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 The Future of Speckles

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: The Future of Speckles   Mon May 23, 2011 7:29 pm

This is the third story in the Speckles series. Thanks to all who have read this far.

Chapter 1: The Almost Perfect Day

Speckles sat outside on the sidewalk and ate her icecream. She got it from the Icecream Bar in the Brrgh and now was enjoying it. Today was a beautiful day and she wanted to relax on this perfect day.
She looked down at her arms which were now pink. The mouse changed herself into a small pink duck that went by the name Sparkle. She had to change how she looked because after what had happened she became the next most well-known toon in Toontown. It was the biggest day in Toontown history ever since the Freckleslam incident. The coral mouse had to change himself as well because he was drawing in too much attention too. He is now a medium sized purple duck named Fizzleflip. Everyone just calls him Fizz.
Fizz and Sparkle are known as brother and sister. They both train together and spend a lot of time together. Fizz is now 101 laff points and Sparkle is 76. Sparkle went without sound to be like Salty that and her ears are sensitive. Fizz went without drop because he feels it is useless. Both are still hackers. They had to use their power to change their look. They also are not aloud to contact old friends. Their old friends are not aloud to know what they look like or who they are. Not even Salmon. They are monitored by the only person who knows who they truly are. The Mingler. It stinks but they wanted normal toon lives so they got one.

The whole day seemed to be perfect. Sparkle got to eat some icecream and got her storm cloud today. Fizz maxed trap and got his 101th laff point. The sun was out and it was a beautiful summer day. It felt like nothing could go wrong but it did.
Sparkle was having a blast playing in the pond in Toontown Central. Her brother was keeping a close eye on her as he fished.
"So Fizz you catch a devil ray yet?" Sparkle asked.
Fizz shook his head. "Nope. Still trying."
"AAAAAHHHH!!!!!" A loud shout from a small fat cream mouse wailed out.
Sparkle jumped out of the water and ran over to her. "Pancake! Is everything alright?"
Pancake was speechless. She just pointed up into the quickly darkening sky.
Everyone alarmed looked up to see a large wave of sellbots flying over. Whatever they were up to it wasn't good.

Chapter 2: Slacking Off?

Salmon lounged by the pond in Toon Valley TTC thankful it was still here. Ever since what happened those toons with hacking devices have not been using them as much. If they are caught using one they are arrested but not in a high security prison. Just for a couple months in a regular prison. Now Toon Valley was somewhat peaceful. There were still advertisements for clans and people trying to get each other to join their game or dating shows. This was one of the few places where Salmon could actually relax. Being in the Toontown history books does make you famous after all.
"Salmon Scales?" A tall brown horse asked.
Salmon sat up from her towel and took off her sunglasses. "Yes?"
"Hi I am a history teacher. My name is Mrs. Stone. I was wondering if maybe you can try setting a better example for the younger kids?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well what I mean is these kids here in TTC were probably small 6 point laff pointers when you helped save Toon Valley and now they are out in the real world ready to follow your example but you are just hanging around getting a tan when you can be training. You only have 20 laff points!" Mrs. Stone said annoyed.
Salmon didn't like this horse. "I could train if I wanted to but I rather be stopping hackers than raising my laff meter!"
"Well then. Why are you not stopping hackers right now?" Mrs. Stone asked crossing her arms.
Salmon rolled her eyes. "Because there aren't any to stop at this very moment!"
"What about that peach cat over there?" The horse was pointing at a peach cat with a tall body and medium legs floating in the air while playing with a hacking device.
"She is not my problem! That is why there are safety officers!" Salmon said then pointed at a light blue pig pulling out a pair of handcuffs. "Safety Swine is taking care of it."
"I still think you should train. We need more toons stopping the cogs instead of joining game shows and all that other nonsense! Any minute cogs could attack. I remember when they invaded parties!"
With that there was a high pitched squeal coming from a cream mouse then everyone focused their attention to the darkening sky. It was flooded with a bunch of sellbots.

