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 The Hacking of Speckles

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PostSubject: The Hacking of Speckles   Sun May 08, 2011 9:10 pm

This is the second story in the Speckles series. Thanks to all of you who have read & enjoyed the first! Hope you like the second.

Chapter 1: Celebrating

As Speckles walked around Toontown Central taking in all the sights and watching toon girls act strange around the toon guys. At first Speckles didn't understand but after reading a few minds she found out that a major Toontown holiday was coming up celebrating love. It is Valentoon's Day and it's this Monday. As much as Speckles would love one of those pretty shirts with a heart on it she felt that she didn't deserve such a pretty shirt. She was a hacker and according to the minds of most toons here hackers don't have a heart. It did make her sad but she wasn't here to celebrate or enjoy the beautiful town. She was here to save it. Nothing more nothing less.
Speckles walked over to where a toon guy gave a toon girl flowers and she wished that she had a special someone to give her flowers but who here cares about a heartless hacker? From the minds that she read so far nobody. Everyone was awwing when he told her that he loved her. Speckles closed her eyes and saw on his phone another toon girl send him a whisper saying that she loves him. That Speckles just couldn't understand. Why did they give their love to another girl while there were other girls that loved them?
Speckles didn't want to be mean but she just couldn't let this slide. The guy was giving his heart to another girl and she had to know. Using the girl's name Speckles whispered jerk to the guy.
The male toon, Mr. Pickles looked at his phone then frowned. He saw one of his loves Ruby whisper I love you then the other who had just received flowers from him, Lila whisper jerk to him. He was confused especially that he didn't even see her type out the word jerk to him. He didn't even know that they allowed you to send jerk through the phones in a whisper but he had to know what was going on and whispered what? back to Lila.
Speckles had to let out a slight giggle. She could feel his confusion and it tickled.
Lila looked at her phone then whispered what are you talking about? back to him.
There was a fight between the two which didn't tickle at all. It felt rough and Speckles didn't like it. She wanted to leave and before doing so she saw another message coming in from Ruby asking Mr. Pickles if they were gonna do something special on Valentoon's Day evening. Speckles mentally grabbed the message then sent it to Lila instead of Mr. Pickles. She was going to know of the mean thing that cruel lime green cat was doing to both the peach and bright red cats.
Speckles left for Salty's house in a hurry.

While at the older Salty's house she saw Salty SR., Salty JR., Salmon, Sam The Purple Unicorn, and Alex The Red Unicorn decorating the older rabbit's house in Valentoon's Day decorations. Of course Speckles had to offer to help because she likes to be helpful. "Um would you like help with the decorating?"
Salty JR. looked at her tired. "Oh no thanks we just finished." Salty wiped sweat away from her face. They obviously worked very hard but it payed off. The house was beautiful.
Salmon walked over to a table where some tall glasses with hearts on them held a pink liquid. Speckles read Salmon's mind to find out what the pink liquid was. "Mmm pink lemonade!"
Speckles had never had pink lemonade before. She hadn't had much of anything for her past first days in Toontown. "Um excuse me miss Salty but is it alright if I can have a glass of that pink lemonade that Salmon finds delicious?"
Salmon eyed her and she could feel a little bit of frustration coming from her. "I wish you wouldn't do that!"
Speckles looked down at her feet. "Sorry miss Salmon I didn't mean to frustrate you."
Salty JR. walked over to Speckles. "It's alright sweeties don't worry about it. It's just kind of rude to invade people's thoughts is all." Salty said giving one of her mother's smiles Speckles smiling herself feeling the warmth of Salty's caring smile.
The older Salty looked over from where she rested on one of her big comfy chairs. "I made it to drink. Knock yourself out!"
Speckles tasted the delicious pink liquid loving every little gulp until it was gone. She wiped the lemonade off from her lips and sat down over where the older rabbit was. While sitting she looked around at the beautiful decorations most containing hearts. She wondered what it really meant to have a heart and if you didn't could you still take part in this beautiful holiday?

Chapter 2: Making Friends

Of course Speckles was already friends with most of the Hacker Busters but she felt a little uneasy around Hunter as if the blue haired cat didn't like or trust the mouse. Every time Speckles was around Hunter she would get this negative stinging feeling that she didn't like. Speckles was shy but she knew she would have to get to know more than just the HB.
Speckles was in a quiet district in Toontown Central just relaxing over by the Library waiting to see if she can find someone to friend. It is hard being friends with anyone especially the HB. They liked her but they knew she was a hacker and sometimes that caused her to feel some of their bad feelings about her. She wanted to make a new friend with someone that didn't know she was a hacker. Just one toon maybe. Even though she could read minds and control people she still needed a friends and she promised no matter how much she wanted to know what they were thinking she would not attempt at reading their mind. It wasn't polite anyways.

Speckles was half asleep when she felt kind of a hard tap on her shoulder. The slate blue mouse turned around to see a blue rabbit scary yet sweet looking. She had a little smile on her harsh face. Her name tag read Agent -Jen. Speckles remembered her promise but this rabbit was creepy and the black gloves didn't really help to much. Speckles tried reading her mind but just couldn't. She couldn't read or feel any emotions coming off of this mysterious blue rabbit.
The rabbit giggled a little with a sharp but sweet tone. It was like cutting your tongue on a shard of glass covered in sugar. It hurt and was sharp but it tasted good. "You almost fell asleep sweetie. I wanted to make sure that you were alright."
Speckles smiled realizing that somewhere someone... another hacker? A nice hacker? Whoever or whatever was listening and they sent someone here that Speckles had a hard time reading and feeling. She was simply unhackable and Speckles loved that.
Speckles smiled and looked into the rabbit's scary jet black eyes. "Yes I'm great. Thank you so much for checking on me."

Chapter 3: A Strange Blue Mouse

Agent-Jen had woken up that morning ready to face the day but then she remembered that the day included training. Ugh she didn't want more training on taking down hackers. She wanted to explore Toontown and meet new toons.
Jen collapsed onto her bed staring at her boring gray walls not allowed to decorate them with anything showing any personality at all. It was the rules. She sent a whisper out to all the rabbit agents saying that she was taking a sick day. They didn't get sick. They sometimes did emotionally because being serious, boring, and gray all the time really put some pressure on ya. Jen had no idea how the cogs are actually like that and not just acting! Not wonder they exploded so easily!

Agent-Jen entered a quiet district hoping that there wouldn't be anybody around to notice her unusual features. She spotted a slate blue mouse slowly falling asleep in the cool February sun. Jen suddenly hoped that the mouse was okay and not about to collapse with some weird illness that normal toons get.
Jen tapped the mouses shoulder and asked her if she was alright and the mouse replied with she was fine. That was a relief for Jen. She knew about different illnesses that normals could get but wasn't quite positive on what the symptoms looked like.
Something about that mouse was strange. She was not really afraid of Jen just a little jumpy. She also looked as if she was trying to remember or think of something. Jen was glad that her mind was always crystal clear and it didn't take her to long to remember something and she could think fast. As much as she didn't like being a Blue Rabbit member of the Toons In Black Gloves she would hate being a normal even more.
The mouse had sent a friend request and Jen accepted hoping that the others wouldn't look at her friends list. They always knew she was a little different wearing a brown skirt when most wore brown shorts and she was sweeter and showed more love. She wondered how any toon could trust their secret organization when they were the symbol for it. Compared to the normal toons they looked downright scary.
Speckles the strange slate blue mouse seemed very happy and Jen just couldn't understand why. Having a normal friend was going to be very interesting. The mouse was eyeing the trolly for a while Jen noticed then the words came out of the mouse's mouth. "Do you want to ride the trolly?"
At how long it took her to ask the agent could tell that Speckles was a little afraid of her but still wasn't as afraid as most.
Jen wanting to be as kind as she possibly could be smiled. "Sure! Last one there is a rotten cog!"

Chapter 4: The Toons In Black Gloves

Salmon sat down in a chair in a waiting room inside The Toons In Black Gloves HQ. She looked around at all the scary blue rabbits wearing matching outfits and the other types of toons sticking mainly to the shadows. Salmon was there because she had to go to an interview. She did not want to join The Toons In Black Gloves but she felt forced to. The rabbit looked so threatening and she feared if she said no that the rabbit would rip her head off or something.
"Samantha?" A black cat with a long body and medium sized legs said.
Salmon got up and followed the cat back into a room looking around at all scary faces staring at her in distrust. This being a secret organization she can understand why they don't like outsiders but a place like this it looks like they might have some sort of mind wiper ray or something if they needed it.
The cat opened a door to a dark room then shut it quickly and she could hear the cat run away. Salmon guessed that was a bad sign. She looked around and could not see a thing. It was so dark when Salmon could not tell if her eyes were open or closed.
"Samantha Scales?" A mysterious voice rang out.
Salmon tried her best to not show any fear but failed. "Ye ye.. yes but... most people call me Salmon." The red bear tried saying with a shaky voice.
She heard a laugh then the flights flickered on. "Oh I'm not a big fan of the dark. I just like making a scary first impression and I can tell it worked." The mysterious voice said.
Salmon looked around the now lit room and saw some amazing things. A small plastic Flippy bowing bubbles, some orbs floating around changing colors, some tiny skeletons of toons dancing, and even what appeared to be a hoverboard. Salmon assumed the orbs turned on when the lights did because she probably would have noticed those in the dark.
One thing stuck out more than everything else. A neon orange colored desk with a neon green chair facing backwards toward Salmon. Then the mysterious voice came again from the chair. "Like my office? Very few people get to see it. I get all the latest toys from Loony Labs and whoever else cooks up some wacky invention. One of them is Really helpful to me and its my understanding that you and a clever yellow rabbit made it?" The green chair moved a little.
Salmon flinched a little then wondered what the voice was talking about. "Huh?" Salmon asked very confused.
The voice giggled. "It's only been a month and you have forgotten already?" The green chair moved again then a familiar device slipped out away from the chair and desk over towards Salmon. She stared at it surprised. It was the doodle trainer thing that her and Salty had created a while back. "Nifty little thing but that's only one reason why I'm trying to recruit you. I hear that you are currently trying to stop Toontown's hacking problem. The Toons In Black Gloves has been trying to do that for a couple year's now and I feel that you would be a very helpful addition to our organization." The chair shifted again. "So are you in?"
Salmon just couldn't say no. She made it into their secret HQ and already said yes to one of their agents. She just had to say yes. "Um I guess."
"Wonderful!" The chair finally turned around revealing a medium sized blue cat. "I am The Mingler!"
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PostSubject: Re: The Hacking of Speckles   Sun May 08, 2011 11:34 pm

Chapter 5: Salty's Birthday

"Happy birthday!" Hunter said to the moping yellow rabbit.
Speckles knew when Salty's birthday was. She knew when every toons birthday was just by looking at them. She had noticed the yellow rabbit felt sad lately and wanted to know why. She focused in really hard on Salty and she was surprised. Salty had been a toon in Toontown for 7 years and out of all that time Salty never had a real boyfriend. Her birthday is the day after Valentoons Day so Speckles could understand why Salty would be so sad. Not having a boyfriend and being a toon in Toontown for as long as you have been is very unusual.
"Uh yeah thanks Hunt." Salty looked as if she was about to cry as she watched a family of toons. Speckles could feel a very strong wave of sadness from the bunny when the little kitten hugged her mother and Speckles knew what she was missing. A child but there was more.
"Salty! Come on perk up! It's your birthday for crying out loud! Lets do something fun!" Hunter sounded both frustrated and concerned.
"She... she left me. My list. Sally really left my list!" Salty was really sobbing now.
Speckles wasn't sure who this Sally was so she looked through the files of Salty's brain to find out which wasn't to hard to find. Sally was Salty's twin basically. She was a tall aqua rabbit who was look exactly like Salty but a different color. She was even soundless like her. Speckles scanned through the files that Salty had of Sally and saw how close they were. Sally Fizzletoes and Salty Featherflap met in the Brrrgh while they were both working on the task for teleportation access. They both had on the same Christmas shirt that was white with the red and green scarf, had the same gags, and were in the same spot in the task. After that they did everything together. But why would Sally leave Salty's list?
Hunter was looking at Salty shaking her head. "I know there's more to it. I remember last year. You were talking about how you wish that you had a daughter and a husband but mainly a mini you. You also were wining about Amy not being there. You really need to get over the Amy thing!"
Salty cried even more and then started to speak when she settled down a little. "Amy was my closest friend. Even closer than Sally. She went missing right before Lawbot HQ was open to the public. Nobody will do a search for her. They just say she's missing. I know the lawbots kidnapped her or something and nobody will do a thing about it! Still I'm mostly upset because it's my birthday and someone who's status is usually offline all of the sudden disappears from my list? My guess is she finally came back from wherever she was and decided to drop her childhood friends! I miss her so much. It was like having a twin sister. Now my only family is my mom."
Speckles was reading their minds as they had this conversation. She read something about Hunter wondering about Salty's dad is and Salty was to full of emotions to read correctly. Speckles could pick out something about Salty wishing she had more family and also wanted her mom to be in Toontown like her instead of gardening and hanging out with little little toons all the time. Speckles didn't like seeing or feeling Salty this way and had the perfect idea on what to get her for her birthday.
"Salty you can't be like this all day! We are suppose to have fun! Lets have a party, finish that mint task of yours while training trap, chase trains in Cashbot HQ, play with some canons at your estate, and um... oh! You went and saw the castle in Bossbot HQ with Sam and Cyborg for your fifth birthday so why not do it again for your seventh? It will be fun! Best of all we can record the whole thing with a mini floating camera and turn it into a music video to your favorite song! Does that sound like fun?" Hunter was trying a little to hard to convince Salty to do some fun things but it was working.
Salty looked up at Hunter from her moping. "Um I guess?"
Hunter got really excited. "Great! Lets go!"

Speckles was easily able to break inside of Loony Labs. She had to make a quick stop to Salty's house first but everything was so easy. She had to do some hacking but it was for a good cause. She remembered this is where she was born and knew this is where she would have to go to get Salty the perfect birthday present.
Speckles wandered the storage area of Loony Labs until she spotted a familiar site. The cloning machine. She turned it on. Searching through her back the slate blue mouse found the stolen hairbrush from Salty's bathroom and plucked a hair from it. She got the machine ready to accept the hair but then noticed the different settings of the machine: negative, regular, and positive. Speckles figured if she set it to positive it would make a happier version of Salty.
She set it to positive then watched the machine at work. It was amazing and she could hardly believe that same thing made her. She stared at a light blue mist with sparkles in a clear tank. The smell of the ocean filled the air.
Speckles closed her eyes to focus on the scent confused. "Sea salt?"
Just then a soft, kind, and gentle voice rang out. "Sea Salt? Sounds pretty. Is that my name?"
Speckles looked at the rabbit in amazement. Her teeth were perfectly straight and glowing white, her head was light blue and her eyes a beautiful sea green with sparkles. Her body was blue and her legs were tan. The tan legs made Speckles feel warm like she was laying in the sand at the beach during a sunny day. She was wearing a sea green shirt with dark blue stripes and a matching skirt. She gave Speckles a cool smile that felt like the sea breeze flowing through her hair. Funny thing was Speckles had never been to the beach. She knew all of that from reading other toons and feeling their memories of the beautiful place. She felt it mostly from Salty who loved the beach.
Speckles didn't want to be rude so she returned her smile. "Yes Sea Salt is a pretty name and it matches you perfectly."

