapter 9: Hollywood Invasion

Salmon had been in Toontown for two days now. She was still very low and had lost contact with everyone she had known from the camp out. Salmon used an invasion tracker just like many ubers and toons just looking for invasions. She was a toon that was looking for an invasion so she wouldn't have to worry about the cream pie task in Minnie's Melodyland. She spotted one. A Cold Caller invasion in Giggly Grove. She went there and a few seconds after arriving the invasion ended. "Darn! I really needed an invasion!" Right after saying that a Mr. Hollywood invasion started.
Salmon went to the gag shop to buy gags but it was crowded. She stood in the back next to a bright red cat to wait. The bright red cat was wearing a blue striped shirt and green shorts. His boardwalk name tag read Hunter. "Whoa your a little tall." Hunter had noticed her size like many other toons had for the last couple days.
"Uh yeah I get that a lot." Salmon really wanted to buy gags and fight this invasion before it was over. Being a 16 laffer of course she was going to die but she would go down fighting!
"And you only have 16 laff points. You won't survive long." Hunter was looking up at her with a face looking like it had a plan of some sort.
"Yeah I know that's why there are these other toons. I won't die if there are toons around to heal or help me attack."
"But with all these toons it will be impossible to get into battle. Follow me I can help you out."

Hunter and Salmon arrive in Welcome Valley Giggly Grove. It is quiet and they still get the invasion. "See? Not another toon around and you'll have me to help heal you."
"Um thanks Hunter." Salmon was staring at his odd hat. She hasn't really seen a hat like that before. It was green and big like it was hiding something underneath. Hunter didn't have any hair but that was kind of usual for guy toons but still Salmon wondered if that hat was hiding any hair that Hunter might have.
"No problem little... uh I mean big buddy. Lets go kick some Hollywood butt!"

They fought Hollywoods through the whole invasion defeating 6 of them. "That was fun! You a pretty awesome guy Hunter."
"Guy?" Hunter laugh. "I'm not a guy!" Hunter removed her hat revealing long blue hair. She fluttered her eyelashes and Salmon stared at her in shock. "See?"
"Oh I'm so sorry it's just..."
"Don't worry about it! I get that all the time! Hey you up for some ice-cream? I have tp access to the Brrrgh. We can go to the Ice-Cream Bar. Flippy gave me a free ticket. Actually he's been handing out those tickets to everyone but oh well free ice-cream. Come on!"
The two went to the Ice-Cream Bar and enjoyed their frozen treats unaware of the danger that Toontown was currently in.

Chapter 10: The Meeting

One night Salmon found it was very hard to sleep. She had a very hard time getting use to her new house. She got up and looked at the districts page of her book and saw that Nutty River was green. She was surprised. She can never get into River so she was going to take the gift that she was given. An easy ride into River.
When she arrived in Nutty River it was kind of quiet. There were a small group of toons talking about hackers. This annoyed Salmon because hackers seem to be the main topic now days. She wanted to talk about other things like maybe how everyone's toontasks are going. She walked over to the group overhearing a little bit of what they were saying. "OMG! River is like green! It has to be the work of a hacker!"
Salmon had to say something to that peppy pink mouse. "Just because River is green doesn't mean that a hacker did that."
All eyes were on her. "Uh yeah it does! Like how often are you able to get into River without like teleporting to one of your friends?"
That pink mouse was really starting to annoy Salmon. "Maybe everyone is in bed? They have to sleep you know!"
The pink mouse crossed her arms but didn't say anything. It was a tall blue dog that stepped in. "Most toons hold River by placing one of these here." He held some sort of small flashing device in his gloved hand. "Toons can teleport to these things and it shows as them in River so sadly making it look like it's full."
Salmon already kind of knows about them. She has never seen one herself until now. She heard that people were getting busted for using them and that could actually be the reason why River went to green. "Yeah but I heard that people were getting caught for using those. They could be using them less."
The blue dog shook his head. "I wish that were the case. I really do." The blue dog does surprised then opens his book. "I'm getting outta here!"
Salmon wanted to know what the problem was then she turned over to where the dog was looking when he did surprised. Standing over there calmly was a fake Freckles. This angered Salmon a little bit. She didn't know where the fake Freckles comes from but she didn't like them. She knew they couldn't hack like the original Freckleslam and had no idea why they were afraid. "Oh come on! It's just a fake Freckles! There's nothing to worry about!"
"Like oh yeah? Tell that to him!" The pink mouse was opening her book looking for the portal to her house.
Salmon was looking at the fake Freckles angry. Then it spoke. "Three... two... one..."
After it hit one everything went dark. It caused a blackout! It can hack! After 5 seconds everything returned back to the way it was and everyone had left even the fake Freckles. Then people started to reappear. All the familiar name tags of the toons that were there before the fake Freckles came by.
"Five seconds" Everyone kept on repeating that. It was two seconds longer than the previous blackouts. This was not good.
Salmon looked over all the name tags and spotted the blue dog's name tag Spike and the pink mouse's Phoebe. Other toons that were there earlier but were quiet like Copy Cat and Kip started to group over to the others and Salmon joined them. "Alright I admit it you were right and I was wrong. It was a fake Freckles because the original's name was Freckleslam but he can still hack. This is a big problem that we have to fix but I have no idea how to."
"Yeah you were like totally wrong and how would we like fix it? We are only just like toons. Like our whole world is being torn apart and we totally can't do anything to like save it." Phoebe smacked on some gum as she said the painful sentence. Someone really had to teach her to use like a lot less.
"Phoebe is partly right. It is our world and we are just toons but we can still try. I have no idea what we can do to save it but we have to do something!" After Spike spoke his thoughts Freckles came back giving this scary evil grin and everyone knew what was going to happen. Another blackout.
The whole town went dark again and Salmon just waited through not counting like she usually does. She was to angry to count and knew the others would do the counting. When it was over everyone kept repeating the same thing again five seconds. Salmon wanted the blackouts to just end but in order to do that she would need the help of this interesting group of toons. She rejoined them and they swapped ideas. Phoebe still wasn't to sure that they could do anything but still stayed and listened to everyone's ideas.
"How interesting." The fake Freckles had returned. He had a evil and amused smile on his dark face. Salmon had no idea how much of what he had heard or if he knew the whole thing using his hacking powers. Whatever the case was he was here and they were going to go dark again. Salmon wanted it to just end she wanted to run up to him and give him a piece of her mind but she couldn't. She was to scared. The blackout happened and she just stood there wondering what she could do to end this once and for all but couldn't think of anything. When everything came back everyone was saying six seconds now. This was not good. He was able to keep them down for a second longer. How long will it be until he takes down the whole game?
"Ugh well at least this guy totally isn't as bad as Mod. He's like the one who kept on like totally getting in the way of my toontasks. All the mini blackouts he caused today were so totally uncool!" Phoebe looked furious and ready to contribute to the group. "Like I would totally do anything to get rid of these pesky hackers once and for all! Anything you plan is like at least worth trying!"
The group was happy to hear that. It felt like an official meeting of some sort of anti-hacker group. "Well I think we should move the crowd out of Toon Valley. Most hackers hang out there." It was Kip that threw that idea in and Salmon liked it. She remembered having a conversation with Hunter about all the toons in Toon Valley. They talked about different ways to get the out of there and one of the better suggestions was frequent beanfests in another district.
"Yeah but the hackers will just move to whatever district we move the toons to." Spike was correct so that really wouldn't work.
"This isn't about getting rid of all the hackers! This idea is to keep Toontown from removing Toon Valley!"
Everyone looked at Kip shocked. Copy Cat started to cry and Salmon remembered how important Toon Valley was to Salty. It was basically her home district. She was born in that district and trained in that district. She spent a good amount of her life there and had so many memories made there! Whoever ran Toontown was going to close Toon Valley and call it a danger zone? How was that suppose to get rid of the hackers?
"They can't do that! They they just can't! We have to get the crowd moved so they won't close Toon Valley!" It was Copy Cat trying to speak through her tears. It apparently meant something great to her like it did for Salty and Salmon wanted Salty to keep her home district so she was up for helping out with getting all the toons moved out of there. She was going to contribute her idea.