"That was scary." Fizz said holding his little sister's hand.
Sparkle was still a little shaken but Pancake was the worst. The mouse was completely frozen.
A doctor who happen to be there checked to make sure Pancake was alright. He was a orange monkey named Doctor Bananamuffin.
"Your friend will be fine." Doctor Bananamuffin said.
Sparkle was relieved. "Thanks for taking a look at her." She said then held out her hand to shake.
The orange monkey looked like he was about to but then held back. "I'm sorry I have other patients waiting for me." Then he was off.
As he ran off Sparkle noticed that his gloves were black. A member of TIBG! She was happy to see him. It brought back memories of her old life.
Sparkle lay down on the grass trying to cancel all the panic out. With doing so she ended up focusing on another mind in the crowd. One that was familiar and in extreme annoyance. It was Salmon! She shot up then saw the red bear fighting with a brown horse. She was not aloud to have contact with her old friends sort of. Maybe it was alright if she had no clue who Sparkle really was.
She walked over to the two knowing the situation after a quick examination of Salmon's recent memories. "Hey Salmon! You know you really inspired me to train. At first I just wanted to enter game shows and all that fun stuff but because of you and the others I was inspired to stop those cogs to keep Toontown up and running! Without you we probably wouldn't have this beautiful town."
The horse stood there stunned then walked off angrily because she was unable to win this fight.
"Hey thanks um..." Salmon read her name tag. "Sparkle."
"It was no problem. I really am a big fan of yours. I um heard the whole fight from the pond over there."
"Well I hope I will see you again sometime. I kind of was slacking off. I should get to work." Salmon said looking around the area with shifty eyes.
Sparkle was a little unsure on this behavior so she looked into what was going on and saw that Salmon got a recent whisper from Jen telling her that there was a hacker in her area. Then she got another that seemed more frantic saying there were two hackers and she should keep her eyes peeled. Sparkle knew who she was talking about.

Chapter 3: Salmon Was Right?

Salmon had her tracker out and was searching for the hacker that Jen warned her about. Sadly the tracker only picks up stuff when the hacker is actually hacking. Jen had the more high tech one.
While searching Salmon thought about field offices and how stupid that she had felt when they were announced. She was positive that they were planning toon disguises! Agent-Aly often teased her about it.
"Can I help you with something?" A toon asked in a low robotic-like voice.
Salmon turned around to see a bright red pig with short blond hair standing behind her. She smiled. "No I'm good but thanks for the offer."
"Really? I am a toon and toons help other toons. Let me give you a hand." The pig said.
This creeped Salmon out. Maybe this was the hacker that she was looking for? She looked down at her tracker which was acting funny. That was all the proof that she needed.
"I believe your coming with me." Salmon said.
"Why?" The pig asked.
Salmon crossed her arms. "Don't play these games with me. I know what you are!"
The pig's eyes glowed green. "Alright then." He said then reached for his chest and pulled down a zipper revealing a telemarketer?
He wasn't the only one. Seven other cogs followed including two Mr. Hollywoods.
Salmon was confused and scared at first but she couldn't help but feel a smile slowly growing across her face. "I was right." She quietly said to herself.

Sparkle was hiding. She was scared that Salmon would find out that she was really Speckles. The pink duck sat down quiet and alone under a tree when she heard screaming. She slowly walked out and looked around at everyone. They were running and screaming. Some were in battle with sellbots? How did cogs get to the playground? Lucky this was Toon Valley and there were toons of higher laff around to help fight the cogs. She slouched down thinking they can take care of it.
A few seconds later Sparkle heard a boom that saw a swirling flash of light in front of her. She jumped at first but then got ready just in case some cogs walked out.
After a couple moments something walked out of the vortex. It was a slate blue mouse with tall body and medium legs. Her eyes were a pale amber and her hair was a dull black. It was pulled back into a small bun and she wore a brown plaid skirt and a white button up shirt with a shirt tan colored tie. Her light brown jacket matched her skirt.
The slate blue mouse brushed herself off then got ready to speak. "Speckles you need to come with me."

Chapter 4: The Future

Sparkle and the mysterious blue mouse went through the glowing portal and arrived in a gray place. It looked like a cog HQ but worse. There were toons in sad boring clothes like the ones this mouse was wearing.
"What is this place?" Sparkle asked.
The mouse closed her eyes. "For you the future."
Sparkle looked around. She recognized a bright red cat with blue hair. Hunter! She looked sad wearing a plaid light gray skirt with a shirt like the mouse's but with a blue tie and no jacket. Hunter's hair was now cut very short. She drug her tail on the ground as she walked. A cog yelled at her for slouching and she straightened back up and walked the rest of the way to her destination.
"This is what I need you to prevent." The slate blue mouse said looking down at Sparkle.
"Why me?" The pink duck asked.
"Hey your me! I know you can handle it even though I was more kind and gentle while I was your age. I know I can handle it." The mouse said smiling.
Sparkle was shocked. "Your me?"
"Yep! I am the Speckles in the boring cog taken over future."

Chapter 5: Under Arrest

Sparkle sat down for a moment.
"Uh I wouldn't do that if I were you. The cogs aren't exactly for sitting on the ground." Speckles said loaning her hand to help Sparkle up.
"Excuse me miss..." A cog was saying then he read Sparkle's name tag. "Sparkle. You are in violation of at least 10 different laws. I am going to have to take you into custody."
Speckles was angry but too scared to act.Sparkle could feel her fear coming off her like sweat.
The cog put handcuffs on Sparkle then flew her away.
Speckles finally built up the courage to attack. "Come back here you stupid lawbot!" She said. Sparkle saw her running in the air after them but then fell down as if hit by something.
A toon... not just any toon! The Mingler had thrown a weapon of some sort knocking Speckles to the ground.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: The Future of Speckles   Wed Jun 01, 2011 11:37 pm