Speckles caught Salty at her estate taking a break from canons. She was wiping sweat away from her face while her friends were trying to get her to open her presents.
Speckles had put a cute blue bow on Sea Salt that matched her outfit and was making her ears fall back which made her looked even more adorable then she was. Speckles put it on her to be the wrapping but she could feel Sea Salt wanting to keep the bow on.
"Thanks for all the presents everyone!" Salty did the delighted emotion.
Hunter spotted Speckles coming in. She had Sea Salt hiding in a glitch spot where nobody could see her. "Speckles hi! You came just in time to do some more cannon pinball! You in?"
"What about my present? I have to give Salty something too."
Just then Speckles felt a stingy sorry feeling come from Salty. "Oh sweetie you don't have to get me anything! Just coming is all you need to do."
"But I did get you something"
Everyone wore a confused expression and Salty did too for a second then smiled thinking it was a homemade beaded necklace or something that a toon without any jellybeans would make for her. Speckles waved her hand to let Sea Salt come out from the glitch area and everyone was shocked. Their surprised feeling was so strong it felt like it would shoot Speckles farther into the air than any cannon could.
"You got me a toon? Are you crazy?" Salty asked with tons of different mixed feelings coming from her.
Speckles shook her head. "I didn't get you a toon. I made you a toon. Salty meet Sea Salt. Your clone."
Then all Speckles could feel coming off of her was total confusion, anger, and surprise. "My what?"
Speckles got sad. "I thought you wanted a twin like Sally so I thought I'd make you one."
Sea Salt still held the calming smile and Speckles even though her eyes were closed could feel Salty looking into that smile then sighing. "Speckles... I... I uh appreciate the present but..."
"It's alright miss Salty. I don't want to be any trouble for you. I will just go and... hehe! That tickles!"
Sea Salt went off into a laughing fit as Monday Salty's doodle licked her foot. It made everyone want to laugh even Salty.
Salty picked up Monday and then turned to Speckles. "Alright she is sweet and cute but you don't make clones of toons for their birthdays!"
Speckle now knows that and feels very sorry. "Sorry Salty."
Monday was having a fit with being held and broke free of Salty's arms then ran over to Sea Salt and jumped up on her licking her face. Everyone joined in playing with the doodles. Speckles could feel Salty's excitement and knew that this was the best birthday Salty has ever had.

Chapter 6: Playing Hooky

Speckles was a little sleepy. Usually she was excited and ready but today was Monday. Every Monday Speckles could feel everyone's tiredness. She could even feel the Hacker Busters sleepiness and really wanted to get away from it but she knew she couldn't. They were making plans to stop the current Toontown hacking and Speckles was key to that plan. She couldn't skip or anything. That would be a very rude thing to do anyways and Speckles didn't like being rude.
"Alright so anyone have anymore ideas then just having Speckles jump in whenever Freckles or whatever other hackers start hacking?" Salty asked worried.
Salmon didn't feel too into the meeting today. All their meetings are usually like this. Slow and quiet but Salmon usually has some great ideas to contribute but today it seemed like she had something on her mind. Speckles tried really hard to read it but all she got was a message that almost sounded recorded saying do not disturb deep in thought and it's none of your business! It kind of offended Speckles a little but then again it was not very nice to read other toons thoughts.
Salty JR. didn't look pleased with the quietness of the group. "Nobody ever has any ideas! We are going to stay here and not leave under ANY circumstances! Well of course unless there is a hacking of which we kind of have to take care of but other than that nobody leaves this meeting until we get a good idea on how to stop the hackers once and for all!"
After Salty's little outburst Speckles got a whisper from a friend. She checked her phone under the table that all of them were sitting at having a meeting like a bunch of bossbots would. She was keeping her senses open to make sure nobody notices what she was doing.
The whisper was from Agent-Jen asking her if she wanted to go and do something fun.
Speckles looked around and saw that everyone else were spewing out lame and random ideas.
"Has anybody mentioned a hacking free jar to trap the hackers in?" Sam asked from her current boring and gross activity of getting the dirt out from underneath her claws.
Salmon just slammed her head onto the table and replied. "Sadly someone has suggested that before."
A few snickers came out from the toons that Salmon met during the hacking by Freckles in Nutty River.
With everyone occupied with throwing out these silly ideas Speckles knew she could respond without them noticing her typing. "I wish I could Jen but I'm a little busy right now."
A few seconds later a whisper came back from Jen. "Busy doing what? Come one! Lets have some fun! I wanna do an activity that I highly doubt that you have done before."
Speckles was really curious on this activity and typed back to her. "What is it?"
Speckles waited a little bit then a whisper came back to her. Only one word. "Bowling."
Speckles had never heard of this before so she scanned through the crowd's thoughts. She skipped Salmon's because she didn't want to hear that annoying message again. Salty SR. had a small file in her brain on bowling. It was a video memory of her mom taking her to a bowling alley right in the area where Lawbot HQ now stands. If the bowling alley was gone then if they did go bowling where in Toontown would they go?
Speckles having a hard time typing pulled off her glove to type. "Where?"
It took a couple minutes for Jen to respond. "It's a surprise. Come on! I really wanna bowl with you! It will be fun!"
Speckles listened to the meeting's conversation again. "How about we... uh... feed the hackers to a giant toon eating slug?" It was yet again Sam who threw in a weird idea.
Speckles had a feeling that she would be there all day and still nothing will happen so she sighed then replied to Jen's whisper. "Sure."

Speckles had slipped away from the meeting by planting in the thought that she was still there in everyone's heads and then slipped through into a glitch area which was also known as a gray spot to some toons to get away. She met Jen over by Toon HQ in the back. For some reason Jen always seemed uneasy being around the front or sides of the Toon Headquarters.
"Alright Speckles so to get to the bowling alley we have to go to Goofy's Speedway."
"Um alright Jen." Speckles said a little unsure.
She had no idea where they were going or anything but when they got to Goofy's Speedway Jen lead Speckles to a quiet and lonely dirt road with a sign saying Do not enter! That made Speckles kind of scared.

After walking for about ten minutes on the old dirt road Jen turned back and Speckles looked back too. They couldn't see Goofy's Speedway anymore. Jen reached into her pocket and pulled out a fancy looking black car without a license plate. Unlike most toon cars this one had a roof and the inside had gray seats. It was fancy but boring to look at.
The two hopped into the car and Jen drove. It was a very fast car. Took them to another town in only twenty minutes.
Jen looked over to where Speckles sat kind of uneasy being in a fast car on a strange road. "Don't worry. See? We are here. If I had taken the lawful way to get here but that would require walking and that would take to long."
Speckles understood that this was faster but still she hated breaking the law and could tell Jen didn't like it too. She didn't have to feel Jen's emotions to know it. It showed on her even though she tried to sound confident and like she knew what she was doing. Some of it sounded like she really did know what she was doing and wondered how many times she has gone this way to get to the bowling alley.

This really was a strange city. There were tall buildings and lots of lights. It was very different from Toontown. There were no cogs along the streets and as Speckles looked around at the other toons she spotted goats, cows, and chickens.
"We're here." Jen said excitedly.
Speckles looked at the old bowling alley. It had neon lights saying Toon Lanes and a giant old bowling pin on the top of it that looks as if it hasn't been cleaned in years.
They walked in and there was a tall peach colored chicken running the front. Jen paid her ten jellybeans for two games for the both of them and it was an extra two jellybeans to rent some shoes which confused Speckles because many toons don't even wear shoes usually. What was so special about wearing bowling shoes?
As the toons were putting on their shoes Speckles looked around the alley and saw a group of cows chatting. Clarabell was among them. She also saw a tough looking male cow at their alley roll the ball down the lane and hit all the pins. The other cows who were chatting saw him get his strike and started cheering. "Yeah another strike!" a medium sized lavender cow cheered then ran up to him and hugged him. The sea green male cow smiled and brushed her hair with his fingers. Speckles assumed they were together and by the feelings that she could feel coming off of them she knew her guess was correct.
"Do you wanna go first or do you want me to go so I can show you how it's done?" Jen's sharp yet sweet voice came in startling Speckles from watching the cows.
"Oh um I guess you can go first." Speckles was still kind of unsure on how the game was played never even hearing or rather reading thoughts on it until just earlier today.
"Alrighty!" Jen put typed in Jen into the machine just by touching the letters then she typed in Speckles. Seeing this she looked around and saw all of the toons had either removed their gloves so they could bowl easier. She even spotted Jen's black gloves on the table. Speckles didn't pay much attention to Jen's glove color until just now. "So Speckles I am very good at bowling. I do this quite often so don't be thinking you will get a strike right away."
Speckles just shrugged. She knows there is something a little different about Jen. She looks stronger than most rabbits so it would make sense that she could knock down the pins a little easier.
"Now Jenny don't be destroying anymore pins! Those things do cost jellybeans ya know?" The tall peach chicken was yelling out to Jen.
Jen turned around with a smile on her face and she was slightly laughing. "Don't worry Dixie your pins are going to be fine! I'll go a little soft on them this time."
Speckles could feel anger and amusement mixed in coming from Dixie. "This time? How about you try every time! They take the damaged pins outta my pay and we don't have a trolley here! We can't just play games to earn some JB!"
"Relax Dixie any pins I break I'll pay for okay?"
"You better pay for them!"
Jen giggled a little then turned back to the game. "Now Speckles you don't wanna aim for the pins down there. You wanna aim for the arrows. You got that?"
Speckles was taking off her gloves but listening at the same time. "Yes I do."
She watched as Jen violently rolled the ball down the lane and it hit all the pins real hard. One of them even split in half. "Oops."
Dixie saw the whole thing. "Hey I thought you said that you wouldn't break any thing time?"
"Hey I'm sorry! I tried to be careful." Jen reached into her pocked and pulled out five jellybeans. "Will this cover it?"
Dixie smiled. "Jenny ya know I'm messing around with you right?"
Jen just gave a small embarrassed smile. "Oops."
Dixie giggle a little. "I'll still need the jellybeans though. They don't grow on trees you know?"
Jen paid Dixie the jellybeans then turned to Speckles. "It's your turn. Now its hard to hit the pins. Heck it's even hard to keep the ball in the lane without bumpers but they don't let me use those for well obvious reasons."
Speckles just shrugged and tried to pick up a bowling ball but was unable to. She looked at the number and it said 14.
"Might wanna try an 8 pounder! Here catch!" Jen called out then threw an 8 pound bowling ball at Speckles as if it were a dodge ball then realized too late that Speckles was a mouse and most likely wouldn't be able to catch it.
Seeing the ball come towards her Speckles quickly channeled the strength of the sea green cow that she saw bowl and hoped it was strong enough to catch the ball. It took all the cow's strength but she caught it. The sea green cow all of the sudden looked like he was about to collapse and Speckles wished she hadn't done that but she had to because if she didn't that ball would have squashed her. She closed her eyes and sent his a thought saying sorry then he looked confused. It was a quick little thought and he probably wouldn't think much of it but she had to say sorry somehow and she couldn't just walk up to him and say I'm a hacker sorry for using your strength to catch a bowling ball that almost killed me.
Speckles looked at Jen's stunned face. "How... how did you catch.... the...? Oh never mind! Lets um just bowl."
Speckles could hear Jen swallow and looked at her hard stare Speckles fear reflecting in Jen's jet black eyes. She was scared that Jen would suspect something about her and even though Speckles was terrified about that she was even more concerned on Jen. She seemed like this happy sweet yet strange looking rabbit when they first met but now she seems more adventurous and wild. Also Speckles had no idea on how strong Jen really was and by lifting up that very heavy 8 pound bowling ball she wondered how Jen was able to throw it at her so easily. Speckles now knew she had to stay on Jen's good side. She was unpredictable and very strong. Probably could break her in half as if she was a toothpick if she wanted to.
Speckles got up to bowl and realized she was still kind of unsure and she didn't want to ask Jen because what if Jen thought she wasn't listening and got angry at her? Jen seems to take things the wrong way sometimes like how she didn't realize that Dixie was kidding around. Still Jen was Speckles friend. Maybe she wouldn't mind talking her through on what to do exactly.
Speckles looked back at the blue rabbit who had this hard cruel stare. Her scary face making the stare seem harder and Speckles flinched a little. That look just didn't seem right for Jen. Speckles may not be able to read or feel her the same way she feels everyone else but the expression that Jen held just wasn't right for her.
Speckles just decided to literally become one of the bowlers. She couldn't pick on the cow again that just wasn't right. She looked over to a small light blue chicken. He was short and seemed nervous. His thoughts repeating over and over aim for the second arrow. He went down the lane and rolled the ball but it fell into the gutter. Speckles felt a wave of sadness and frustration come from the chicken and she knew he wasn't the right one.
"You worried about lane courtesy? Ya know you have been standing there for a while? It was your turn before the chickens." Jen said her voice sharper than usual.
Speckles gulped. She was feeling very uneasy. There wasn't something right about Jen. It's as if she had just found out something that she wish she didn't know. Did she? This really worried Speckles and she tried to stay calm and relaxed. "Sorry. I'm just a little nervous. I um don't want to be rude. This is my first time bowling."
"Fine fine! Just go already!" Jen's voice was still sharp. It felt like broken glass cutting right through Speckles.
The slate blue mouse looked at the lane to her left where the chicken had bowled. There was a purple bear with a long body and medium legs waiting for Speckles to take her turn. Speckles hoped that he was good and channeled his skills, strength, and knowledge. She rolled the ball and got a strike!
Right as she was getting her strike she heard a beeping and saw Jen looking at some weird device. Jen looked over at Speckles. "Nice strike. Almost to nice for a first timer."
Speckles shrugged. "Well I guess I got lucky?"
Jen gave her a cold look. "Maybe... or maybe it was something else? You do know that friends share secrets with one another right?"
Speckles gulped. She was really nervous. "Um... I'm not..."
Jen pulled out her phone. "Uh oh! Emergency whisper! Gotta run! I'm sure you can get back to Toontown on your own."
Speckles was scared but had to know what was going on. She tried to read the whisper but couldn't.
Jen was out the door and driving away seconds later. Speckles just sat down trying to figure out everything that had just happened.
"What was wrong with her? She seemed a little off tonight." It was Dixie that had asked the question out of nowhere.
Speckles looked up at where Dixie was standing. "I don't know. Usually she's very sweet."
Dixie shook her head. "The others got to her. I know they did."
"Others?" Speckles was very curious and had to know what she had meant.
Dixie quickly covered her mouth then uncovered it to speak. "Oh um I'm not allowed to say anything to Toontown folk sorry."
Speckles sighed. "It's alright." But it wasn't alright. Speckles had to know what Dixie was talking about.
As Dixie walked away to go back to doing her job Speckles read her mind. There was something in there about other rabbits that come to the bowling alley sometimes that look like Jen. Dixie didn't know much about them besides they had supertoon strength and were very scary looking. She also knew that they were apart of something that Toontown wasn't suppose to know about. Something big... something secret. She also had a file hidden deep in her brain. It was like something she was suppose to forget. It was not easy to find but Speckles had to know more. She read it and found out that Jen was apart of a secret group trying to keep Toontown a safer and more peaceful place by stopping clan wars and hackers. This lead Speckles to the conclusion that Jen had figured out that Speckles was a hacker.