Two blackouts later the group had a plan made out and each other added on their lists. It took a while but they finally knew how they were going to get the toons to move out of Toon Valley. Spike being almost maxed in cashbot agreed to run the CFO runs to get bean unites for their beanfests every day at 4pm. Kip and Copy Cat were going to hang out in Toon Valley passing the word out about the beanfests in Goofy Valley. Salmon and Phoebe were going to do that too until Freckles showed up again!
This time Salmon was going to stand up to him! She didn't care how scared she was but when she tried she just couldn't. She was to big of a chicken to confront him. Although this time was different from the last 5 blackouts they had earlier. He just stood there doing nothing for so long which gave Salmon time to build up her courage then she started shouting at him. "YOU STOP THIS! YOU ARE TAKING AWAY OUR HOME! PLEASE STOP THIS NOW!"
He remained still even after Salmon's shouting as if it didn't even happen. After a couple minutes of silence he spoke. "I will not cause another blackout IF one of you adds me."
This shocked Salmon. He actually expected someone to add him? Is he crazy? "I will not add you! I do not add hackers! I do not add hackers! You stop this right now! You can not take Toontown away from us! Stop the hacking now!"
Freckles just raised an eyebrow. He remained calm which was very creepy. "I guess you want me to blackout Toontown again."
"NO! I'll add you!" It was a tall aqua blue bear that had spoken. One of the very few toons taller than Salmon in Toontown who had been fishing through this whole thing. "You leave Toontown alone! I'll add you!"
Freckles gave a calm yet slightly evil grin. "Good boy."
After that Freckles left and they didn't get another blackout but after the whole thing Salmon's top priority was getting rid of the hacking problem. After getting rid of Freckles and Mod maybe moving the toons to Toon Valley would be easier. "I'm sorry Spike but I have to stop the hacking. I wish I could help out with the beanfests."
"It's alright Salmon. We need someone fighting those hackers and you are perfect for the job. I think you should have Phoebe help you." Spike pointed at the clueless mouse who had just accidentally popped the giant bubble from her bubblegum.
"Ugh you just don't want her with your group."
"Bingo! Now you better start working on your plan to stop the hackers. It is very dangerous so you really need to take precautions."
"I know I know. I'll be careful. Thank you for worrying about me."
"Oh I'm not worried about you. I'm worried about Toontown. The town's life is in the claws of an annoying monkey and a pesky mouse and you two are the ones to rescue it. You realize how careful your going to have to be. One false move and our whole town will fall apart."

That thought remained in Salmon's head for the rest of the night. If she makes any kind of mistake what these toons fought so long and hard to save from the cogs might fall apart in the hands of other toons. Who would have seen that coming?

Chapter 11: Blackouts

Salmon rose from her bed. She had planned to meet Phoebe today to talk about their plans for taking down the hackers. They had apparently heard their plans or something because it was impossible to meet Phoebe today. While Sam was brushing her teeth a blackout happened. She counted to two before it was over. Another happened while she was getting dressed yet again another short one. She count to three that time. She tried to teleport to the playground but right after she got there more blackouts kept happening. She was really getting frustrated.
Salmon was at her house pacing back and forth trying to figure out how she was going to get past these blackouts to meet Phoebe. She could not access her friends list at the moment. She doubted anyone could with what was going on. She was hoping that Phoebe was having similar problems so that she would understand why they couldn't meet but if they didn't meet today they might not ever get the chance to talk about how to stop the hackers. They might take Toontown down for good. Today! They had to be stopped. Salmon had to talk to Phoebe or act alone which was to dangerous. She did not want Toontown shut down before they had the chance to rescue it so Salmon at least keep the hackers from causing blackouts long enough for her to meet up with Phoebe.
Salmon opened her book. She figured they would either be in Nutty River or Toon Valley. Well with them causing these problems no way could they get back into Nutty River. They had to be in Toon Valley which made perfect sense. Hackers loved Toon Valley.
Salmon arrived in Toon Valley with not a single name tag to be seen except for one. Mod. Mod was just standing there doing nothing. Salmon wondered if he was getting ready to cause another blackout. It had been at least 5 minutes since the most recent one so the next had to be any second now but how is he doing this just in his head? Salmon examined him and figured that hackers had to be man made. There is no way something so powerful and threatening could be just born. Loony Labs does do some pretty crazy experiments. Maybe the kind of hackers that cause blackouts were complete accidents? They could be purposely made really some of those scientists are loonier than loony. Where ever they came from they had to be stopped and the only way Salmon was going to do that was by getting Mod distracted by something else like maybe a thought that might jam his thinking or whatever he or it might use to hack. Well that's if he uses thoughts at all or if its able to think at all. Maybe its some careless evil force that didn't care to much about thinking or whatever. Salmon couldn't let her own plan distract her! She had to something before he...
It was to late. Another blackout had happened this time sending everyone back to their estates like what they were suppose to do. The ones that has been going on earlier didn't really send people back to their estates just kind of blacked out a bit then came back. Mod caused the classic kind. Either him and Freckles had different kind of hacking powers or Mod was using whatever was appropriate from keeping Salmon and Phoebe from meeting.
As soon as everything came back online Salmon teleported back to Toon Valley Toontown Central. She didn't see Mod. There were actually more toons here but they all looked scared. There was a older toon there. He was going around to the toons talking to them. Then he came to Salmon. "Get inside the HQ a hacker's a comin!" Salmon looked at him with anger showing in her pale blue eyes. She was fighting the hackers! She can handle herself! She didn't need a older toon telling her to go somewhere safe but he just glared back at her looking even angrier than Salmon could ever imagine being. He obviously dealt with toons all shapes and sizes trying to keep them safe. "Look little missy I gotta make sure all these toons are safe from that monkey! It's my job! If ya stay out here your sure to be hacked! I know toons that have been hacked before and believe me sweetie it wasn't pretty!"
Salmon was frustrated but didn't want to deal with him. She wasn't happy with him treating her like some mindless little toon that had no idea how things worked. She knows she could get hacked but she doesn't care! She is scared yes but she doesn't want her whole town, her whole LIFE to fall apart! She just nodded and went inside the HQ pouting like baby toon that didn't get her way. While standing there still trying to work out how she was going to meet with Phoebe she heard something. "Like Salmon is that totally you?" It was Phoebe. "Like OMG! It is you!" Phoebe ran up to Salmon happy to see her. "We totally need shirts that like says we are like official hacker busters or something! That totally bogus HQ officer like told me to wait in here until like the next blackout was over or something. He like wants me to be safe."
Salmon smiled. At least she got what she wanted. To meet with the extremely annoying mouse to solve this problem. She just wasn't to happy about it being around other toons. Well whatever worked was fine.