Chapter 7: Hacker Attack?

Speckles made it home and the meeting was going frantic. They did not notice that Speckles was gone. She really wanted to know what was the problem. She felt a mix of fear and excitement of the crowd.
"There was a slight blackout! Only a half a second!" Copy Cat said copying the words of other screaming toons.
"Will you like stop that already Copy? It is so like getting totally annoying!" Phoebe said all frustrated from the shouting and panic.
Speckles watched the pink mouse pull out her toonpod and put her headphones in trying to council out the panic with some music. She could see that Phoebe was just trying to look calm to get the rest of the group to shut up but she could feel fear coming off of her like sweat.
Then Speckles heard a scary sounding uh oh come from a corner of the room. It was Salmon looking in her shticker book.
"What exactly is uh oh?" Salty asked.
Both Salties were the only truly calm toons here. Speckles felt annoyance come off of them but other than that they weren't to crazy scared like the rest. Speckles could feel their thoughts that its just another blackout we have had tons and tons for the past couple months what makes this one so different? At the same time in them Speckles felt worry. It was like they knew something was wrong and different about this blackout. It has been a few weeks since there has been a blackout. Both Salties were annoyed and calm but worried at the same time. There was also some determination mixed in there like they had to save their home!
Salmon shook her head slowly in worry. "River is green."
"River is green!!!??? Let me see that!!!" Salty said then grabbed the book out of Salmon's hands. She looked at the district page then squinted her eyes and looked a little frustrated. Speckles could now feel a little anger but the anger was like a sheet covering up fear and worry. "So? This uh doesn't mean anything! River can turn green without the help of a hacker!"
Salmon just shook her head. "That's what I said. As it turns out it was a Freckleslam copycat causing the problem."
Copy Cat turned angry eyes onto Salmon. "Hey!"
"Sorry! Sorry! Copy mouse. Is that better?"
Copy Cat closed her eyes and folded her arms then responded. "Mm.. yeah."
"Alright back to the topic! So this could be a hacker causing problems!" Salmon sounded very worried.
Everyone else looked at Salmon scared. Some hacker busting team this turned out to be! They were scared of a hacker!
Speckles held her hands behind her back and shuffled one foot on the floor looking at it. She was nervous because she could feel what they were thinking. They wanted to get Speckles to take care of this and she didn't know how.
Salmon all of the sudden jumped. She had received a whisper that Speckles could not read! Speckles had to know what it said and why it made Salmon jump.
"Uh guys. I gotta go! An emergency came up at uh... home! Yeah that's right home. The blackout caused some problems with my mom and she wants me to come over and make sure everything is alright so uh see you later!" And in a split second Salmon was gone down a hole that she had pulled out of her pocket.
Speckles had a feeling that Salmon was hiding something from them and she wanted to get to the bottom of it but first they had to deal with this questionable hacker attack.

Chapter 8: The Unhackable Gets Hacked

Jen rushed as fast as she could to TIBG HQ. As soon as she got there she saw there were blinking code red lights flashing everywhere and all kinds of agents trying to figure out where the hacking is. All the agents are being called in because this being a code red almost never happens. A code red is as bad as back when the original Freckleslam hacked all of Toontown.
"Agent-Jen! Get to Nutty River right this second! We need agents in every district and we need our special agents in the districts the hackers like hanging out in the most! Don't worry I'm coming with you." Agent-Lou said looking frustrated, annoyed, and overworked. "We are the only ones who can go face to face with a hacker without worry so come on! I told the normal agents to check the quieter districts and call our type of agent for backup if needed. We have no time to lose!"
Jen gave Lou a strong nod and they were off to River with an assembled group. The group consisted of the 5 top agents and then there was Jen brought along in case they needed bate or someone they could easily give up. She knew that was why they needed her. Why else would they take the weakest and most caring and loving agent along with them?
Jen studied the group as they were entering TTC River. There was Agent-Jay the fastest of all the males, Agent-Aly who is usually sent to guard Flippy during important hacker related meetings for her sharper voice and love for hats, Agent-Ray who has such good sight he can actually see through walls, Agent-Tim who can imitate any voice and can sing at such a high note he can break glass, Agent-Amy who can speak any language and is a master doodle trainer. She brought her maxed out doodle who was also trained to attack along with them. Then there is Agent-Lou who has the best leading skills, is smart, serious, and knows what to do all the time. Without her everything would be lost. She was also the first out of everyone who was created. She was like a older sister.
After arriving in River everyone looked around but there wasn't a single toon in site. "Huh that's strange."
"Of course it is Jay! River is empty! It's never empty!"
"Calm down Aly! Your scaring Friday."
"Sorry Amy."
"Everyone can we please focus? We need to see if the hacker is in River!" Agent-Lou sounded more grouchy than usual.
As everyone explored Jen could not stop thinking about bowling with Speckles. How could she have not seen or sensed it before? Speckles was a hacker and it was so obvious! A couple questions still remained - why wasn't she afraid of Jen when she was designed specifically to scare off hackers and why was she so polite? Hackers are never that polite!
Jen was interrupted by her think by a familiar feeling. A twinge or a nervous tingle in her arms and cheeks. She turned around and looking at her a blue monkey named Mod.
"Hello miss Jen. So nice to see you and the other agents looking around for me." The monkey said with an evil grin on his face.
"It's Agent-Jen not miss Jen and you stay away from her!" Agent-Lou said looking angrily at Mod.
"Mmhmm. Perfect! Just the agent I wanted to see... from the inside!" Mod said his evil grin growing.
Jen cringed and Lou crossed her arms. "I am unhackable. Try your worst!"
"Are you sure about that Agent Louis?"
"Positive! And that's Agent-Lou! Call me by my full name again and your going to suffer worst than your friend Freckleslam!" Agent-Lou was obvious furious.
Mod's face turned from a evil smile to a fake sad face. "Oh sadly I never got to know the original Freckleslam! My older brother Jeepermash talked about him a little although I never really got to talk to him face to face because he was imprisoned after the big hack. To bad. His letters were so much fun to read! I'm sure he would be the best big brother ever but eventually I would end up hacking him the same way I'm going to hack you!"
Everyone did surprise at this. Who knew hacker considered each other family? Although the face he was currently wearing was obviously fake. Everything that Jen was raised to know about hackers she was sure to be correct they are nothing but heartless toons that have nothing better to do than ruin everyone's lives!
"What do you mean brothers and why are so you convinced that you can hack me?"
"Well we were made by the same Loony Lab scientist so I assume we are related somehow. And to answer your question about hacking it's better that I show you."
Mod disappeared then right after he did Lou started to spark and sputter. She looked like she was being shocked by some unseen force!
Jen was scared. She typed in a whisper and pressed it to send to every single Toon In Black Gloves member. Right away Salmon showed up.
"Sorry I was late I was kind of held up somewhere." Salmon said looking scared.
Agent-Jen understood why a normal would be scared of them but she showed up right the second the message was sent! She was nowhere near late.
"It's fine your right on time actually." Jen tried to reassure her.
"No I'm not. I've been getting whispers telling me to get to HQ asap!"
Then Jen realized that Salmon wasn't even at the HQ for the code red alert but that didn't matter now. What did was saving Lou!
"Fine whatever! We gotta save Lou!"
Salmon cringed at the name but then looked over to where Lou was still sputtering in pain.
As more and more agents came Lou started to calm down. Then all together Lou fell to the ground.
Every eye was on her just laying there. The medical team was rushing towards Lou but before they could reach her she rose into the air like a toon with one of those hacking devices would do. Hey eyes glowed red as she stared at every single Toons In Black Gloves member gathered into one spot in Toontown Central Nutty River. An evil grin sprawled across her face and Jen knew that wasn't her anymore. Jen looked over to Salmon who was shocked at first but then quickly sent out a quick whisper but to who? That wasn't important now. What was important was staring down at them right now!
"Your friend asked for it! She deserved what was coming to her! That and I now have the entire Toons In Black Gloves agency right where I want them! With your strongest member down I can now take control in her body! But it's a little itchy. How do you rabbits function like this?"
There were a few quick sharp giggles from the female special TIBG agents but they died quickly after remembering how much danger they were in. Whoever Salmon was whispering to lets hope it was someone who could help them.

Chapter 9: Stopping ONE Hacker

Speckles was staring into her glass of water that she was drinking during the meeting and wanted to know what secret Salmon was keeping from the team. Focusing on the water was helping Speckles from feeling the fear of the lame Hacker Busters. In a few seconds a sound made Speckles literally jump out of her chair. It was a whisper from Salmon! It read Help! Emergency in River bring the team!
Speckles looked around the panic of the crowd was fading and the younger Salty was trying to reason with them. Speckles really didn't want to make the panic grow again but this was an emergency and they had to deal with the problem especially if it was hacker related.
"Um excuse me but we have a little problem?" At this point all eyes were on Speckles. "We have to get to River... um now would be a nice time."
Everyone looked at each other then back at Speckles and nodded. They started pulling holes out of their pockets and teleporting to River. Speckles followed.

After arriving at River Speckles could not believe her eyes. She hid behind HQ and so did everyone else.
"Oh dear. A flying bunny wanting to destroy that trapped group of toons. That's not very good." Speckles said scared.
"You call this a LITTLE problem?"
Speckles looked behind her to see Sam a little ticked.
"Um I didn't want to scare anyone." Speckles said scared by Sam's threatening gaze that quickly turned soft after realizing that she had scared Speckles.
"Sorry it's just I would not call that a little problem. It's HUGE! What on earth are we going to do?"
Speckles looked out at the crowd of trapped toons along with the flying rabbit that looked a lot like Jen but only in shorts instead of a skirt. Oh and the glowing red eyes were different too. Speckles realized that this guy was a hacker inside the rabbit's body and she had to do something to save her. She knew what she had to do and she didn't like it very much.
"Sam you get the team and tell them to keep the captured toons safe. I'll deal with the flying bunny."
After that the two were off doing their jobs. Speckles ran over to the flying rabbit purposely using the stairs glitch to go up into the air that some toons get by accident when teleporting to a gray area. She quickly looked down at the captured toons and saw her team standing among them helping them out. When Speckles reached the flying bunny who was to busy ranting about how he hated that toons treated hackers with disrespect she tapped the toon on their right shoulder than quickly moved over to the left side. He looked to his right then his left and saw Speckles standing there.
"Hey who are you and how did you get up here?"
"I'm Speckles and I um teleported to you while you were talking to all those nice toons down there. Hey this is a wonderful view! How did you get up here? I bet that's a tricky glitch." Speckles said trying to act like a regular mindless toon. She had spent to much time in Toon Valley TTC and picked up a little to much on their behavior. She was sad by the fact if a toon were to teleport to River right at this moment they would probably actually do what she had just claimed to do TP to him then act like a total clueless idiot.
"Well it seems you don't know a hacker when you see one! Get back down there with the others!"
"Your a hacker? Oh deer me I had no idea!" Speckles said trying to hold back a giggle then ended up bursting into laughter with everyone watching. "Alright I can't act but I think I had you fooled. It appears your the one that doesn't know a hacker when they see one."
"Wait what?"
After that Speckles started to glow pink then she tried entering the hacker proof bunny without any success. "Darn it!"
"Oh great just what Toontown needs a pink sparkly girl hacker. Yeesh! What will Loony Labs come up with next? Talking cheese that can hack?" Then the hacker remembered that some of the Toons In Black Gloves has members of Loony Labs working for them. "Please don't answer that."
"Hey! Just wait a second!" Speckles said annoyed.
"Yeah right! Like a girly little mousey hacker is gonna hack a hacker proof rabbit! Plus I got here first! Find your own bunny!"
This really got Speckles angry. How could hackers be so rude? She wasn't like that! She never will be like that. Looking down at the crowd and spotting Jen she knows that Jen would never want to talk to her again because she is a hacker. One of those rude and taunting toons that want to ruin Toontown just to have a good time! Speckles wasn't like that and she will never be. She had to show this mean hacker that rudeness will get you nowhere.
Speckles closed her eyes focusing on the blue rabbit. Then she opened them her eyes glowing pink with little sparkles. Mod just laughed at the site. He won't be laughing for long. Speckles focused real hard until... everything was blank. She was in pain. Extreme pain. Nothing like she had ever felt before. She opened her eyes gaining vision to the a bunch of toons over her. They were the medical team. Speckles tried to sit up but was in to much pain to move.
"Agent lay down. You have several broken bones. That was quite a fall that you took." A small pink dog nurse said.
"Agent? Uh what happened?"
"Lou! Are you alright?"
Speckles twitched her ears at the familiar sound of Jen's voice. "What?"
"We have to take Lou back to the hospital at HQ. I'm unsure at this point." The nurse said with a deep sound of worry in her voice.

Speckles had fallen asleep then woke up inside a boring white room. She was feeling much better but was all bandaged up. Jen was sitting right next to her bed.
"Lou? Your awake! You missed it! Mod is dead! Well at least that is what it appears to be."
"I've never heard you so excited about death Jeni." Speckles felt herself saying although she wasn't saying those words.
Speckles eyed a small mirror and saw she was new Lou's body and Lou still had control... well somewhat control.
"That's to bad you were knocked out for it! Speckles whole body turned into this shimmer of pink then both you and Mod fell to the ground and Mod didn't survive the fall! He wasn't built to survive crashes like that like we were. Well anyways everyone was scared and Sam she's a purple cat and also known as one of the Unicorns. Well Sam poked him with a stick. She started to shimmer then just disappeared all together! That's to bad you missed it." Jen had run out of breath and took a drink from her water bottle then all of the sudden got confused. "Wait a second... did you... nah you didn't! Did you?"
Then Speckles felt herself forcing to speak again. "Did I what?"
"Did you just call me Jeni?"
"Speckles felt a smile grow upon Lou's face. Yes I did. I've been taking things to seriously. If I live I want to be more happy like you."
Jen squealed then was about to hug Lou then remembered how hurt she was from the long fall and being hacked. "Oh um right. I'll just go do some training now I guess."
"No.You need some rest. Take the day off and do something fun."
"That's an order."
"Oh alright!" Jen said then was off.
After Jen left Speckles figured that Lou was going to either go back to sleep or do some reading but she was wrong. What happened next surprised her.
"I know your in there hacker! I'm not talking to the monkey. I know about you. I've known about you for a long and and although I know your thinking about leaving I want... need you to stay as painful as that is to admit. If you leave I'll die and also I could use the company.
Speckles was scared. She knew how to leave because she has gotten into someone like this before and was considering it but if she leaves Lou will die? She was not sure how she needed Speckles but she didn't want her to die. Speckles hates death. So she decided to remain here just until Lou has recovered.
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Chapter 10: Missing Hackers

Salmon was stunned by the show. She watched Speckles do something that she has never seen her do before. That pink light emanating from the slate blue mouse both amazed and scared her. Salmon stood there watching the whole thing speechless.
"Speckles? What is she doing?" A blue rabbit that looked identical to the one in the air had asked.
It was Agent-Jen. Salmon had no idea how Jen knew Speckles but she had to tell her something to make her feel better. "Speckles is going to save us."
Jen let out a sharp laugh. "Speckles? Save us? She's nothing but a no good home wrecking hacker like that monkey! What is Speckles going to do to save us?"
It was then when Salmon remembered that these rabbits were not only made to take down hackers but they also were born to hate and not trust them. She just couldn't argue with Jen. She had to let her see for herself.
Salmon just looked up to continue watching this fight between hacker and hacker. Speckles eyes started to glow pink along with the rest of her body! Not only that but there were sparkles there too.
Without any warning there was a loud boom and a explosion of white with a pink glow. It knocked everyone off their feet.
When Salmon got up she looked back up at the sky to see Agent-Lou falling. Speckles and Mod were nowhere in site.

Hours later River was blocked off. Only agents of the Toons In Black Gloves and the Hacker Busters were aloud to stay. Everyone was being checked out to make sure they were alright. Agent-Aly was upset because there was a rip in her hat but Salmon knew she was just using the rip as a cover for who she was truly upset for. The red bear could see it in all the agents eyes. They were all worried about Lou.
Lou took quite a fall. Not even an indestructible toon could walk away from being hacker possibly twice then fall from very high up without any broken bones. Even if there aren't any broken bones there could still possibly be something inside the rabbit that's broken. Everyone will have to wait and see.
Agent-Jen wasn't around. As soon as she was given the okay to leave she went straight to the Toons In Black Gloves hospital at their hidden HQ. Salmon knows she's the only rabbit out of all the ones created who actually would show that she was worried about Lou. The others weren't suppose to care for one another too much. Heck they weren't really aloud to show much emotion at all. Something was different about Jen. It kind of reminded Salmon of a movie she saw about five different robots. They were all programed and were well robots. No personalities at all but one of them got hit by lightning then gained a personality. He claimed to be alive. Could something have happened to Jen to separate her from the others?
After Salmon was given an inspection and was free to either go to the HQ or just walk around River without tampering with the evidence she decided to go on her own little investigation away from the others currently trying to find out what happened to Mod. Salmon wanted to find Speckles. She was very worried about her. Sure without her they can't stop the hacking but also the red bear had grown close to the sweet little mouse.

Salmon searched around as close to the area where the hacking had been done but couldn't get to close because it was blocked off with yellow tape. She also searched everywhere else at the playground and there was no sign of Speckles. She was very worried but she knew that she couldn't spend too much time doing this. There was still a hacker on the loose maybe two if Mod is still alive. That is a big IF. She doesn't even know if Speckles is still alive. She doesn't know where she is. Salmon just wanted to give up and think of a new plan to stop the hackers but she just couldn't leave Speckles wherever she might be.
Right when Salmon was going to leave for HQ to just relax after this busy day she heard a call from over where the pond is.
"I found something!" A black cat in a blue jumpsuit had called.
Salmon was very excited. She was strongly hoping that it was Speckles in the pond still alive but just knocked out or something but when she got over to the pond she just wanted to kill what she saw laying there. It was Mod.
The monkey just laid there unmoving. Toons questioned whether he was dead or not. Then to answer all their questions Mod's eyes spranged open and after observing his audience he gave an evil smile then just turned into a dark blue smoke and disappeared.
Toons can't die. They can but only if they come in contact with dip or if they were made in a lab. Mod was and like him Lou was also made in a lab.

Chapter 11: Maintenance

There has been a lot going on for the last couple days. Obviously. Out of all times Toontown had to be maintained why did it have to be right around St. Patrick's Day? There have been so many hackers in Toon Valley they had to close it down for a while. Not big hackers like Freckles but actual toons who had gotten a hold of hacking devices and like to goof around with them. Of course Freckles had been around watching in amusement. He has been hiding and watching these toons good around with what Freckles uses to destroy Toontown. Seeing that these toons were unaware of the damage they really could cause to their world made Freckles amused. He didn't stay for long. Every time The Toons In Black Gloves showed up he was gone in a hurry. The day before they took down Toon Valley Jen decided to go to Toon Valley to say good bye even though it was just for a little while.
She sat there watching the toons ruining their home just by being goofs. She tried to not cry. She also had to keep covered so that toons didn't notice her unusual features. She wore a big pair of sunglasses, one of Aly's many hats, and a scarf. It did draw some attention but not the kind she would get if she were bare.
She got up and was about to do some fishing when she heard a snicker. It made Jen jump at first but then she turned around to see a brown mouse giggling.
"What? I'm cold." Jen told the mouse slightly frustrated.
"It's not that. Look I know who and what you are. I just find it funny that you don't know who I am. Well you do it's just this disguise is good enough to fool a Toon's In Black Gloves agent like you."
"What are you talking about? Disguise?"
Then Agent-Jen looked at his size and noticed it was just about right for Freckles.
"Ah now you know. You maybe unhackable but I can still tell when someone finally knows what I am. It's actually funny when I'm hacking right in front of someone and they still don't get that I'm a hacker. You rabbits are suppose to be smarter than that!"
"We are its just... you can change colors?"
Freckles laughed a little. "You would be amazed at the things we can do. I actually stole Big Idea's look and name tag. Don't worry he doesn't know. I just didn't want anyone noticing me especially you guys!"
"Okay? That's actually a little frightening. Well it is my job to take you in so you really shouldn't have made that mistake!" Jen told Freckles trying to sound like one of the others.
"Oh Jen sweetie please don't try fooling me or yourself. We both know that you are not that serious, strong, and brave agent that the other blue rabbits are. You may look like them but you are the complete opposite. You remember what happened a long time ago don't you? With the original Freckleslam?
Just then the attention of the other toons of Toon Valley TTC were attracted. "Freckleslam?" All of them asked at once then they all got frantic.
Agent-Jen stepped in doing her specialty calming down the crowd then she returned to Freckles.
Freckles giggled again. "Oh man what a bunch of babies! Why is it everyone likes to hack but they hear the name of a REAL hacker and they get all frantic? Well anyways lets get back to the topic. The original Freckleslam and you? Don't ask how I know. It's my job."
"I.. uh... fine! What is it you want?"
"Just to have a conversation. Its been a while since I have been able to chat to anyone really. Being a hacker can be very lonely from time to time."
"What about other hacker like Mod? You talk to him right?"
"Well I kind of can't now! He's well you know. Even when he was alive he was no fun. It was like trying to talk to a mirror. You know what I mean? The guy was like all my bad traits advanced! Man I can be annoying."
Jen had no reason why she was actually talking to this hacker as if he were a friend but she had to stick to it to try and get information. Anything she can get out of him can be used to their advantage and she can finally prove to the rest of them that she's not broken just has different strengths.
Freckles started to continue shuffling his feet on the round nervously as if he was trying to make a confession or say something uncomfortable. Jen has seen Speckles do the same thing. "Well anyways the point I was trying to make is I know I can be rude, obnoxious, mean, and well downright evil. I wanted you to pass on a message to the rest of the TIBG. I knew they wouldn't listen to me but you are sweet and caring. I know you out of everyone else would be the most willing to listen."
Jen got a little annoyed but tried to stay calm and cool. Never lose it in front of a hacker. They are unpredictable and has the power to destroy all of Toontown. "Yes? I'm willing to listen."
Freckles was actually looking scared. Maybe after Mod's death he realized that he could die himself? Well whatever it might be he seemed very scared. "Well I have um been planning this for a long time and well it's no fun when there isn't anyone around to stop me and... well I'm just going to get to the point! I'm destroying Toon Valley! I'm taking it down and taking down all those fake hacking toons with it! I have watched those annoying wastes of space for far too long and I just can't stand them existing! I am destroying them once and for all! The best part of it is after this The Toons In Black Gloves will NEVER have to worry about me again because I am going down with Toon Valley!"
This news shocked Jen. Freckles was planning on killing himself basically and taking toons with him. Not just the hackers but other innocent toons there looking to join dating shows, game shows, clans, or just trying to get a ride to River! About half of them were afraid of the stupid fake hackers that just wanna have a good time. Of course TIBG were planning on taking down Toon Valley but evacuate it first! They were gonna go in and arrest the hacking toons and get the others to a safe district while they close down Toon Valley to make it hacker free! Freckles was going too far and killing himself? It's not the answer.
"You can't do this."
"I will. There is nothing you can do to stop me too. You can try but without another hacker you won't succeed. You have two days to prepare." With that Freckles disappeared.

Agent-Jen had returned to HQ to pass on the important news. She had to wait outside The Head's office. That's what everyone called the boss. They never called him or her boss because it seemed too cogish. The Head sounded cooler. Jen had run up and jut announced Freckles plan to the first person she ran into and he told her to go straight to The Head. Lucky for her this toon was one of the few that actually got to see The Head and has some control on who got to see him or not. He had told this toon that Jen would be in to see them.
After about 30 seconds of waiting outside The Head's office she was let in. Everything was dark for a second then after a quick clap the room lit up. Amazing futuristic items filled the room. Things that Jen had seen in the Yet-2Come catalog for TIBG agents like herself and things that has been released for a while. Other things looked as if they were just there for decoration.
Jen looked at a big chair facing away from her. The Head sat in it obviously and was turned so that Jen... probably anybody who had any kind of access to this mysterious toon's office could not see him... or her.
"Um excuse me sir?"
"That's mam." Just then the chair turned revealing a medium sized blue cat. Actually the cat looked a lot like the special rabbit agents but in cat form. It was interesting.
"Oh um sorry Miss Head mam."
The Head laughed. "You can just call me Mingler."
"As in the cog or do you like to mingle because I don't really see you around?"
Mingler laughed a little. "As in the cog. I have kind of a dark past. I was apart of a cog worshiping clan and yeah... um I changed. So what is this about Freckle destroying Toon Valley?"

Agent-Jen explained the whole thing truthfully and Mingler just nodded as she went on. When she was finally finished the mysterious blue cat looked a little concerned.
"Well Jen that was quite a story. You were always my favorite agent and finally your differences have paid off just like I knew they would." Mingler told her with a small smile.
"Oh. Well um thanks I guess. Anyways what are we going to do?"
Mingler frowned. "I don't know. I simply don't know.

With The Head... The Mingler clueless all there was to do now was well think of a plan. She wasn't sure what. She looked up at the boards showing what areas of Toontown were currently being maintained then remembered that they were planning on taking down Toon Valley tomorrow but would Freckles let them? If they were able to simply take it down the The Mingler wouldn't be this worried. She knew that Freckles already knew what they were planning. That is probably why Freckles talked to Jen when he did. That is also why he wanted her to pass on the message. If the message wasn't passed on then they wouldn't know that Freckles would be there shutting down their plans. He wanted to do this when HE wanted to not when they wanted to. He wanted to do this in two days not tomorrow which means he wasn't ready himself. He was probably scared.
While sitting there Jen heard the announcements ring. "The plan to close down Toon valley tomorrow has been canceled. Instead we will do it in two days."
It really was a smart move. If they didn't do what Freckles wanted then he'd just destroy Toon Valley possibly all of Toontown tonight. He knew they were scared of him but he himself was scared of him. If he wasn't then he wouldn't take himself down with Toon Valley.
Jen thought back to the conversation. Maybe there was a clue somewhere in there that might cause them to successfully rescue Toon Valley and all of the toons inside. Well he did say that only a hacker can stop his plan. Where were they going to find a hacker? A hacker... A HACKER! Speckles! Then Jen remembered the way Freckles looked and acted when he was nervous. It reminded her of Speckles. Something relating to Speckles was going on and Jen was going to find out what it was.

Chapter 12: Green Paint

Everywhere toons were green for St. Patrick's Day. Toontown sometimes flickered having some maintenance done but still it was a holiday and everyone tried to enjoy it. What made it easier to enjoy was the mess with the green paint. Toons from every part of Toontown were painted green. Even their gloves were green.
Salmon sat down on the steps of TTC studying her green gloves. It was weird wearing a color that wasn't white. She is a member of the Toons In Black Gloves but she isn't allowed to wear black gloves when in public unless her identity is protected. Heck she isn't even allowed a pair of black gloves until she have been a trusted and loyal member of the group for six months.
"Hey Salmon. You seem sad. Relating to what happened with Speckles?"
It was Salty JR. standing right next to Salmon. She must have sneaked up on her while she was looking at her gloves.
"Um yeah I miss Speckles but I don't know. I guess I'm not use to this green paint."
Salty laughed. "Same with Hunter. Her's is still wet. It's actually kind of funny there's green paw prints everywhere in her house and... oh um am I boring you?"
Salmon just shrugged. Although Salty's story sounds interesting she just wasn't in the mood to listen. She was still drying off herself.
Salty sat down next to Salmon. "Well whenever you are in the mood just let me know. I have a lot of funny stories to share with Hunter. Oh man her and green paint does not mix!"
"Sounds funny."
Salty giggled. "It is. Well good luck with your green paint. I don't think I'm going to take part in it. I rather just sit here in the sun a little if you don't mind my company."
Salmon was about to respond when she got a whisper from Agent-Jen. "Oh hold on I have to take this whisper."
Salmon walked over to a more private area and read the whisper. It said we need to talk. Salmon just closed her eyes for a moment to think. We need to talk is never a good thing.. for relationships. This is a different situation but still that line carries dread no matter what it's for.
Salmon typed out a response asking what they need to talk about. She got a answer saying TP. She gulped then did what Jen had asked her to do.

In a private room at the TIBG HQ sat Jen waiting for Salmon to arrive. She had her arms folded and a angry/curious look upon her face. "Salmon."
"I know that there's something going on that relates to Speckles and you know something about it."