They were in the back of the HQ swapping what Phoebe calls it totally lame ideas. "How about getting the cogs on our side? Maybe they will know more about stopping hackers and legal stuff about hacking than what we do?" Salmon gave a hopeful smile hoping that this idea was at least half way decent.
Phoebe didn't look to impressed. "Like again totally lame! Hey wait I got it! We create a totally awesome giant hacker proof jar and like trap Freckles and Mod like in them or something?"
Salmon being frustrated by this gave Phoebe a look asking if she was serious. That idea was so much worse than her's. Phoebe had to be tired too. That had to be the lamest idea thought up by any toon. Salmon after wanting so bad to attend this meeting wished it never happened so she said something random that she just found in her mind. "How about we just ask around and get as much info as possible on Toontown's past and how it dealt with hackers like the original Freckleslam?"
Phoebe obviously wanted to end this meeting as well. "That is like totally a awesome idea! Like I will talk to Prof. Pete. Maybe he will have like some totally awesome and helpful info."
Salmon was so happy that she agreed to this so the meeting could end and Salmon herself knew exactly who she was going to talk to. "Great idea and I'll talk to Salty. Alright I'm glad the meeting is over. Well as soon as they let us out of here I'm going to bed!"
"Oh totally agreed except I so like need a shower. Being in here among all these toons is so icky! I am like so sorry and totally don't mean any offense by this but the bears like smell the worst!" Phoebe was obviously trying to hold back a giggle which proved unsuccessful.
Salmon had to agree with her though. The bears did smell awful and she was thankful that all the bears there were just three males that were hanging together in a group and her. Come to think of it the guys kept looking at her and pointing and doing other things. She was the only tall bear in there so she wasn't sure if they were making fun of her size or daring each other to talk to her. Whatever the case was she didn't care to much and just wanted to go to bed.

Chapter 12: Stolen Jokes

It's been a couple weeks since the blackouts and Salmon still hasn't talked to Salty. She's been planning on it but still just couldn't. She was to upset about her world falling apart to really do anything at the moment. She didn't think that talking to someone and learning about the past would help but she's just a little toon what does she know. She has been upset by everyone treating her like a little toon. She tried twice to see Salty but everyone she talks to who might know where to find her just asks her why she isn't doing her toontasks? Salmon liked to do her toontasks but saving Toontown was a little more important.
Remembering how important saving Toontown was Salmon's mind came back to the cogs. Sure her life was falling apart at the hands of other toons but she still can't forget about the cogs. Salmon remembered how it seemed like the sellbots were planning something so she opened up the brand a brand new issue of the news to see what has been going on. She saw that there was more on the sellbots and decided to read on it. "Huh Mover & Shakers stealing our jokes? What good does that do them?" Then Salmon thought back to the history classes that she has taken before entering Toontown. She remembered that while taking those classes Operation Sellbot Storm was going on. She even remembered when it was over her history teacher was wearing one of those shirts with the broken sellbot symbol. She tried thinking back about other things her teacher said. Her teacher wasn't as old as Salty but absolutely loved toon history and she did share with the class what happened when each of the cog HQ's was open for toons to go in and take down! Her teacher mentioned how her parents had been around back when the cogs were first created by that rich idiot Scrooge McDuck. She talked about how her parents always considered the cog HQ as the cog's playground and that was why we weren't allowed but slowly each one was open for each toon to invade. Toons even put together disguises so that they could take down the cog's bosses and sellbot was the first to be invaded.
Salmon got nervous. If the toons went into their playgrounds and fought their bosses in cog disguises then they might... uh oh. "I have to call someone about this!" Salmon grabbed her friends list and searched through her friends. "No I am not calling Phoebe! Ugh if only I still had contact with Sam!" She had to decide who she was going to contact about this. Maybe it was big enough to take to Flippy? Of course it was big enough but could she? No older or big toon would take her seriously. She had to try!

Salmon was at the playground of Toontown Central running toward Toon Hall but when she got there she was unable to get in. There was a medium sized blue rabbit standing outside Toon Hall. It was wearing a hat and Salmon could not see it's face because the hat was so big. There was just a shadow so Salmon could not see the eyes. Salmon wasn't even sure if it was a girl or a boy. It had on brown shorts and judging by the shirt she assumed it was a girl. The shirt was white with a blue jean vest but she looked very strong and fast. What she could see on her face looked serious and dangerous. Most rabbits she sees has this cute, sweet, and innocent look to them but not this one. Salmon read the name tag to maybe get a clue on what this toon's position is and the name tag just read Agent-Aly. The rabbit obviously knew that she was trying to get in and could tell that Salmon was kinda creeped out by Aly's appearance. She looked amused but only for half a second. Then she spoke with this harsh strong tone. "Nobody is aloud in at this moment."
Salmon was frustrated. She has a very important message to deliver to Flippy so she had to get past Aly. "Please let me in! I have something very important to tell Flippy!"
The rabbit held that cruel scary look. "If it's concerning hackers then you are welcome to wait until after the meeting to share this news but if it is some insignificant little thing about your boyfriend leaving you because you are to tall or whatever take it somewhere else!" She said that with the sharpest scariest tone that Salmon had ever heard and figured whoever this is they are either crazy into stopping hackers even more than her group of what Phoebe calls Hacker Busters or some other weird weird experiment made by Loony Labs. "I thought it was the second one now GET GOING!"
Salmon was angry. She wasn't just some other toon having boyfriend or girlfriend troubles. She was tired of toons just assuming she was just another little toon! She was going to get her message to Flippy one way or another! "Look here miss Aly! I don't know who or even what you are but I am tired of toons treating me like another one of those lovesick little toons! I have a very important message to give to Flippy about the sellbots! It is concerning him and all of Toontown! The hackers yeah they are something to worry about I have been thinking about them a lot lately but we can not forget about the sellbot invasions!"
Aly looked at her and just shrugged. "Fine tell it to me and I'll tell Flippy. Simple but I want you to keep in mind your massive bear strength does not scare me one bit."
Finally Salmon is sort of being taken seriously! "I need Flippy to know that I think the V.P. put together toon disguises and his rewarding them to the sellbots. First the Mover & Shakers for stealing the jokes so we might be seeing them around sometime soon. Who knows maybe... wait a minute! Your not a Mover & Shaker in disguise right now are you?"
Aly laughed sharply. "Of course not you little toon! That whole thing sounds ridiculous but I'll pass on your silly message. Flippy would love a good laugh."
Salmon was ticked off but at least the message will be passed on. "Thanks... I think." Salmon walked off kind of moping and thinking. Now that Flippy at least might suspect Mover & Shakers will be disguising themselves as toons he might be a little alert for them. Well hopefully. It was time to get back to figuring out how to stop the hackers and maybe Salty will have some answers or some information that will help.
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Chapter 13: This is my world and you are not welcome!