Chapter 13: Freckleslam

Salmon froze. She was scared. No. She was terrified. Absolutely terrified. She couldn't just say to someone who was created to protect Toontown from hackers that she had created one. Jen could rip her to shreds where she stood.
"Salmon I need to know what you know about Speckles. Anything about her. She went missing after the little fight with Mod and we need her."
Salmon was shocked. Someone highly against hacking needs a hacker? Now the world doesn't make any sense! "I'm sorry come again?"
"We need Speckles. Look I now know that you were right about Speckles saving us with Mod. I realize that the only thing that can stop a hacker is another hacker. What we need is Speckles."
Salmon did not know what to say. She tried to shuffle for the right words but just wasn't sure how to tell her anything about Speckles. "I uh... well you see... um... oh this is hard!"
"What is? You keeping some kind of big secret from TIBG?" Jen said her jet black eyes looking at Salmon with a glare that felt as if it was going to tear the bear in half.
"Alright alright! The Salties and I created Speckles to save Toontown from the hackers! She is an opposite of Freckles but still has a couple of his qualities like she is able to hack and has a few personality traits possibly but other than that she is completely the opposite of him! That means she is a GOOD hacker. She doesn't want to hurt anyone."
Now it appeared that Jen was the stunned one. She just stared at Salmon. There was one little twitch of her whiskers on her right side but other than that she held perfectly still.
"Um Jen?" Salmon asked hoping to get some sort of response from her.
"Yeah I'm alright. I just thought I heard you say that you created a hacker. Wow I need to get my ears checked!"
"Um Jen. That is what I said. I did it before I joined the Toons In Black Gloves. The only way to stop a hacker is with another hacker and where do you find a good hacker? You create one."
"Enough the the um Jen thing! I'm... I'm... ugh! Your right. Your are right! Fine I realize that. It's jut against what I know. Well alright away from that the past is the past lets just drop that. We need to get Speckles to help us. I don't even know where she is. I don't know if she would even want to talk to me ever again."
"Oh. I don't know where she is too. Ever since what happened with Mod I haven't been able to find her."
"What about creating another one?"
"Really? You are suggesting that? No we can't not without the older Salty's Loony Labs access and plus I just can't create another. Oh and we need the DNA of a hacker in order to do that."
"So either we need Speckles or some other good hacker already in existence but I highly doubt that is even possible."

The two of them brainstormed and thought about what they could do. Jen had already explained the whole situation with Salmon so that she knows exactly what was going on. Salmon felt sad and like there was nothing they could do. She decided to think about Hunter with the green paint to brighten her mood then started thinking back remembering that Hunter was actually there when the original Freckleslam hacked. She was apart of the stories told by little toons sitting around the campfire. There were many different stories and assumptions even one stating that Freckleslam was good and was trying to save Toontown from the Anti Clan... but could that one be true?
Salmon looked over to where Jen had fallen asleep. She was drooling on a bunch of notes they had taken for trying to figure out on how to stop Freckles. The bear reached out a gloved paw to lightly shake her awake. "Jen?"
Jen shot up awake with a few pages stuck to her cheek. "What?" She asked very quickly and nervously.
"Did the original Freckleslam really get arrested after he did... you know?"
Jen sighed. "You had to bring him up? Yes we arrested him for his actions. If we didn't he could have destroyed all of Toontown."
Salmon thought for a moment before asking another question. "Are you sure? What if he had good intentions?"
"Are you crazy! He was a hacker! He is the one that started this whole hacking problem that we have today!" Jen replied with her voice sharper than ever.
Salmon cringed at Jen's reaction but went on. "Yes but you use to think all hackers were evil even Speckles."
"That's different! Freckleslam is truly evil and that's that!"
"Can we at least question him? He is a hacker and if he truly was as dark and evil as you say then maybe he would have broken out of prison by now."
Jen looked frustrated and angry. "You don't understand! That little rat ruined my life! He ruined all of ours but I had it the worst! I was leader of the mission to stop him and I failed! He was our biggest enemy! We at least caught him but he was successful at closing down Toontown for a couple hours and for those few hours to everyone else felt like decades for me! You have no idea that this insane rodent is like and believe me you never want to know! He is the darkest thing to come from Loony Labs."
This reaction surprised Salmon but before she could sort of sense that there was a issue with the Jen about the original Freckleslam. "Sorry. I didn't know that he was that terrible. I just thought there might be some good in him you know?"
Jen just sunk down in a chair tired from her outburst. After a few minutes she decided to respond. "I like to try and see the good in everybody even the most evil of toons. I even think that there might be some good in the cogs but Freckleslam saying his name feels like I'm cussing. If you want I will share with you what happened between the original Freckleslam and I."

This entire chapter is one big flashback to what happened the day the original Freckleslam hacked Toontown!

Chapter 14: Flashback

Agent-Jen sat at a computer bored to death because there wasn't much going on. She was playing Ice Blocks. She had received that game on a top secret mission in Antarctica. After yet again passing the game the blue rabbit pulled out a old magazine that she has read probably about a hundred times.
"Bored again?" Agent-Lou asked.
"Yeah. There's nothing to big that's not cog related happening in Toontown. There never is."
"Never say never. Someone claims to have been hacked by a member that was apart of some sort of clan called the Anti Clan."
"Another Anti Clan siting? Wow maybe they do exist!"
"Don't get your hopes up Agent. I highly doubt there is a clan full of hackers or hacker supporters but we were asked to investigate."
"Alright then Agent-Lou lets go!"

After arriving at this toon's estate Agents Jen and Lou question the small green mouse who had claimed to be hacked by a mysterious Anti Clan member.
"I'm telling ya I was brushing my teeth one moment then the next I was on the roof of my house IN MY UNDERWEAR!!! I'm sure that was the work of a member of Anti Clan!!!"
"Oh brother! Agent-Jen do you think you can deal with this loon of a toon while I got investigate his bathroom?"
"Sure Agent-Lou. So Fredrick what was the last thing you remember before you blacked out other than brushing your teeth?"
Freddie thought for a moment then replied. "Well I think I blacked out right after I spit. Yeah yeah that's it I spit then I looked in the mirror and saw my eyes were glowing then I just blacked out! After that nothing! It was just seconds later when I was on the roof of my house in my underpants!"
"Jen? You might wanna have a look at this." Agent-Lou called out from inside Fredrick's bathroom.
Jen walked in to see tons of bottles of fizzy cheese soda everywhere along the bathroom floor.
"Ah a little to much to drink. Looks like this case is closed." Agent-Jen said holding a bottle of the soda.
Fredrick didn't look happy. "What those? I didn't drink em all!" After that he hiccuped.
"Nothing more than just a mouse that had a little too much soda. Lets go Jen."

Back at HQ things were quiet for about five minutes. There was what can only be described as one majorly huge and scary earth quake!!!! It shook everything knocking stuff off of decks and scaring the agents. It lasted for about 20 seconds then everything just blacked out. While the blackout was going on Jen could hear the frightened screams and crying going on. These people were suppose to handle things like this but they never happened but when it did everyone acted like clueless babies. This sickened Jen. It was their jobs to stop things like this for crying out loud!
When the long blackout was finally over there was an announcement. "Will Agent-Jen please report to the Commander's office?"
At that Jen was off to see the Commander. He didn't really have a name that they knew. He just went by Commander to protect his identity. He was in charge of all the rabbit officers that were created to take down hackers. He was the one who decided to go on what missions and who lead them.
She arrived in his office. "You wanted to see me?"
"Yep. There's something hacker related is goin on and I want you to lead a team to investigate! I believe you will be able to find out where he is hacking from in the factory. I want you to take Agents Lou and Aly with ya. Good luck."

Jen, Lou, and Aly hitched a ride in a elevator going to the factory with a group of four toons. They were able to join up groups without being noticed. The rabbits were not designed for taking down cogs. They were designed for taking down hackers. The only way they can possibly investigate the factory is if they secretly follow a group in and have them defeat the cogs for them.
They invisibly followed them all the way up to the end and as they were on the East Silo the TIBG were looking around in the West Silo trying to find a good spot to set up the trackers to see where this toon was when he hacked.
"So we just wait?" Agent-Aly asked.
"I guess so." Answered Lou.
Jen just watched the toons fight the cogs wondering what it was like to be a toon warrior.
The toons were done and went in to push the button. All they need now was to fight the foremen then they were done but something was going wrong.
"Um girls?"
The two looked at Aly.
"We have a problem. It's starting to flare up as if the hacker is going to strike again but it looks like we are a lot closer to the hacker then we thought we would be."
Lou had a nervous look upon her threatening face. "How close Aly?"
"Um... according to this it should be right here."
Then they looked up and at not a very high rise into the sky stood Freckleslam. He looked as angry as can be then sent out the message that nobody will never forget. "This is my world and your not welcome."
Right after he did that Jen did what her instincts told her to do. She jumped on him right as everything went black. Not just everything went black but all the toons just went well they don't know where. It was some sort of mysterious place where toons disappear to when they are being hacked. They never remember being here but for someone who was made to be unhackable or for a hacker themselves they know exactly what is going on and remember every single second of it. Having that memory is not good when you are trapped in this weird gray space with the hacker.
It was just Jen and Freckleslam alone.
"So... come here often?" Freckleslam asked.
"What??? Why are you even speaking to me hacker! We are trapped here because of you!"
"Well I wouldn't say trapped. We will be stuck here for just a few hours. I'm assuming that's when they will get everything back online but until then lets chat and try to get to know each other. Hey it will be long and lonely if we just sit in a non-existing corner hating each other."
"I do not want to talk to someone who is trying to destroy our world for the fun of it!!!"
"Hey hey calm down I'm on your side here!"
"Yeah right! You on my side? Your a hacker! We can never be on the same side!"
"Fine fine believe what you want. I can't make you change your beliefs but just hear me out. I am not trying to destroy Toontown I'm trying to save it. Hmm now when I think about it I should have worded that message a little differently."
"Save Toontown? Are you kidding? First off you don't save Toontown by hacking it and second Toontown doesn't need saving! Things were actually slow."
"Ha says you. If they told you more about your job then you wouldn't be so ticked at me. You would know exactly what's going on."
Jen just shook her head. "I don't believe you. I trust my boss more than I trust anyone else around here."
"Really Jeni? Hmm from what I know you don't even know what your boss looks like."
"It's Agent-Jen and I do... well I don't but that's not the point!"
"Then what is?"
Things went silent. Agent-Jen was unable to think of something to answer back to Freckleslam. The two just stayed there in silence for about an hour maybe even longer then finally Freckleslam built up the nerve to break the silence.
"So... um how are things with the cog busting?"
"Cog busting? Oh I don't fight cogs. I was built to take down hackers like you!"
"Jeez I imagine why they don't let you fight cogs. Where you work everyone there are like cogs. They are serious and just think about their jobs. It's like work is their life! They were even made to work! You are like the toon version of cogs no offense but you are. They wouldn't want you fighting something that's just like you. It might make you change and wanna leave or something like that."
This angered Jen a lot. "What!? We are so not like cogs! We.. we.. are um... well uh... oh."
Again there was a long silence. This time not as long as the last but still long. Jen was beginning to lose faith in her job and Freckleslam was sitting there watching her actually looking worried. Again he decided to ask her a question.
"Your not going to arrest me... are you?"
Agent-Jen looked at him red in the eyes. At first she was concerned seeing the sad look upon his face then she got angry after realizing what he had said was just to mess with her mind and she fell for it! She actually fell for it! She was trained to not fall for the mind games that hackers like to play and still she fell for it!
"So this is what you wanted? Getting me to turn on my own team? My job my whole world just so you can roam free and destroy Toontown? That is sick. Your sick! You know what? I hope you never ever see anything else every again besides bars after this is over!"
"No No! That's not what I was trying to do!"
'Forget it! Just forget it."
After that everything was online again. They had successfully fixed Toontown. As soon as everything was up backup came and rescued Jen and arrested Freckleslam. The whole point of Agent-Jen's existence was to take down Freckleslam apparently. He must have been the hacker that was causing the trouble early on with the small things going on around Toontown that needed special attention and by that they needed toons who were strong, threatening, and unhackable. They needed the Toons In Black Gloves special agents.
The tired blue rabbit gave out a sigh and wondered if now they finally caught this meddling hacker if it was the end or if it was just the beginning?

Chapter 15: Planning

Salmon shuffled her feet. "Well this is interesting I guess."
"What is?" Jen asked.
"From what you told me it sounds like Freckleslam really was on our side. It was your programming that made you think the way you did."
Jen thought for a moment then had to admit that Salmon was right. After retelling the story it sounded a lot like she was wrong and Freckleslam was right and now they really do need his help. He has a evil twin running lose that he needs to take control of and also who even knows what this Anti Clan might be up to. "Fine yeah you are right. What are we gonna do now?"
Salmon smiled. "We break Freckleslam out of prison."
"We do what???"
"You heard me. We break the original Freckleslam out of prison."
"We can't do that!!!! It is HIGH security! It was designed to keep hackers in!"
"But was it designed to keep the Toons In Black Gloves out?"
Jen stopped and thought for a second then replied. "Well no... but really the only reason why we would break a hacker out is if we have gone completely rogue and they probably would not expect that but they are most likely prepared for it. They are prepared for anything."
Salmon could not hold back an even bigger smile growing on her face. "They might be prepared for anything but I'm sure they are not prepared for me."
Jen was confused but she was starting to trust Salmon. She was sure well hoping that whatever Salmon got up her sleeve it would work. "Do you have a plan?"
Salmon's smile faded. "Do I have a plan? Well uh... I um do but its well still in the works."
Jen's growing trust was beginning to disappear. "Really? Well lets hear what you have."
"I shouldn't share this with you but I have access to some Loony Labs stuff and one kind of crazy bunny. It could really come in handy plus there's my threatening size."
Jen could see how this might work. With the help from some crazy scientist inventions they might actually be able to break into prison.

Chapter 16: The Loony Labs Bunny Is Out of the Bag

Salmon was at Salty's house getting stuff put together. She was out so it was easier to snatch some of her hopefully helpful things. While Salmon was putting some stuff that might come of good use someone was watching her.
"Um excuse me but are you a robber?"
Salmon jumped and turned around. It was Sea Salt.
"Hi Sea Salt. No I'm not a robber. I'm just borrowing a few things."
"Without asking? That does sound like stealing and stealing is not very nice."
"Salt sweetie I need to use some stuff to help save Toontown."
Sea Salt seemed nervous but then she shook her head in agreement. "You won't find any things like that here. The oldest Salty has all the Loony Labs stuff if that's what you want."
"Thanks!" Salmon shot through a hole and to the other Salty's house.
"Hmm maybe that wasn't a good idea." Sea Salt said then shrugged.

After arriving at the older rabbit's house Salmon looked around for anything that looks cool. It would probably be a Loony Labs invention. She saw a shelf with lots of pretty neat looking things on it just waiting to be touched and played with. Salmon was surprised that she had never noticed it before. The red bear examined the awesome looking things then wondered why she didn't try older Salty's house first. It was most likely she just could not remember which Salty it was that had Loony Labs access. They both look exactly alike and have the same name.
"Can I help you with something?" Came a voice from the bedroom.
Salmon looked at the open door and saw a figure of a tall rabbit standing in the doorway. "I... uh... didn't think you were up this late."
"Because I'm old?"
"It's alright Salmon I get that a lot. Now then what can I help you with?"
Salmon wanted to say something but she couldn't tell her that she was planning to break a hacker out of jail.
"Your planning on breaking Freckleslam out of prison?"
Salmon jumped after hearing her thoughts echoed. "Uh yeah but how did you know?"
The older yellow rabbit walked over to Salmon and showed her a earpiece that she was wearing. "It was designed by Loony Labs. It allows you to hear others thoughts. I only use it when I have to. It might come in handy for breaking Freckleslam out."
"Your actually going to help me?" Salmon asked very confused.
"Well of course. I can tell your only doing it to help Toontown. Besides the little mouse wants nothing but peace. You need him."
"Uh thanks."
"It's no problem. I have plenty more little gadgets to help you out." Salty walked over to the display cabinet, opened it, and pulled a funny shaped gold cup then the display opened revealing a secret room. "Us Loony Lab scientists always have a secret lab hidden somewhere in their houses."
Salmon stared at it in disbelief almost missing what Salty SR had said but then caught it. "Wait a minute! Us Loony Lab scientists?"
Salty laughed. "Yeah that is the real reason why I quit protecting Toontown all those years ago. My invention caught the attention of Loony Labs and they asked me to join. Destroying cogs wasn't exactly right for me so I accepted. Don't tell Salty."
"I won't."
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Chapter 17: Gadgets

"Alright so in order to achieve your goal we will need to do one of those classic gadget run throughs that you usually see in spy movies." Salty senior said looking at a table of gadgets. She picked up a pack of gum. "This here is a very important weapon."
Salmon was confused. "Uh Salty? I think you have gone crazy. That is a pack of gum."
Salty laughed. "Or is it?"
Salty took out a piece and chewed it then stuck it to a small mettle card table that looked kind of beaten up. The gum started to glow red then it blew up!
"See? Very important." Salty said with a satisfied smile on her face while looking at Salmon's surprised expression.
"Um alright. Next gadget?"
Salty walked back over to the gadget table and picket up some make-up powder. "This you just pat on someone's face and they can only tell the truth for 3 whole minutes. Well usually 3. It depends on how much you use." Salty put it back down on the table.
"Aren't you going to test it out?"
Salty gave the red bear one of her classic smiles. "Do you really want me testing this out on you?"
Salmon shrugged. "Well I guess I don't want it tested out on me no... hey wait a minute! I don't even need that if I'm able to read people's minds!"
"The earpiece doesn't work on everyone you know. It was designed by Loony Labs and even though they don't expect it they are still sort of ready in case one of their agents breaks someone out of prison or anything like that. It will work on most of the guards but some you will have to use the truth make-up on. They are not prepared for that. These gadgets are not yet known by anyone because I have not yet submitted them."
"Oh alright. Well what else do you have?"
Salty picked up a can of hairspray. "This comes in handy for many things. It stings toons eyes, it allows you to see any invisible lasers, it can break mettle if you spray it long enough, and it makes your hair look good."
Salmon cringed at that last one. She didn't want to spray anything in her hair that was tough enough to break mettle.
The old yellow rabbit giggled but then moved on. She picked up a toonpod. "Now this is not meant for downloading music from itoons or whatever it is you young toons do with these. It can play music alright. Ear-killing music! Just put the headphones in so it does not damage your ears then push this button and it plays an extremely high frequency that can make lower level cogs blow up or do the same for toon ears. It works very well on their special rabbit agents."
Salmon looked at the table of gadgets in aw. She was surprised that such awesome gadgets looked like what some teenage toons carries around with them all the time. As she was examining the table she noticed a pen then picked it up. "Ooh cool! What does this do? Shoot lasers, become a awesome sword, or uh.... shoot lasers?"
Salty become confused. "Uh neither? It's just a pen. It writes."
Salmon put the pen down. "Well that's kind of sad. Many different movies this a scene like this has a totally awesome pen that shoots lasers or at least becomes a sword!"
Salty shook her head. "Nope sorry. This pen is just a pen. Before we wrap things up here I have one more thing for you."
Salmon got excited. "Is it a awesome spy car?"
"A jet pack?"
"Some awesome mode of transportation?"
"Then what is it?"
Salty walked over to a rack then picked up a purse. "This."
"A purse?"
"Well yeah you need something to put your gadgets in."
"Oh great. I'm so excited." Salmon said sarcastically.
Salty smiled. "Really? Then this really should excite you."
Salty walked over to a wardrobe then opened it up revealing a totally awesome spy outfit. Of course Salmon would need one if she was gonna break Freckleslam out of jail as if she really were a spy.

Chapter 18: Dreams

Speckles woke up from her deep sleep. She did not like sleeping in Agent-Lou's body because Lou always had very frightening nightmares. She knew she would have to get over that if she wanted her and Lou to get any rest.
"Relax hacker. It was only a nightmare. You are not going to become a meal for Big Cheeses." Lou said very tiredly.
"Sorry Agent-Lou. I'm kind of sensitive. I have never really faced a cog in battle before. Seeing one up close was very frightening."
The blue rabbit groaned. "Please just let me get some rest. I have been in the hospital for a while now and I feel worse than I did before. I want to sleep."
"Oh um sorry. I won't get scared this time I promise."
"Yeah whatever just please go to sleep."

Speckles found herself bowling with Jen but she was one of the blue rabbits. No not Lou or Jen. She looked in a mirror and saw that she was wearing a hat but knew she was not Aly either. This hat was small and black. Aly liked bigger hats. She looked and saw Lou bowl a strike with Jen and Aly cheering. There were also some other rabbit agents cheering them on but Speckles was not quite sure who they were.
"Hey Kimmie! It's your turn!" Said one of the rabbit agents.
"Yeah Agent-Kim your up!" Jen said sounding sharper and more serious than Speckles had remembered her but happier and more put together than she had been the last couple times they have met.
The mouse soon realized that they have been talking to her. Apparently she was Kim. She smiled because she was happy that at least Jen thought of her like one of them and not a hacker.
Agent-Lou got a little impatient. "Come on Agent! Lets see you get your usual strike! Ugh your always bowling a strike."
Speckles/Kim smiled and picked up a 12 pound bowling ball which surprisenly was too light. She put that down and picked up a 20 pounder which was still light but good.
"You know your dreaming right?" She heard a voice ask her.
"What?" Speckles asked then looked up to see Freckleslam standing by the bowling ball shelf. She dropped her ball on her foot which did hurt but she recovered quickly.
"I can see you are shocked to find a hacker in your dream. You are the only rabbit agent that I can access. I need your help. Please!"
"Um actually I'm not..."
"Just here what I need to tell you! I have a really bad feeling about the future of Toontown and I want to help save it! I can't do much in a jail cell and I can't exactly break out. It is not as easy as you would think."
"Um alright I guess I can pass on the message." Speckles said a little confused.
"No. You have to come without telling anyone. Please I need you. With your special access and my hacking we can get out of there quick." After that he was gone and Speckles woke up.

Chapter 19: Breaking Into Jail

Salmon was arriving at the meeting point. She looked at her spy suit in the refection in the water of the brown pond. It was jet-black with a crystal blue belt, boots, and gloves. It also said Loony Labs in crystal blue on the chest. Salty said that they designed some really awesome spy suits for some highly trained cat agents in case they had to go on any secret missions to save someone or get information on some hacker attacks but they dropped the program 3 years ago because the cats quit. They decided that busting cogs was more important than busting hackers or any other bad toons out there. These cats did work for Loony Labs and were really great at what they did but the suits did do half the work. They improve balance and speed. They also have a camouflage setting so that hiding was easier. But because they were made for cats it was a little tight on Salmon. Good thing is they were designed to fit most body types.
"Hey nice blue gloves!" Came a sharp but semi-sweet voice.
Salmon jumped then turned to see Jen. "Oh uh thanks."
Jen just shrugged then pulled out blueprints for the jail. "Sorry for getting us off a little. I forgot we need to focus. Alright so there are guards here, here, here, here, here and well you get it they are everywhere."
The red bear gulped but then put on a serious face. "Alright lets do this."

At the entrance of the jail stood four guards. Salmon adjusted the earpiece so that she can hear their thoughts. All she got was static. Salty was right. Well maybe getting in wouldn't be too hard.
"Good morning guards. How are you doing?"
"Agent-Jen? What are you doing here?" One of the guards asked.
"I came to give you some cookies." Jen said then pulled out a round tin with some sugar cookies in it.
"Hey thanks!" The guard grabbed the cookies and all four started to eat them. "You are such a sweetheart Jeni."
"Oh thank you. Do you think you can let us in?"
"Sure thing!" The guard said then let the both of them in.
"What was that?" Salmon asked Jen.
"Oh haha I have access to some Loony Labs stuff too. There are quite a few of their scientists working with the Toons In Black Gloves. A buddy of mine gave me some mind-control cookies and a few other things that might come in handy."
Salmon was pleased that they had more stuff to help them get to Freckleslam.

After wandering through many different halls and easily getting past guards they finally came to a huge locked door guarded by two tough looking dogs. Both looked as if they were once in Lizard Clan. There was a rumor that the lizards had their own workout room. Looking at these tough purple dogs that rumor seemed to be very true. They mainly got through the halls by being able to read the guards minds and using that to be able to avoid them or convince them that they were here on a job.
"Darn we need to get by those guards!" Jen said.
"No problem. I'll just read their minds, get the password to unlock that door, and use that knowledge to get them to let us by." Salmon replied confidently.
"I hope that works."
Salmon jut shrugged then focused on the guards. She tried reading their minds but again she got static.
"Ugh I figured that wouldn't work which is why I got this out." The blue rabbit said holding a pen.
"No way! You got a totally awesome laser pen?"
"Not exactly. It's a laser pointer pen." Jen pushed a button on the pen and a red light appeared on the ground and ran off with the guards following it like little puppies. The black gloved toon giggled. "No dog or cat can resist it. That's the downside to being one of Toontown's most popular toon species."
Salmon was happy they got rid of the guards but they didn't have the password for opening the door. "What now?"
They walked over to the door and Jen examined it. "Looks like one of those if you get the password wrong it will shoot you with lasers."
"Oh great more lasers! I wish I had one but all I have is some weird stuff like exploding gum! Oh wait! Exploding gum! It will work perfectly!" Salmon was excited that she did have another gadget to help them out.
"Good thinking."
"Yeah good thinking bear."
Both of them turned around to see two tough purple dogs hanging over their shoulders. They were able to see their names Dark Lizard and Desert Lizard. Salmon was right they were ex-lizards.
"So um how was Lizard Clan?"
"Terrible." Desert answered.
"That's why we quit." Dark added.
"Oh. Well um that's good to hear. We just uh need to get by that door so if you don't mind telling us the password?"
"You two are trespassing."
Jen pulled out her badge. "Really? We need to see one of the prisoners but nobody was allowed to know."
Dark looked at her in disbelief. "Yeah right. We knew the time when you would break Freckleslam out would come eventually."
Desert snorted. "Disgusting what that hacker did to you. Nobody gets that sweet that fast."
Dark pulled out some handcuffs. "Sadly you are breaking the law so the both of you will be joining Freckleslam here very soon."
Salmon got annoyed and reached into her purse and pulled out the hairspray. She tried her best to be like some of the famous toons who can all of the sudden change character to get themselves out of a pickle. She popped a piece of gum into her mouth then started acting like a hair dresser while smacking on her gum. "Oh darlins your hair!"
"Huh?" Both said in confusion.
"Oh you can't possibly guard anything with those terrible dues! Let me help with that." Then Salmon sprayed the hairspray in the guard's eyes and pulled the gum out of her mouth. The guards were screaming in pain and Salmon placed the gum on the door and it blew up. "Lets go!"
Both ran through and kept running. Jen turned to a wall and pulled Salmon close. The red bear knew this would be a time to use the camouflage feature on the suit but Jen didn't have one... or did she? Salmon noticed Jen removed her clothes to reveal a spy outfit like hers but with emerald green instead of crystal blue. Both turned invisible and the guards ran past them.

They walked down the hall without any guards around. Most were still chasing after them even though they didn't even know where the two toons were. Jen and Salmon stopped. Before them was a door without any guards but there was a eye scan thing. None of them had that kind of access.
"Well I still have a couple cookies but how would we find out who has the access to get in there?"
Salmon thought for a moment. "What we could do is find a guard then read his or her mind to find out."
Jen shook her head. "This is a very secure and obviously indestructible door. Anyone who at least knew who had access to this door would be unreadable."
Salmon knew what she needed to use for this. "Don't worry. I have that covered."
"Alright then lets find a guard."

The two toons had been walking around that area for 10 minutes without any luck. Most guards were easy to read and they had silly stuff on their minds such as are there any doughnuts left or I should have worked at a pizza shop instead of this sad place. After a while of searching they finally came across one with static.
"Alright Jen you knock him out using your bunny strength and whatever else then we both drag him to that closet over there and hope there will be rope and a chair inside."
"Or you can pull of one of those tricks that you did before."
Salmon laughed in embarrassment. "Yeah or I could do that."
The both of them quickly got into character then jumped out in front of the guard make-up kit in hand. He was big and green. A tall green cat with lime arms and sea green legs. His name tag read Monster Leaf. It seems like they hire many toons who were once apart of a clan.
"Who are you two?" Monster Leaf asked.
Jen nudged Salmon then she spoke. "We are the new make-up team hired by the person in charge. They wanted to make sure all their guards looked pretty and boy do you need it! Those golden yellow fangs so do not suit you! Have you tried sparkly pink fang polish? It's all the rage! Sadly I don't have any on me but I do have some powder that can cover those nasty warts."
"Well uh alright then?" Monster said slightly confused.
Salmon applied the blush then started talking. "Such a beautiful day isn't it? Perfect for a jail break. Hey I was wondering who has access to that tightly sealed door? You know the one with the eye scan?"
"Well uh I know Frozen Fireball is in charge of that area but he's not in today. His trainee Markus is though."
"Oh fabulous! What does this Markus look like?" Salmon asked.
"Well he's a tall royal blue horse that has those long ears you know? He also has the big nose. Very tall guy but very dependable."
Salmon stopped. She was shocked. "You mean... Mark?"
"Yeah but he started going by his full name recently. He thinks it sounds more professional."
"Alright well bye!" Salmon said then ran off.
"Hey I was gonna ask for some lipstick!" She heard Monster shout as she was running.