Salmon asked around and found out that Salty was reading a book on how monkeys won the first Toontown election to some little toons in the Toon Library. This time finding her wasn't hard. Salmon spotted a little toon with a empty bag of salt and assumed he had taken the Salty challenge. It's where you eat one little packet of salt and don't drink anything for one whole minute. He was chugging down some water so Salmon knew he had taken the challenge and told her where to find the rabbit.
While inside the library all seemed quiet except for the yellow rabbit sitting in the story telling chair with a circle of very small toons around her. They looked like they haven't even entered Toontown yet and they haven't. Salmon checked all their laff and the highest was 13 laff points. Salmon remembered when she had that laff. Leaving to go somewhere in Toontown was big and important. She didn't want to bud in on their story time although they did look sleepy but the two monkeys in the group looked interested.
Salmon leaned against the wall while she was waiting and closed her eyes listening to Salty teach these little kids about a very important day in Toontown history. "And when all the votes were in it turns out that monkey won!"
The monkeys in the crowd were cheering then one curious one raised her hand. "Were you alive during the first Toontown elections?"
Salty giggled a little. "Thank you for that question Anna. Yes I was. I know I'm old. I've heard it plenty of times."
Salmon defiantly knew the yellow monkey who had asked the question. She remembered being neighbors to her. Without a name tag she didn't even know that was her until Salty said her name. Anna was the one with 13 laff points which means she might be entering Toontown here shortly.
Anna still looked curious and raised her hand again. "Were you old enough to vote? If so you voted for monkey right?" Anna was smiling and obviously hoping that Salty did vote for monkey.
Salty looked at her nervously and twittled her gloved fingers for a moment. "Well Anna... yeah I uh was old enough to vote actually I was doing V.P. runs at the time but I uh did not vote for monkey sorry. I voted for bear."
It was then when the bears in the crowd cheered. There were three bears and they were so loud that Librarian Larry had to shush them.
Salty noticed Salmon and looked relieved. "Well kids that's all I have time for today. Don't forget to get your Librarian Larry bookmarks on the way out. Bye!"
As the kids leave they were saying the slogans like Anna and the other monkey were saying go bananas vote monkey, the bears were saying be a honey vote bear, the one pig was saying think big vote pig, and everyone else were saying the slogans of who they would have voted for. One lonely pink cat saying vote goat and that's all she wrote. It seemed that nobody else seemed to agree with her.
Salty walked over to Salmon. "Hey Sammie! Nice name tag. So you really wanna go by Salmon now huh?"
Salmon kind of smiled. "Yeah. Um Salty I came here to talk to you about something. Um kind of wanting to get a lesson actually but different from what you give to your students. Something about the Freckslam thing that happened a year ago. More information than you give your students. Please I need to know everything possible!"
Salty laughed. "Salmon sweety you don't have to beg. You pretty much learn everything you need to know in class. Although I do have one idea that I don't give out in my classes. I'm unsure if your history teacher ever mentioned it and I hope he or she didn't because it's not exactly a fact just an idea." Salty smiled at the interested look that Salmon was giving her. "I see that you want to know. Well then don't go around blabbing this with your friends. I have talked to a few toons that claim the only way to bring down a hacker is by hacking the game itself. Around the same time that Freckslam showed up blacking out all of Toontown and sending that awful message to everyone there was different threat going on at that time. Anti Clan. Anti Clan made toons believe that they could hack and they might be able to nobody really knew for sure but everyone were afraid of them except for a few stupid toons who wanted to go undercover and join the clan. Fireball Thundernugget saw right through their disguises. Well anyways there is a thought that Freckleslam was created in Loony Labs to bring down Anti Clan. That is what he meant by this is my world and your not welcome."
Salmon looked at her in shock. She might have heard a rumor similar to this and forgot it but it still just sounded surprising. Many people saw Freckleslam as this evil mouse trying to destroy Toontown. Even his followers saw him as evil that's why they followed and supported him. Salmon had to know why Salty doesn't share this with her class. "So why exactly don't you share this with your class?"
Salty kind of just thought for a moment then spoke. "Well I'm unsure if it's true or not and even though I do share rumors and things that are just ideas this one I just don't feel comfortable sharing. There is one little thing about it that bugs the trap out of me and if a toon asked me about it I would not have the answer."
Salmon now had to know what bugged Salty about it. It seemed perfectly logical to her. To stop a hacker you need a hacker. It's like fighting fire with fire so what is it about this that Salty is just so unsure about? "Oh uh what is it?"
Salty had this dark look on her face. "He said this is MY world not OUR world. Toontown doesn't just belong to him. Maybe he didn't choose his words correctly but whatever the case is the fact that he said my and not our gets me wondering what his true intentions were."
This made Salmon a little creeped out. She felt like she was done. Just done. She got all the information that she wanted from Salty. Whether it was going to be any use to her at all she didn't know but she just wanted to say okay thank you for your time but she just couldn't leave yet. She just can't stop wondering what it was in her head that was bugging her. It was like something trying to tell her to think over all the information that was given her and then she knew how to stop the hackers that they are currently dealing with. "Salty you said to stop a hacker you need a hacker to stop it right?"
Salty all of the sudden looked curious. "Yeah why?"
Salmon smiled. "What if we got a hacker to fix our current hacking problem?"
Salty changed from curious to sad. "No hacker is helpful. Anybody who has the ability to hack is created for dark purposes. We can't just ask one to turn on the others."
Salmon still held her smile. "We are not going to ask one to help us. We can create one ourselves! the answer was right in front of me the whole time! It's so simple!"
Salty looked confused. "Create our own hacker? Are you crazy? How would we do that? Even if we could how could we create a good hacker? I mean I don't know if Freckleslam was meant to be a good hacker and if he was he was a terrible good hacker!"
"Like I said the answer was right in front of me the whole time. My mind jumped to one place in particular for a while now. Loony Labs."
Salty still didn't look convinced. "Oh Sammie it's not going to be that simple. There is no way those scientists no matter how loony they are will let us in their lab to create a hacker!"
"Do you two need my help?"
The rabbit and the bear turned their heads at the voice that came out of nowhere. Standing over by a bookshelf was Salty Featherflap the first.

Chapter 14: Mother Daughter Relations

"Mom! What are you doing here!?" Salty looked angry to see her mom walk into a place where she is suppose to be professional.
Salty senior just twirled her old whiskers and responded with slight amusement in her tone. "I came here to see you talking to the kids but when I saw they were gone and you were talking to Sammie.. err Salmon I assumed I was to late until I heard your problem."
Both toons looked at her confused.
"You don't need to break into Loony Labs to create a hacker yourself. I have been doing experiments involving the hackers and I have each of their DNA. Loony Labs trusts me and lets me in. They don't let me use the bigger and more important things but I did happen to overhear a conversation about a cloning machine that they keep in their basement." The older Salty had a big smile on her face and seemed to be very pleased to be of help to the two.
Salmon was in complete shock. "Who keeps a cloning machine in THE BASEMENT!? That's crazy!!!"
The old yellow rabbit giggled. "Apparently Loony Labs does."
Salty looked at her with doubt on her face. "Mom do you know how unbelievable your story sounds?"
The older rabbit looked at her still happy. "Believe it or don't. Salmon and I have a cloning machine to find."
Salty frowned. "Oh no! You are not going anywhere without me to supervise! We will see how crazy this story is then go back home and think of a more logical way to stop the hacking."
The older Salty let out a big laugh then tried to speak between breaths. "Your younger? And want to supervise me? That's great!"
The younger rabbit just looked at her and kept the serious look on her face. "You know how you are. I don't like leaving you alone with kids. Actually I don't feel comfortable leaving you alone at all but you seem to manage okay."
The grayish yellow rabbit's laughing slowed and she was able to speak easier but still had amusement in her voice. "So says the one who keeps at least a million salt packets in her pockets and can gulp them down without anything to drink! I still have no clue how you are able to do that."
"What does that have to do with anything? Look lets just get this thing over with! I have other things to do today." Salty put her gloved hand on her head as she walked out the library door. Librarian Larry was watching her with a surprised look upon his face.
Salmon looked down at the older bunny and just had to ask. "Um Mrs. Featherflap... what was with her?"
Salty giggled a little. "Oh she always gets that way when her mother is around! She always likes to see herself as this older, mature, yet fun loving crazy toon and when I'm around she feels like I kill that because I am more fun than her. Well she thinks I'm more fun than her but I didn't take you to the geyser and before you say anything little Salty told me about it on the phone last week. Oh and she thinks I'm reckless and well you probably got that from the mini fight we had."
Salmon got what she meant. She couldn't worry about their mother daughter relationship right now because they were going to make history. A good hacker to stop all the bad ones. But one question was on her mind how does cloning a bad hacker create a good one?