It didn't take long to find Mark. He was in the cafeteria talking with the lizards and laughing. Looked like they got a break and the other guards are looking for them. This made it very easy to give Mark a cookie.
"My turn." Jen said then she slipped away.
Salmon knew she was right. Mark would know it was her right away. A tall red bear is a little unforgettable.
Salmon watched the blue rabbit agent walk over to Mark with a sugar cookie in hand. She was disguised as a lunch lady. Seemed like she had many different costumes on hand. Right before Jen was where she could be noticed she stopped then ran back to Salmon.
"Hey Salmon I forgot. You need a disguise too."
"Wait what?"
"Yeah I have a plan but there needs to be two of us in order for it to work."
"Well alright."
Salmon put on a lunch lady costume over her suit and stood behind the counter like what Jen had instructed. The blue rabbit headed back over to Mark and gave him the cookie.
"What's this?" Mark asked.
Jen smiled then pointed at Salmon. "One of the workers really likes you."
Mark looked at Salmon then smiled very big. "Oh I bet she does. Hey wait here. I got a bear to talk to."
The horse walked over to Salmon. She was hiding behind a tray.
"Howdy Sammie! Think I's forgotten about you?"
"Oh hi Mark. I uh..."
"Don't need to say it! Ever since my break up with Cami all the girls at work had seemed more attracted to me. I don't blame em. Since we have a lil history I don't mind goin on a date with youse even though your juss a cafeteria worker."
"Uh yeah that sounds great. Do you wanna eat the cookie or not?" Salmon said trying not to gag.
"Oh yeah! I almost forgot." Mark said then took a bite of the cookie. "That was fantastic! But I's feel a little funny."
Salmon smiled and got even happier to see the lizards had already returned to work so they would not be around to hear them get Mark to help them break Freckleslam out. "Good."
"Hey Markus! How about youse uh I mean you take us to that highly secure door with the eye scan? We need to get in to break Freckleslam out." Jen called out.
"Sure thing!" Mark said then lead them to the door.
Mark put his eye up to the scanner then a tiny door opened to reveal a thing that requires a thumbprint. Mark put his thumb on that then the door opened revealing ten locked up jail cells. They seemed very secure.
Salmon and Jen walked in and looked around. There were a few very sad toons. Ex members of the Toons In Black Gloves and extreme hackers is what were in the cells. In one there was a blue rabbit agent who was red in the eyes and ears were flopped. She looked at the two of them then hope shined in her sad red eyes.
"Agent-Jen. Did you come to rescue me?"
Jen looked over in the cell then looked horrified. "Kim!"

Chapter 20: Agent-Kim

On a cool and wonderful night Agents Jen and Kim bowled with their friends. Kim got a perfect score as usual. That was the last night Jen had ever seen Kim. She doesn't know what happened. She remembered saying good night to her before returning to HQ after bowling then the next morning heard rumors about Kim going crazy. Nobody truly knew what happened to Agent-Kim until now.
"What are you doing here?" Jen asked Kim shocked and confused.
Kim shrugged. "Waiting to be rescued I guess."
"And the red eyes?"
Kim giggled. "From too much crying. I'm happy to see a familiar face... well that isn't a guard."
"Really what did happen?"
The caged blue rabbit sat there any happiness she had quickly disappeared. "If you really want to know what happened I guess I shouldn't keep it from you but really it is something I should not share or you will be locked up in here too."
"Well what is it?" Jen asked not caring.
Agent-Kim sighed. "Alright then. Looks like we might be getting out of here anyways and if we don't escape you will be locked in no matter what. After bowling I went back to the HQ with Agent-Lou. We decided on playing some Thin Ice in the rec room before bed. While on our way there I overheard a conversation and you know how my curiosity always gets the best of me. I told Lou to go on then I stopped to listen. I heard things I wish I never did. They were discussing destroying us."
"They what???"
"Yeah there wasn't much hacker activity and they didn't want dangerous and powerful bunnies running around Toontown. They were both Loony Lab scientists trying to figure out how to build a machine that will melt us. I got scared and crashed into something. They saw that I overheard and put me in here. They used me as a lab rat to test it out but so far without success. Mostly. You might notice I don't have a right foot anymore."
Jen and Salmon looked down to see her foot really was missing. It was.
"They stopped kind of recently because hacker activity is starting to build up. They think they won't need as many rabbit agents that they have so they still want to melt most but keep some in case of emergency."
"That's awful!" Jen replied disgusted.
"What made me very upset is they told everyone that I turned on them so they had to lock me away. Well not everyone. They told a few people then told them to pass it down. Rumors spread so quickly you know."
Jen nodded her head. "They sure do. Well then lets get you out of here."
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Chapter 21: Fireball Guards

Getting Kim out of her jail cell was easy. All they had to do was use the hairspray. It really did work wonders on metal. Those lizards that Salmon used it on at first but be very angry.
"If I remember correctly they did put a coral mouse like the one that you described in a very closed up cell." Kim said looking around at the different prisoners held up in their cages.
Salmon looked around as well trying to spot somewhere a hacker that almost destroyed Toontown would be locked up.
"Over there." Agent-Kim was pointed at a small but heavy looking door where you would really have to push to get in. Not only that but there was a place to scan a card so you obviously needed some kind of authority to get in.
"How are we going to get in there?" Jen asked.
Kim scratched her head then remembered something. "Every day 3 nurses go in and see him to give him checkups just to make sure he isn't going to explode or anything. They go in then come out 5 minutes later. We could dress up as those nurses, steal a key card, then get in without suspicion."
"I believe it's my turn to point out what would be more simple." Salmon announced to the group with a slight sense of pride that she actually thought up a simpler plan. "We get the brainwashed doofus here to get us in using his special access." Salmon was pointing at Mark who was fiddling with his toes.
Jen giggled. "Sounds good."
"Hey min... I uh mean Mark! Would you be a deer and open that door for us?"
"Sure no problem!" Mark said pulling out his key card.
He slid it in the scanner then a voice out of nowhere said "Access Granted."
"Ooh fancy!" Salmon was impressed.
Jen opened the door but it was a little tough. She really had to pull on it but it opened and they were able to get in.
There was a small hallway inside with four very secure doors like the one they just entered through. At the end of the hall there were two guards standing outside the door. Both looked like ex-fireballs.
"They sure do hire a lot of clan toons." Salmon said out loud.
"Of course they do." One of the guards said after overhearing Salmon's comment. "Those who were in a clan that got kicked out, quit, or the clan closed all together have nowhere to go. They feel lost after working with a group that felt so much like family for a very long time. We get hired as guards to make us feel like we belong. I will tell you all of us guards here are like one big family. We are way better off without our clans." The guard actually started crying.
Salmon rubbed her chin. This was the perfect opportunity to get some of the guards on their side. She had to use it. "Is Freckleslam in there?"
The one guard was wiping his tears with a tissue. The other guard looked at them then answered. "Why do you want to know?"
"Because we need to free him, for the good of Toontown of course."
The other guard was surprised. "What?!... oh wait you are the intruders we got a call about! You made it this far but I assure you there is no way you are going to get any farther!"
"Hey hey! We wanna rescue Toontown and in order to do that we need a hacker a GOOD hacker. Freckleslam is good really."
The guard snorted in disbelief.
"I'm serious!" Salmon was getting a little frustrated. "Think about it! The only way to stop a hacker is to bring in another hacker. One that's good and cares about Toontown."
The guard narrowed his eyes at Salmon. She wasn't sure if he was going to crack.... he did but not in the way that they expected. The other guard knocked him out with his nightstick. "That should keep him down." The guard said then turned to the stunned 3 toons. "Oh ha um I'm on your side. I always knew Freckleslam was a good guy. The Anti Clan threatened to take down all clans including ours. I know that Freckleslam wanted to prevent that from happening. He's kind of my best buddy. Well I believe introductions are in order. I am Loyal Fireball and that is Stormy Fireball. Don't worry I think he will be fine." Loyal studied the bump on Stormy's head. "Maybe if we put some ice on it..."
"No time!." Jen said. "We have to free Freckleslam so he can stop Freckles!"
"Right!" Then Loyal pulled out his key card and slid it through the scanner. There was no access granted just a loud buzz and a green light.
This door was even harder to open but they managed. After it slowly opened they saw sitting there as sad as can be Freckleslam holding his head then looking up at the four of them. "I was only expecting one to come to my rescue."

Chapter 22: Freeing Freckleslam

They entered the room to see Freckleslam in a terrible condition. He smelled like a thousand skunks had sprayed him all at once and his mint green eyes were pale and full of sadness. He wore a glowing bracelet that was obviously causing him pain. There were red marks under the bracelet and in some places it looked scabbed and others looked like fresh blood.
Freckleslam scratched at one of the scabs. "I sent a message out to one of your rabbits. Believe me it wasn't easy. I know it wasn't you Jeni." He was still scratching at the scab not looking up as he talked. "This thing keeps me from hacking. Loyal here had to cut it's power but only for 30 seconds. When it came back on it gave me a massive shock. I have tried a number of times to contact one of you because I can sense that Toontown is in great danger. I know I can save it." Freckleslam looked up at the 4 with tears in his eyes. "Thank you so much for coming to rescue me!" He got up to hug them but fell right back down.
"Whoa whoa! Save your energy!" Salmon said then picked him back up.
"Sorry I'm just so happy."
Loyal Fireball pulled out a tissue from his pocket. "These are usually for tears of sadness. It's nice to give them a break from all of that negative energy."
"Thanks." The coral mouse said then he wiped away a couple tears.
The four heard a noise and turned around to see what was making it. It was Mark groaning and rubbing his head. "What... what happened?"
"Oh trap! What are we going to do?" Salmon was starting to get scared.
Jen pulled a cookie from her pocket. "We'll just give him another cookie. Hurry stuff it into his mouth!"
"Those magic cookies ain't gonna get me this time! All of you are toast even you Sam!" Mark was pointing a finger through his glove at Salmon.
"Actually it's Salmon now." The red bear responded.
"I don't care what kinda fish you are! I'm callin security and all of youse are gonna be in deep trouble when they get heres!" Mark tried saying but still had a pretty bad headache and had a hard time putting his thoughts into words.
"Quick cut this bracelet off me!" Freckleslam said trying to rush them.
Salmon scanned her purse for anything that can cut the bracelet but could not find something. "Ugh Salty why couldn't you just give me a stupid pare of scissors?" She muttered under her breath but then she saw the toonpod. It can't cut the bracelet but it can buy them some time. "Everyone plug your ears!"
As Salmon said that she saw that Mark had already radioed security because tons of officers including the lizards who now had red eyes were filing in. She put the earphones in taking out her earpiece then looked behind her to see everyone including Freckleslam plugged their ears. Salmon pushed a button and a extremely high pitch rang out. She couldn't hear a thing but the guards could. There were even special rabbit agents there and they seemed to be in extreme pain. The red bear turned off the toonpod then turned around to see everyone was still standing well besides Freckleslam who was sitting.
"Good you got their ears ringing what now?" Kim asked.
Salmon looked into her purse to see one thing that she hasn't yet used but wasn't quite sure if it would come in handy. She pulled out the pen and angrily looked at it. "If you could shoot lasers then you could easily cut through that bracelet. A sword would be helpful too."
"Perfect!" Jen yelled then she ran over and grabbed the pen. The blue rabbit held the writing tool with the thing that hooks onto pockets face out and put that under the bracelet and pulled hard until Freckleslam was free. She smiled and turned around to everyone else. "It worked."
Freckleslam was happy just for a second but it quickly disappeared as the angry guards turned towards the intruders and not so loyal guard. "I'm gonna get us out of here!" Then all five of them teleported out and was automatically at some random estate full of little toons having a party.
The number 14 was everywhere so obviously it was to celebrate one of the young toons gaining their 14th laff point. The little toons stared at them for a second then started to scream and run.
Kim looked at the coral mouse. "Smooth."
Salmon had to agree with Kim. "Next time please teleport us somewhere without little toons that scream at the mention of fake versions of you."
"There's fake mes?"
Salmon sighed. "Lets just all go to my estate. I'm gonna teleport there now." Salmon pulled a hole out of her pocket then was off to her estate. Everyone else followed.

Chapter 23: Nosey Neighbors

Salmon and Jen had explained the whole story to Freckleslam, Kim, and Loyal. They all now got that Toon Valley was in danger and they needed a hacker to save it. What was really bad was they can't hide in TIBG HQ because they are wanted now. They just had to sit and wait maybe discuss a plan.
They were sitting outside on this beautiful day in Salmon's yard drinking lemonade as they brainstormed ideas. This was not the smartest thing. Salmon forgot all about her neighbors. Bobby Sue was outside watering her garden and dropped her watering can when she saw them.
"Danny! Get out here right now! Freckleslam is in Salmon's yard drinking lemonade!" Bobby Sue yelled over across the stream at Danny's yellow house.
A coral rabbit with chubby cheeks walked out. "Bobby I'm sure its just a fake Freckles." Danny walked across the bridge then looked over to the green house where the five of them were sitting. "Uh maybe we should call the police."
"Call the police?" A small purple duck with orange feet asked as she jumped off of the blue house where she was cog watching. "What for?"
"Jackie your not paying much attention are you? Look over to Salmon's house. Freckleslam is in her front yard!"
Jackie crossed her arms. "It's a fake you idiot! The real one is probably locked up somewhere or dead."
Danny shook his head. "I thought it was a fake at first too but now I'm sure he's the real deal."
"Jackie! Were you on my roof again?" A voice rang out from inside the blue house. A small brown cat opened the door to see the neighbors chatting to one another. "Is there another neighborhood meeting that I wasn't invited to?"
"No Pacific. Well not a planned one. Freckleslam is in Salmon's front yard." Danny said pointing to Salmon's house.
Pacific looked over to Salmon's yard to see that Danny was right. "Well that's not good."
"I still think it's a fake." Jackie said.
"Think what you want but I know a hacker when I see one and I know that is Freckleslam." A mysterious voice said coming from nowhere.
Everyone looked up to see a shadow standing on the roof of Pacific's house. The brown cat wasn't too happy. "Get off my roof!"
"As you wish Pacific." The shadow jumped off revealing a tall royal blue female monkey. "Hello fellow neighbors. I live in the purple house. You have not really gotten a chance to know me because I'm usually... out."
Everyone stared at this monkey. She was wearing a black leather skirt with a black belt. She had a black leather vest over a gray t-shirt. The primate had long jet-black hair that looked good with her outfit. This was a very unusual monkey.
Jackie walked forward and held out her hand. "Well I guess it's nice to meet you. I'm Jackie."
The monkey looked down at Jackie. "Yes yes I know who you are. I'm Freda. Freda Tounn. Well you knew my first name by my tag... oh shoot! Heh I seem to still be in my work outfit." Freda looked at Jackie who wanted to shake hands still. "Oh uh yeah sorry." She shook her hand then was off heading back to the purple house.
"I wonder what that was about." Danny said scratching his head.
Bobby Sue was watching Freda run for her house. "I think we all do."