Chapter 15: Two Rabbits, A Bear, & A Cloning Machine

They arrived at Loony Labs and was currently looking for the staircase leading down to the basement.
"I still can't believe they just let us in!" Salty JR. said angrily.
"They think I'm here to do some more work studying the new hackers." Salty SR. said as she spot the staircase and opened up the door using a special key card that she has but with limited access.
Salmon looked at the older rabbit. "So the new hackers weren't made here in Loony Labs?"
The rabbit had to think for a moment. Salmon wandered if this answer held any information that she could not share. "Well no not these. These toons hack for fun or bad purposes. Loony Labs would never create hackers for that."
As curious as Salmon was she decided to not ask anymore questions about the hackers because she knew there was information that wasn't allowed to be released within the answer she was hoping for. She decided to ask kind of a more dumb question but one that she was wondering about. "So um if you have limited access then how are able to access the stairs?"
They walked down the stairs some more while Salty The First was trying to focus on not tripping on the tiny stairs and deciding when to answer Salmon's question. "Oh my lab is a floor up so I need to access the stairs. Err I mean not my lab but the lab that I use to study the hacker's DNA." Salty had a nervous look but tried to hold it back and Salmon wondered if there was more than what she was telling her.
"Uh mom we made it to the bottom and there's just a door here." The younger Salty still seemed a little angry but a little bit of excitement shown in her ocean blue eyes like she was almost ready for an exciting adventure.
"Oh that! Of course they keep the basement door locked. I'll just use my key card."
Salmon remembered that Salty SR. really didn't have to much access in Loony Labs. "Uh Salty are you sure-"
Her question was interrupted by the sound of a click indicating that the door has opened.
"Bears first." Salty said with one of her signature smiles.
Salmon walked into the cold and crowded basement. It was full of different and crazy things. She wondered why all of these fancy things were down here.
"Ah found it!" Salty SR. was standing next to a shape covered by a white and dusted sheet which she pulled of sending dust everywhere.
When the dust cleared and everyone stopped coughing Salmon was able to get a better look at the machine. It looked sort of like a high tech slot machine mixed with one of those crane machines that you try to win those stuffed animals from. There was a lever on it and a big rectangular glass area of which was see through. It had like the thing you would grab your prize from if it were some sort of crane machine but the hole was much bigger and didn't have one of those little doors on it. There was an area that looked like where you would either insert your cog money or your jellybeans.
"Ain't she beautiful?" The older rabbit was staring at it as if it were a long lost friend. "Well lets fire it up and load in this Freckles DNA and get started!"
"Wait a second! Mom where did you get the DNA of the hackers anyway?" Salt JR. was looking at her mom with a look that says you better have not gotten yourself into any trouble little missy even though she was the young one.
"Relax! We had him here for a short amount of time after the cops caught him. He escaped sadly enough." The old bunny's happiness was fading as if remembering about one of her defeats was saddening.
Salmon wondered if this was the newer Freckles or the original Freckleslam. "Um Salty... the older one which Freckles are you talking about?"
"Oh just one of the copycats but this one can actually hack."
"Oh alright. I guess now would be a good time to get this cloning machine working?" Salmon really had to see this in action.
"Yep! I'm dieing to try this baby out!" Salty turned on the machine and it sprang to life lighting up and ready to take the DNA.

Chapter 16: Negative Freckles

Salmon watched as Salty SR. pulled out a small tuft of coral fur. She wondered if this would make an exact copy of the evil Freckles that tried to shut down Toontown with the same personality. It was obvious that the younger Salty was thinking the same thing and by the look she was giving Salmon she was telling her that she knew that Salmon was thinking it as well.
Salmon knew she had to be the one to speak up. Salty looked like she was tired of fighting and disagreeing with her mother. "Um Salty? What if this toon is exactly like Freckles?"
Salty gave Salmon a smile like usual and Salmon learning what each one means guessed that she had a plan. She was right. "There should be a switch on here... oh there it is!"
Salmon eyed the switch that the older rabbit was talking about. There were three settings to the cloning machine. Negative, Positive, & Normal. Salmon assumed that Salty would set it to positive. It seemed like the most logical switch to use but what Salt did shocked her. She switched it to negative. "What are you doing?"
"Switching it to negative. What does it look like?" Salty asked her looking slightly confused yet amused at the same time.
"Well yeah I can see that! But why negative? Positive makes more sense!" Salmon was scared. She knew Salty was a little on the crazy side but this was a little to far.
Salty giggled. "You don't want to do that. Think about it. The normal Freckles is some evil little mouse trying to shut down Toontown but is proving unsuccessful. If you switch it to positive you would get the smartest and best hacker in all of Toontown. He would still be evil but what is different is he would shut down Toontown. If he is negative then he is the exact opposite o Freckles. He would be sweet and kind. I'm going to have to adjust the settings so that it just affects the personality and outward appearance so he won't scare any toons. I still need him to be able to hack so he can take down Freckles and Mod."
Salmon saw how much sense it made. She wished she thought of that.
The red bear watched as Salty SR. put the DNA into the slot and put in the settings. Then she turned to Salmon. "Would you like to do the honors?"
Salmon was happy about being the one to pull the big lever that looked like it belonged on a slot machine. As she pulled it she knew why Salty wanted her to. It was heavy and very hard to move. She needed bear muscle.
The three of them watched as lights flashed and a blue fog filled the clear glass area. After about 5 minutes everything cleared and the machine dinged as if it were an oven. The old yellow rabbit smiled. "It's done!" She put on some oven mitts that came out of nowhere and reached into the area that looked as if where you would grab your prize if it were a crane machine and pulled out a still growing blue mouse. When it reached the size of Freckles it opened it's eyes.
The younger rabbit cringed. Salmon was so with her there. It was creepy. "Okay... uh that's kinda scary."
The older Salty giggled a little. "Aww you really wanted the first words that the baby heard are those?" Salty said jokingly.
Salmon had to laugh a little now. It was creepy and making fun of it was just plain funny. She looked at the blue mouse curious about it. She noticed it had eyelashes and saw her skirt in a opposite color from Freckles shorts. It was a girl. It really was opposite from Freckles and Salmon hoped that this girl Freckles would be on their side. She also hoped that she could hack just like Freckles could.
The girl Freckles looked around the room a little then looked up at the Salty holding her. "Um excuse me miss but can you please put me down?"
Both Salties and Salmon were stunned at her cute, raspy, but sweet voice asking to be put down. She can talk.
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Chapter 16: Negative Freckles

Salmon watched as Salty SR. pulled out a small tuft of coral fur. She wondered if this would make an exact copy of the evil Freckles that tried to shut down Toontown with the same personality. It was obvious that the younger Salty was thinking the same thing and by the look she was giving Salmon she was telling her that she knew that Salmon was thinking it as well.
Salmon knew she had to be the one to speak up. Salty looked like she was tired of fighting and disagreeing with her mother. "Um Salty? What if this toon is exactly like Freckles?"
Salty gave Salmon a smile like usual and Salmon learning what each one means guessed that she had a plan. She was right. "There should be a switch on here... oh there it is!"
Salmon eyed the switch that the older rabbit was talking about. There were three settings to the cloning machine. Negative, Positive, & Normal. Salmon assumed that Salty would set it to positive. It seemed like the most logical switch to use but what Salt did shocked her. She switched it to negative. "What are you doing?"
"Switching it to negative. What does it look like?" Salty asked her looking slightly confused yet amused at the same time.
"Well yeah I can see that! But why negative? Positive makes more sense!" Salmon was scared. She knew Salty was a little on the crazy side but this was a little to far.
Salty giggled. "You don't want to do that. Think about it. The normal Freckles is some evil little mouse trying to shut down Toontown but is proving unsuccessful. If you switch it to positive you would get the smartest and best hacker in all of Toontown. He would still be evil but what is different is he would shut down Toontown. If he is negative then he is the exact opposite o Freckles. He would be sweet and kind. I'm going to have to adjust the settings so that it just affects the personality and outward appearance so he won't scare any toons. I still need him to be able to hack so he can take down Freckles and Mod."
Salmon saw how much sense it made. She wished she thought of that.
The red bear watched as Salty SR. put the DNA into the slot and put in the settings. Then she turned to Salmon. "Would you like to do the honors?"
Salmon was happy about being the one to pull the big lever that looked like it belonged on a slot machine. As she pulled it she knew why Salty wanted her to. It was heavy and very hard to move. She needed bear muscle.
The three of them watched as lights flashed and a blue fog filled the clear glass area. After about 5 minutes everything cleared and the machine dinged as if it were an oven. The old yellow rabbit smiled. "It's done!" She put on some oven mitts that came out of nowhere and reached into the area that looked as if where you would grab your prize if it were a crane machine and pulled out a still growing blue mouse. When it reached the size of Freckles it opened it's eyes.
The younger rabbit cringed. Salmon was so with her there. It was creepy. "Okay... uh that's kinda scary."
The older Salty giggled a little. "Aww you really wanted the first words that the baby heard are those?" Salty said jokingly.
Salmon had to laugh a little now. It was creepy and making fun of it was just plain funny. She looked at the blue mouse curious about it. She noticed it had eyelashes and saw her skirt in a opposite color from Freckles shorts. It was a girl. It really was opposite from Freckles and Salmon hoped that this girl Freckles would be on their side. She also hoped that she could hack just like Freckles could.
The girl Freckles looked around the room a little then looked up at the Salty holding her. "Um excuse me miss but can you please put me down?"
Both Salties and Salmon were stunned at her cute, raspy, but sweet voice asking to be put down. She can talk.

Chapter 17: Old Friends

Salmon still in shock didn't hear her whispers. She shook her head and then noticed the vibrations of her phone. "Um hold on brb I gotta check these."
The younger Salty looked at her still surprised. "Now? Why now? As you can see we are kind of in the middle of something... uh creepy and yeah scary."
Salmon had to take them. They were from Phoebe. The mouse being apart of her hacker busting team deserves to know what's currently going on. "Sorry but they are kind of important. It will only take a second."
"Sorry for my interrupting but um Phoebe just says she has some what she calls totally awesome news from a leader or something?" It was the NegaFreckles who had spoken.
Salmon looked at her phone then back to the girl Freckles. "That's... that's right! How did you -"
'It was simple I just looked at them in my head. I'm sorry I know I shouldn't have. I shouldn't have invaded your privacy like that." The blue mouse truly looked sorry and had tears forming in her eyes. If the negative Freckles was like this then wow the real one must be one tough cookie.
"It's fine sweetie. I have to go meet up with Phoebe. It's important. Salty and Salty please keep an eye on... uh... Speckles! Yeah Speckles that's a cute name." Salmon really had to see Phoebe to see what was going on and learn about the news that the older toon, the dog who had helped organized the group who is now being called the leader had.
Speckles wiped away a tear and smiled. "A name. A cute name. Thanks miss bear and have fun with your meeting with Phoebe. Please do tell her that I said hi."
Salmon smiled at her cuteness and teleported to Phoebe.

Spike, Phoebe, and Copy Cat were at Spike's estate in his house talking. Salmon was late to the meeting but for a good reason. She really couldn't wait to tell them about Speckles.
"But how are we like going to get a hold of him? He is totally like the biggest thing in Toontown!" Phoebe was asking this question to the group before realizing that Salmon was there. "Oh like hi Salmon. Like have you totally seen the news lately?"
Salmon had read the news but none of the toons in her estate owned a TV so she couldn't watch it. "Um I read it. There was something about Mover & Shakers stealing jokes but I don't think that's what you are talking about."
Phoebe turned on Spike's TV. "Like totally look at this awesome horned rabbit. He is like totally cool and just like what we need."
Salmon watched as a old friend was being interviewed on TV. It was Marty the Jackalope.
"So Marty what was it like when all the construction in Acorn Acres happened?" The news man asked staring at Marty's antlers.
Marty looked like he had to think for a moment then answered. "Loud."
Everyone on the TV laughed and Phoebe muted it. "Like totally see? This guy like lost his home. Spike like so got the idea about him helping us out. He probably like wouldn't want to lose yet another home."
Salmon liked the idea and was currently knowing how Marty was feeling with her home being threatened to be shut down by hackers. She knew him and knew he would most likely be open to helping her out. She also knew that Salty would know how to contact him because she helped him out.
Something on the TV caught Salmon's eye and she needed to listen to it. She asked Phoebe to turn the volume back up.
"Next we learn about a possible new clan that is very exclusive to family. They might be opening their doors to other cats joining." The news man was saying and Salmon took a closer look at the familiar purple cat in the background. It was the other Sam.