Chapter 24: The Storm

Salmon was out of lemonade and bored. "So what we just wait around for Freckles to bring Toon Valley down?"
Jen shrugged. "I guess so."
Just then there was lightning piercing the air then a loud boom of thunder.
"Uh what district are we in?" Loyal asked.
"Toon Valley." Freckleslam answered right away.
"Shoot looks like it's time for us to step in." Salmon said.
The five got up and was about to leave when they were stopped.
"Your not going anywhere!" A threatening voice shouted from a distance.
A royal blue monkey jumped off of Salmon's house and right in front of them. She was wearing a skeleton shirt with a dark blue jean skirt. She had long sleek black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail.
"Who are you?" Salmon asked.
The monkey brushed the remaining strings of hair in front of her face back then pulled out a badge. "Other than your neighbor I am also here to arrest all of you."
"Fine arrest us but not yet! Let us save Toontown!" Salmon yelled desperately.
"Can't let you do that." The monkey folded her arms. "Darn I should have not changed my clothes. Oh well don't wanna be in my work outfit around the neighbors."
Salmon was confused. "What?"
Her other neighbors came out. Salmon was completely unaware that they knew that Freckleslam was in their estate.
All of the sudden lightning hit the roof of the blue house. "My house!!!" Pacific yelled.
Salmon put her paws out and was slowly waving them in a calming way. "Just let us go fix this and there will be no more damage to your house Pacific. I know how much you love that roof."
Pacific scowled. "You mean loved. My poor roof!" The brown cat started crying.
"I suppose it can't get much worse. I'll give you two hours to stop this." The monkey looked serious but managed a quick and small smile.
The five toons disappeared down a hole and to Toontown Central.
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Chapter 25: Toontown News

Speckles and Agent-Lou laid in bed watching the news. Lou was feeling a whole lot better but not 100%. She wanted to wait until she can actually survive on her own without Speckles there supporting her but she knew if she waited too long that might not ever happen. She shouldn't even be alive right now. After being possessed by a hacker who attempted to take down Toontown in her body then the big fall was a lot. Lets not forget Speckles fighting to get in there & destroy the monkey. That whole thing had to be worse then being exposed to dip!
"This is Dusty Storm reporting to you from well far away from Toon Valley Toontown Central. There is a huge storm going on there and everyone has been asked to stay as far away as possible! Those who were in Toon Valley when it started are trapped and unable to get to other districts. Could this relate to the recent breakout of Freckleslam?" The TV was saying.
"Um Lou when exactly did Freckleslam break out of prison?" Speckles asked.
Lou was too shocked. She had no clue that any of this had gone on. She pushed a button for a nurse.
"Hello Agent. Is there anything I can get you?" A medium brown dog nurse asked.
Agent-Lou looked at her seriously. "Get me the news footage of Freckleslam's breakout and don't deny it exists because I know it does."
The nurse flinched then ran off to get the tape and returned within moments. "Um here."
Lou still looked at her seriously but managed a slight smile. "Thanks."
The nurse being a little too short to reach the VHS player had to get a chair to put the tape in. She grabbed a chair and stood on it. No go. She tried her tippy toes and still couldn't reach. Lou noticed that she was starting to hover just slightly and at first was confused then searched her thoughts to find out that was Speckle's doing.
As soon as the nurse left without even realizing that she had floated Lou turned focused in on the news tape horrified at what they were saying.
"So keep look out for these four very dangerous toons a not so loyal x-fireball, two scary rabbits, and a fishy tall red bear. They are harboring the very dangerous hacker Freckleslam." The news man said.
Lou was scared. She knew whatever those crazy toons were up to they were in Toon Valley Toontown Central. She had to get there as soon as possible! "Speckles can you please teleport us to Toon Valley TTC?"
"I can but do you really feel up to this?" Speckles asked nervously.
Lou nodded yes then they were on their way.

Chapter 26: The Team Faces Freckles

After arriving in Toon Valley Salmon smiled. She saw the whole team was there. Salty and Salty looked closer than ever, Sam's maroon hair was flying everywhere in the wind as she used a book to try and block some of it but it didn't work. The wind kept on blowing. Phoebe kept on complaining about how the rain ruined her hair and toenail polish. Spike was barking orders and only half of the team was listening. As scary as this was everyone... well almost everyone was together and that made Salmon feel mostly happy. She also felt a stab of the heart because Speckles was not around.
Salty JR walked up to Salmon. "I seem to like TTC Toon Valley better this way myself. I always wanted to see Toon Valley alive again it being my home district but I hated all the hacking that went on here. Now there is only one hacker to worry about and that hacker is going down!"
Salmon smiled and wiped away the few tears that had started because of Speckles. "Yes he is."
"But where is he?" Freckleslam interrupted.
"Good question copycat! I'm right here!"
"Hey!" Copy Cat yelled.
After that everything was silent for a second that felt like forever.
Freckles appeared over the group with a evil smile on his face. "Looks like I'm taking down the toons that care the most about me along with Toon Valley." He looked over to Freckleslam. "This is your savior? Some cheap copy of the original while we all know that I am the best out of all the copies?"
Freckleslam got angry. "Hey! I am the original!!!"
Freckles at first didn't seem to believe him but after a quick examination he looked more surprised then Salmon's crazy neighbors. "You are the original? You came to see my wonderful work in action now did you?"
Freckleslam crossed his arms. "Quite the opposite. I came to stop you."
A hand laid on the coral mouse's shoulder. "We came to stop you." It was Salty JR... NO! It was Salty SR looking young and ready for battle in her Loony Labs t-shirt and black jean shorts.
Salmon was a little surprised but then shook it off. Knowing the Salties she shouldn't be surprised by anything they do.
"You said it sweetie!" Another tall rabbit but this time cream said. Her name tag read Sadie.
"Mom don't embarrass me in front of the hacker!" Salty SR said annoyed.
Salty JR giggled then high fived Sadie. "Good job Grandma!"
"Enough! I don't care if the original is on your side! You are ALL going down!!!!" Freckles angrily yelled.
Salmon was enjoying all of this but Freckles was right. It was time to get serious. She decided to give the call to tell them time for action. "ATTACK!!!"

Lou and Speckles appeared in their desired location to see that it was worse then it had said on the news. The whole place was flashing angrily as if about to shut down completely but a second coral mouse kept it stable. It was like a game of tug-o-war.
"They got the original to fight Freckles." Lou observed.
Speckles was really upset. "They replaced me?"
"No! They just needed someone to step for you. Well I think." Lou tried to reassure her.
The two observed the battle. Freckles would try his hardest to shut down the district then Freckleslam would use his own lightning to try and shock him or flash himself to keep the district up. While Freckles was down the others tried to grab him or step in doing whatever they could but Freckles always almost immediately disappeared then reappeared somewhere else.
Freckleslam looked exhausted. He was off from being in jail so long. Freckles still looked strong and whenever Freckleslam had to take a very short break Freckles almost appeared to be drawing energy from him. They were losing poorly.
Speckles was crying. "I have to do something."
Lou let out a big smile. "Then do it."
Speckles was confused and scared. Her voice got more raspy then it usually is. "But what about you?"
Lou wiped away one of Speckle's tears from her eye. "I'll be fine. Don't worry about me."
Speckles was still not convinced. "But...."
"No buts! They need you. You have to do the ultimate hack. The big one that Toontown will never forget to save Toon Valley. Years later toons will see you and remember the Hacking of Speckles."

Chapter 27: Speckles Steps In

Speckles had left Lou's body and now is running to help Freckleslam out. On the way she passed by confused Salmon with Lou walking behind her. She stopped at Salmon.
"Hey Salmon." Lou said.
Salmon was completely stunned. "Your suppose to be in bed and where did Speckles come from?"
"That's a lot to explain. First I need to talk to Jen."
At the sound of her name Jen came running then stopped as soon as she spotten Lou. "Lou! Get back to bed."
Agent-Lou looked absolutely terrible. Her blue fur was a awful shade of gray, her sharp jet black eyes were pale but had a gleam of joy and hope shining in them, and her ears were down because it took too much strength to keep the up. Her bone ached everywhere and she felt the most pain that she had ever felt but at the same time she felt great. "I don't think I have time to. I came to make sure Speckles got here alright."
Jen looked even more confused than Salmon. "Come again?"
Lou let out a painful laugh. "Spending all that time with someone as sweet as Speckles really changes you. I wish I could stick around but I feel my time is up. You Jen are the best agent that we have ever had and I am leaving you my job as leader of the special agents. You actually care about everyone and feel a lot more positive emotions. You always think I can when everyone else says we can't. You know when a job is too risky and think more about the other agents than yourself. You have earned this spot and I will miss you terribly. I wish I could have been more like you."
Jen was crying. She knew that these were words of goodbye. She always hated goodbyes.
Lou reached out then grabbed Jen and pulled her into a big hug! Jen felt so warm and happy. She closed her eyes and when she opened them Lou was gone. The blue rabbit closed her eyes then opened them back up again. "Alright. Time to take this hacker DOWN!"

Speckles jumped onto nothing. Just air but she was able to stand. She jumped onto some more air then over to where Freckles was floating. Freckleslam was on the ground looking up to Freckles who was laughing at him.
"Hey you meanie! Leave Toon Valley and all the toons who live in it alone!" Speckles yelled in a sweet yet demanding voice.
Freckles looked over to the slate blue mouse then laughed. "What is a cute little girl like you gonna do about it?"
There was a loud clap of thunder then Speckles smiled and held up her hands. Her gloves her soaking wet and dripping as she held them in the air. The rain came down harder and harder. Then her gloves started to glow pink and sparkly. "Do you really want to know?"
Freckles scowled. "I don't have time for this!"
Another great flash of lightning pierced the air and everything seemed to rip apart. Speckles focused on it trying to think of the happiest things she can to help keep Toon Valley stable. It worked. The rips repaired with sparkly pink stitches then they slowly disappeared.
Her eyes glowing neon pink Speckles looked at Freckles like she was about to kill him but of course she could never do that. The pink faded then she stopped the storm. The sun tried to return but Freckles was able to regain his strength and the storm started back up again worse than ever.
The coral mouse was not happy. "Alright you little pest! I am not going to be beaten by a girl!"
A flash of lightning came out of nowhere and hit Speckles. She fell and fell and fell until she wasn't falling anymore. She thought she was dead. She opened her eyes and saw the warm eyes of Freckleslam looking down at her. He had caught her when she was falling. Freckleslam slowly descended then carefully set Speckles down on the ground.
The friendly coral mouse brushed her off trying to make her look sort of neater but there were burn marks and holes in her clothes so that was hard to do. "Be careful. I don't want you messing around too much with him. He is very dangerous and I don't want you getting hurt."
Speckles was confused. "Um alright?"
Freckleslam was angry. He didn't like Freckles messing around with a little girl! That was just downright mean! He decided to hit Freckles with everything he had. With a flash of lightning and maybe a little this and a little that but he couldn't! Freckles looked at him running towards him in midair and with one small and quick flash of lightning Freckleslam was down and now it was Speckle's turn to save the falling rodent. She jumped and grabbed him. They safely landed on the ground. Freckles was too strong now. It seemed that he would succeed.
Salty SR stared at all the action it mirrored in her eyes. "I'll be right back." She announced then disappeared down a hole.
Freckleslam felt defeated. "What are we going to do?"
Speckles was thinking back to earlier what Lou said. "Disconnect everyone in Toon Valley. Freckles did that quite a lot to Nutty River from what I've heard."
Freckleslam looked scared. "Kicking him out of just Toon Valley won't be enough. You don't have to do the Ultimate Hack. Like what I did but it's too dangerous. I don't want you to end up like me. I'll do it."
Speckles would not take that. He was too weak. "No! It might kill you! We already lost one life today! I am not letting it happen again. Let me do it. Why id it we have to do the Ultimate Hack anyways? Isn't it just the same as disabling Toon Valley but bigger?"
Freckleslam shook his head. "Not really. Well okay it is similar but this hack is bigger which means he will be weaker and it will give the others more time to catch him. Plus you need to send a message to all of Toontown. Tell them not to worry. Everything and almost everybody will be alright. I will let the others know to get into a safe location so they will be ready when you disconnect everyone. Also if you just disconnected Toon Valley that might be too much for it and it might end up shutting down forever. Please be careful and there's one thing I want to say before you do this."
Speckles brushed a little of her burnt hair back. "What?"
Freckleslam gave a soft little smile. "I've always wanted a little sister."

Chapter 28: The Ultimate Hack

Speckles was trying to ignore everything in the background so that she could focus. It wasn't working. She felt someone teleporting back and turned around just to see Salty. Hunter was right next to where she came back. The bright red cat was wearing a jacket over her winter shirt with the scarf and a maroon jean skirt. She was wearing a hat as usual and her blue hair was blowing in the wind. It looked as if she was having a hard time trying to keep warm. You could almost feel the heat that Hunter was trying to generate to try and keep warm but the wind was blowing it out.
Hunter shivering looked at Salty. "Where have you been?"
The older yellow rabbit gave her classic smile and the younger Salty was standing right next to Hunter trying to keep warm in the blowing wind. Salty JR rolled her eyes and Speckles can tell see she was thinking "of course she's smiling. She ALWAYS is!"
The older Salty got close to Hunter's ear so that she could hear over the storm. "I had to get something important."
Speckles had to shake to keep her mind on doing the hack. She had to do this to save Toon Valley! She focused really hard. She thought about how important it was to save this district and well hopefully this saves all of Toontown.
She closed her eyes and kept them closed until she opened them and all of Toontown was in view. Every single toon. Speckles cleared her throat then started to speak. "Toon Valley will live on and Freckleslam is innocent!" She said then everything fell down. Speckles was knocked out for a while.

Speckles woke up in Toon Valley Toontown Central to see the whole team was knocked out as well. Freckles laid there motionless. Salty Featherflap The First was slowly walking over to him. She had kind of a weird waddle like a toon would when they had something big in their pocket. The slate blue mouse wondered if it was the important thing that Salty went to go get.
After arriving at the coral monster Salty pulled it out of her pocket. It was a giant jar! She put it over Freckles then crossed her arms.
Sam noticed Freckles under the jar. "Woohoo! I knew a giant hacker proof jar would do it!"
Salmon rubbed her head then giggled. "Oh believe me your not the only one."
Freckleslam woke up too. He didn't look so well but in better condition than Freckles. The evil copycat took a while to wake up and when he did he could barely sit up. Looking at the jar surrounding him he knew that he had been defeated.

They had saved Toon Valley and stopped Toontown's worst hackers but there are more. They are not as bad and you don't really need to worry about them too much but they do pose a threat big enough that the Toons In Black Gloves do take notice to them. The secret agency has assigned Agent-Jen and her team including Salmon and Agent-Kim to stop those hackers. TIBG had also given a special place to the Hacker Busters. Most of them. Like what was said Salmon works with Jen's team. Salty SR still works with Loony Labs but she was promoted. Sounds like everyone had a happy ending right? What about our hackers? Freckleslam was let out of jail but put on limits on how much he can hack and is often monitored. He has to talk to TIBG before trying anything crazy. Freckles is in Freckleslam's old jail cell.

The end??? Nope not likely. Stay tuned or should I say tooned for the 3rd story!
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The Hacking of Speckles
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