Chapter 18: The Unicorns

Salmon had teleported to the spot where she had saw the news. It was being recorded live from Toon Valley, Toontown Central. There were crowds of toons everywhere watching Sam getting interviewed. Salmon being as tall as she is can stand in the back and see perfectly what is going on. She examined everyone who was there. There was the news man, Sam, and other cats that were multicolored like her but in different colors. There were green, blue, red, yellow, pink, and maroon cats standing there and all looked alike. They all had on matching outfits and were really fun to look at.
"So Sam are your sisters really considering letting other people into your little unicorn group?" The reporter asked.
"No, no that's just a rumor but we might let other people in someday. It might be a few years. You know when we have some higher toons who can help out the younger ones?" Sam replied looking more formal than Salmon would ever imagine her ever looking.
There was something different about Sam other than her outfit that Salmon just couldn't put a finger on. After the interview tons of other toons were crowding around the Unicorns asking them about joining up whenever they were accepting new toons. Mainly it was small cats asking. The horses stayed in back snorting. They were angry because the horses should be unicorns not cats but a family of cats had beaten them to the idea.
Salmon tried to cut through the crowd because she had to talk to Sam again. Sam might know where to find Marty and even better she can help out. She might even be able to get the other Unicorns to help too. "Sam! Sam! Remember me? Hey Sam!"
"Hey get outta the way you big bear!" A small periwinkle cat said looking up her with this grumpy look upon her scary face.
Salmon looked at the call of her name and saw Sam trying to plow through the crazy cats but was unsuccessful.
"Hey Sam come on! We don't have time to deal with these idiots! We have a special party to get to! You know? A private party starting in 10 minutes that a specific special dog is hosting?" It was the green one who spoke. She didn't look very happy.
"Oh sorry Bob! I just need to see someone really quick." Sam looked like she really wanted to see Salmon again.
Bob looks at Sam then at the tall bear. "If it's the bear leave her. We are busy and you don't have time to sign autographs! Come on!"
Sam quickly pulls out her phone then whispers to Salmon. "Please be my friend?"
Salmon smiled. "Of course silly. We were friends before entering Toontown weren't we? Here I'll add you."
Sam looked a little nervous. "Please use the speedchat."
Salmon was confused but by looking at the green cat guessed that she might be monitoring Sam's whispers. "OK." Then she added Sam and Sam smiled.

Salmon sat on the stairs while everyone around her advertised for game shows, dating shows, hotels, restaurants, and even one advertising for her coffee shop. Then Sam teleported to her. "Sorry about that. Bob can get overprotective sometimes."
Salmon just shrugged. "So wanna give each other updates on how our time in Toontown has been?"
Sam was about to respond but then Bob, the blue cat, and the red cat teleported to Sam.
"Hey Sammie come on. We have a ride to River and we are going to attend the beanfest." It was the blue cat who had spoken.
"Oh sorry Joe I can't I'm busy."
"Doing what? Talking to some stranger? Come on Sam lets go to the beanfest! Many of the famous toons are meeting there after Flippy's party! Maybe we can get at least one of them on our list!" Bob was the one to speak and Salmon didn't like her calling her a stranger. She knew Sam!
"Oh Bob sorry this is the bear that I told ya about. You know the one with the matching name and almost clobbered poor Marty with a shovel?" Sam had put that a little rudely.
"Hey! Sam!" Salmon was a little angrier now.
Sam giggled. "Oh Sammie ya know I'm kidding! I know you don't have it in you to beat anything up unless your life depended on it!"
Bob looked at them coldly. "I know. I read your whispers to each other. Our phones were hooked up together so we can check up on each to make sure none of us get into trouble. Just because she's an old friend doesn't mean that you can just catch up on old times and whatever. Your with your sisters and cousins now. You don't have to hang out with whoever you did while waiting to see us again."
Sam rolled her eyes. "Oh Bob! Your just being paranoid! Your afraid that I might end up replacing you guys with other friends! You know I'd never do that. Your my family! You can't replace family." Sam was saying that with a joking tone in her voice mixed in with some seriousness.
Bob's eyes fell sad as if Sam had read her exactly. "Yeah you got me. I know I'm being a little selfish here. Fine play with your friend but please join us in one hour okay?"
"Alrighty!" Sam said sounding more like the Sam that Salmon remembered.
Salmon thought back a little real quickly remembering how goofy and crazy Sam had been. She still sort of felt like that but a tiny bit of her spirit slightly killed. Salmon wondered if that had happened with age or if it was forced gone. Bob did seem a little cruel but in a very nice way. She just seemed protective and like she loved her family a lot and didn't want to lose them. The red bear was even more curious about that. Maybe something had happened to their family that made Bob a little crazy and caused Sam's spark to get a little smaller.
"So Salmon? Wanna go to my house and share stories about what has been going on in our lives since separating?" Sam said interrupting Salmon's thoughts.
"Oh uh sure!"
It was at Sam's house where Salmon would ask about her and the Unicorns helping Salmon, both Salty's, the Hacker Busters, and Speckles about stopping the hackers.

Chapter 19: An Awesome Hacker Busting Team Is Formed

The two shared stories and laughed at different things. Sam even shared why Bob is acting a little funny. She isn't usually like that but Moe The Yellow Unicorn is hardly ever around and Bob was afraid that they would lose her like how they lost The first maroon Unicorn who had decided to not only give up being a unicorn even before getting her name tag but decided to just leave Toontown to be with her friends. Then there's the orange Unicorn who had gotten banned from Toontown. It was something that Sam didn't like talking about. Salmon doesn't know why the orange one was banned but decided to not press further. Instead she decided to ask Sam about joining the team to help stop the hackers. She still hadn't mentioned Speckles and probably won't unless she joins them.
Sam looked like she was daydreaming about stopping the hackers then looked at Salmon. "Of course I will!"
Right at the time she said that Bob's name popped out of nowhere. "Of course you will what?" Bob asked.
"Trap." Sam cursed quiet enough so that only Salmon could hear. "I really need to stop ignoring my notifications!" Sam shifted her eyes a little looking like she was trying to think up some crazy story but then just decided to give up on it and tell Bob the truth. "Salmon wants me... the Unicorns to join some sort of hacker busting team or um something like that."
"Absolutely not! No Unicorn is getting involved with any hackers... again." Bob's rage turned into sadness. "Please Sam just leave the bear from your list. She obviously crazy for messing around with hackers. Lets just go back to our lives and forget we even saw her."
Salmon was really ticked off. She had to speak her mind. "Crazy??? You think I'm crazy??? Ha! You obviously need to get more social!!! These toons belong in the nuthouse! I can see why the cogs can't stand them but I'm not complaining! I like them... I'm trying to help them! And you!" Salmon points a gloved finger at Bob. "You just want to go back to your lives and just be a regular citizen! One of which I'm working crazy hard to save! You outta show me some respect! Toontown is facing a bigger threat then the cogs and most people are either scared or stupid! I'm neither! I'm trying to save this town from the hackers that everybody fears! That many people haven't even seen what a real hacker can do! They weren't here for the original Freckleslam thing! Neither was I but maybe if I were I'd be more determined to save Toontown knowing what they can do! I have seen a copy cat Freckles cause a couple blackouts. I know that's not big but it's big enough and I'm not going about my life as if cogs are the only problem and hackers are just something that you have to be aware of! Toon Valley might be shut down because that's a hangout for the hackers! We need all the help we can get! We need the Unicorns!"
Salmon's outburst surprised Bob but also filled her with more anger than the little kitty could hold. "You think you have seen what the hackers can do!!?? You think I haven't??? I lost a sister to the hackers! Because of them Rivas was banned from Toontown and is not allowed back EVER! She was my sister! My sister! I don't want to lose any other sister" Bob looked over at Sam. "or cousins to hackers and fighting them will... it will..." Bob burst into tears.
Salmon didn't know that was what happened and she felt awful. She was really sad and wanted to comfort Bob and tell her that everything was okay but it wasn't. Those hackers absolutely had to be stopped now.
The two jumped at Sam slamming her fist onto the table. "Ow.. oh uh good I have your attention. Don't I get a say in this? Bob I'm tired of you controlling me. I'm old enough to think for myself and Salmon I don't need you turning into Bob. I want to avenge Rivas' being banned by the hackers really bad. So Bob your going to let me and any other Unicorn who is with me help! And you Salmon I don't want you to boss me around at all like how Bob does sometimes! If I at all see you turning into Bob your dead okay? I know on the inside your a soft little teddy bear so please don't pull out any tough bear act out on me. It won't work. You two got that?"
Both were scared by Sam's rage finally showing. Bob looked like she would let her and any other Unicorn do whatever it was that they wanted to do. "Alright. Again I'm sorry. I know I can be a little controlling sometimes but that's only because I care about you and the other Unicorns. I'm not going to fight them at all but I will be watching closely to make sure that you are safe."
Sam wiped away a tear forming in her violet colored eye. "Thanks Bobbie and I know your just making sure we are safe but I'm a big girl now and you know it."
"I know." Bob hugs Sam and they make up.
As beautiful as this was Salmon had just one more member of the team to get and that was Marty. She could let Sam get any Unicorns who want in on it in.

After talking to Salty Salmon was able to find out where Marty likes to hang out. In the fishing pond on Loopy Lane in Zany Acres. He usually spent most of his time fishing. Wanting to give the fish on Loopy Lane good homes. Why he was so into that street Salty didn't know and Salmon didn't care as long as she was able to talk to Marty.
After spotting him in his usual spot Salmon explained everything to him and he looked very interested. "Well of course I'll help! I don't wanna lose another home or let all these toons lose their homes. I'm honored to help stop this terrible threat!"
Salmon was very happy to hear that and Marty had found a space on his full list for Salmon.
After easily finding and getting Marty to join their team Salmon got a call from Sam. "Hey the other Unicorns agreed to help out. ALL of them!"
Salmon smiled. "That's wonderful! We now have a awesome team for taking down those hackers!"
"What about me?"
Salmon turned to see who had asked the question and saw a familiar bright red cat with blue hair standing next to the pond. It was Hunter.

Chapter 20: Meeting Speckles

Salmon had assembled an awesome team of toons. She also had talked to Salty, Salty, and Speckles about introducing the mouse to the team. They had decided on throwing a boring party to get her to meet the team. All that was at the party were a couple cannons, one trampoline, and tug-o-war. They had used the excuse of it being boring because they couldn't afford an awesome party when really they could. They had very little activities for the private party so that Sam can catch time when they are all bored and visiting to introduce Speckles to the team. That time came with 10 minutes left of the party.
"Everyone can I please have your attention?" Salmon asked then waited until all eyes were on her. When they were she continued. "I know your bored so I thought I would let you meet a very special member of the team. This is Speckles."
Salmon stepped to the side to let shy little Speckles step up. "Hi everybody." She said in kind of a low and nervous voice.
Everyone had a confused look on their faces then Hunter asked. "I hope you don't mind me asking but I believe I'm speaking for everybody here... HOW ON EARTH IS SHE IMPORTANT? Just curious."
Salmon looked at the bright red cat and smiled. "I'm glad you asked. Speckles here is a clone of a copy cat Freckles who can actually hack."
"Hey!" Copy Cat looked a little ticked.
"Sorry Copy just um well he's a copy of Freckles who can hack. One of the Salty's had some of his DNA and we used a cloning machine to clone an opposite version of Freckles but she can still hack."
"Like oh yeah? Can you like prove it or something?" It was Phoebe who asked that question. Salmon knows her squeaky girly voice anywhere.
"Why yes Phoebe we can prove it or actually she can. Speckles hackers can control other toons making them do anything right?"
"Well um yes. I can see what it is you want me to do but I can't. It's not very nice." Speckles was nervously rubbing her left paw up and down her right arm and looking down to her toes playing with the grass in the ground.
"It's fine Speckles just give Phoebe here a little example of what you can do." Salmon was encouraging her and hoping that she does what she's thinking so that they will know what she can do.
Salmon saw Speckles scan the audience of ready toons they had appearing that she was actually reading reach of their thoughts before resting her eyes on the pink mouse chomping on her big wad of bubblegum. Then Speckles turned to Salmon. "Alright. I'll do it."
Speckles closed her eyes focusing on Phoebe. Salmon looked at Speckles then over to Phoebe who was standing there arms crossed in doubt and still noisily chewing on her gum. Then randomly Phoebe spits her gum out onto Moe The Yellow Unicorn's long and beautiful cream colored hair. Then Phoebe took off one her gloves and stuck her finger into her nose. Everyone laughed then Phoebe started blinking really fast. She saw that her finger was in her nose and pulled it out right away screaming.
Even Speckles had a small and amused smile on her face. Maybe she was more like Freckles then everyone had thought? It didn't matter right now. What did is it looked like they have turned everyone into believers especially Moe who was trying to brush the gum out of her hair.
Hunter looked up at Salmon fear showing in her eyes. "Are you sure getting a hacker to help us is the brightest idea?"
"Hunter don't worry. We created her. Everything will be fine." Salmon tried to reassure her.
Hunter just shook her head. "The people at Loony Labs most likely created the hackers in the first place and didn't intend on well this happening. Salmon. I need to talk to you in private."
Salmon followed Hunter to a quiet spot on the party grounds. The clock read four minutes left. Hunter had a very serious look on her face. "Salmon. I'm scared. I was there when the original Freckleslam hacked TT. I was in the factory with a old friend who ended up banned from Toontown because he went crazy. He found out how him a regular toon could do some hacks too. Basic hacks that any regular toon could do but still he got banned for hacking and I was there witness to Freckleslam causing the ultimate blackout and in the factory when it happened." Hunter wiped away a tear from her cheek. She clearly didn't like hacking.
Salmon pulled Hunter in for a hug and told her that she has nothing to worry about. She will be able to keep control of Speckles and Hunter believed that Salmon would be able to keep Speckles in line but Salmon herself wasn't sure if she could. She may be a sweet little mouse right now but Salmon now knows that Speckles has a tiny evil side to her. It's small and doesn't get released unless pushed out but how much could the little sweetheart take before it's forced out?

After the party Salmon sat on the steps alone in an empty district in TTC. She was just thinking about everything that had happened and wondered how much of it made sense and if their plan with using a hacker to stop the other hackers would work. She was just going to have to find out but now everyone needed rest. Salmon was unsure if she would ever sleep again.
When Salmon was about to get up and go to her house she felt a firm hand on her shoulder pushing her back down. She turned around to see what toon who was that strong actually seated her back down. Salmon was shocked at the site that she saw after looking behind her. There was a medium sized blue rabbit slightly bigger than most rabbits that size with short ears and a cruel looking face. She looked just like Agent-Aly but without the hat. She could see this rabbit's eyes and they were jet black reflecting Salmon's fear back at her. Salmon wanting to take her eyes away from the rabbit's face looked at her arms and legs which weren't exactly less threatening. Some muscles were showing through looking ready to spring after anything that would try to runaway from her. In that case it was Salmon.
She gulped as the rabbit's tense gaze burned into for another second before she spoke. "I am a member of The Toons In Black Gloves."
Before her saying that Salmon didn't take notice of her black gloves. Gloves just seemed normal and a different color would draw attention but this rabbit was to scary to even notice the gloves. Salmon just stayed quiet unsure on what to say.
The rabbit smiled then said something that surprised Salmon. "Samantha Scales we want you to join us."

The end? Of course not!
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The Creation of Speckles
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