Chapter 6: Not So Fair Trial

Sparkle was taken into a court room where a Big Wig stood as judge. All the the jury were lawbots. She was scared.
They went through basic court stuff with everyone rising and all that and you may be seated. Sparkle didn't understand any of this but she really didn't care. She much rather be home in her own time stopping this from happening.
They went through saying that she was convicted of things crimes not correctly dressed, being to bright of a pink, looking too cheery, sitting on the ground, not working, and talking while suppose to be on the job. When asked if she was guilty to all those crimes Sparkle didn't want to lie so she answered yes to all of them. The court found her guilty.
"I would sentence you to prison where you belong but I can give you another option if you like." The Big Wig said.
Sparkle was scared. She didn't want to be in prison. "Um alright what is the other option?"
Everyone flinched at the sound of sadness in her voice. Apparently they were not aloud to show emotion as well.
The Big Wig straightened his tie then said "We can put you through training so you can learn how to be a proper little toon. Proper little cog is what I should say when we are done with you."
As much as Sparkle hated that thought she assumed it would be better than prison so she took it. She will later learn that anything including jail was better than this.

Chapter 7: Sam!?

Sparkle cuffed was taken to a gray and boring looking office building that slightly looked like a hospital. From afar. When you got close up it looked more like a hospital with a giant cog head on it. They entered the building and the guards who were toons rang the bell at the front desk. While standing there bored Sparkle studied the guards only to realize they were both members of Toons In Black Gloves. Not only that but both were special rabbit agents. Without their different styles making them unique Sparkle wasn't sure which ones they were but hoped one of them was someone she knew.
"So you were once members of the Toons In Black Gloves?" Sparkle asked.
They looked down at her shocked and one spoke. "How did you know about that?"
Sparkle was nervous about revealing herself at first but she was in a cog taken over future. What did it matter? She cleared her throat. "Well I'm Speckles.... from the past. I was friends with Agent-Jen."
One of them started to show sadness in his eyes. "Oh. Officer Jen." It was obvious he was trying his best not to cry.
"Look what you made him do! Hey wait a minute! You are really Speckles?" The other asked.
Sparkle shook her head. "Yeah."
The other guard got excited. "It's me Officer Aly... err Agent-Aly! You can save us! Use that fancy time traveling power of yours right now to go back and make sure this never happens!"
"My what?" Sparkle asked.
"Shoot right! Your from the past. We can't just let you loose. We will be in big trouble." Aly said disappointed.
"Can I help you?" A purple cat had come to the desk.
Sparkle studied the cat. She was short and her head was purple. Her body was periwinkle and her feet were lavender. She had very short guy-cut maroon hair and glasses. Her shirt was white and buttoned up. The cat was wearing a dull blue plaid skirt and had on a lighter gray-blue jacket. It took a while but after looking at her closely Sparkle realized that it was Sam. Not very many cats have that unique rainbow purple look.
"Sam?" Sparkle asked.
Sam looked at Sparkle through narrow eyes. "That's Samantha and yes." She said then looked at the guards. "Is this our new patient?"
The male guard answered. "Yes. Her name is Sparkle. No last name that we know of."
"She's one of them now. Don't let her know who you are" Officer Aly whispered in Sparkle's ear.
Sparkle was confused but decided not to ask. She was relieved to see another familiar face. She didn't want anything ruining it.

Chapter 8: A Sad Reunion

"Ow" Speckles said rubbing her soar head. "What was that for?"
Mingler walked over to hear and picked up the thing that she had thrown at her. "I can't have you going on ruining our cog paradise."
Speckles looked up at the Mingler. It hurt. "I thought you were on our side. You helped me out those years ago to hide from the public."
Mingler laughed evilly. "I go by the name of a cog! Sure I am against hackers but that does not mean that I'm against the cogs. Why do you think I never let my special agents fight the cogs? I had to keep it a secret for so long that I was still on the cog's side. The rabbits were clones of me but modified obviously. That's why they look so much like me. I was hoping that they would think like me as well. Like a cog."
Speckles had to fight to hold back tears. "Is this why I never saw you again after the cogs took over?"
Mingler gave a evil grin. "Exactly."

Chapter 9: Meeting A Few of the Other Patients

Sparkle was taken into a small but open room with a couple big round tables. To the right were two small square gray tables with chessboards on them. There were chairs where toons could sit and play chess together. Directly in front of Sparkle were huge windows with a horrible view of the Cog Town. You could see everything gray an boring. There was a female toon looking out of it. She was a tall red bear with slightly short dull grayish colored hair pulled back into a small bun. She was wearing a dull blue dress with a black jacket. She turned around and with a look at her face Sparkle was shocked to see Salmon.
"Hello miss Sparkle. I am Samantha Scales. Some of the patients call me Ms. Scales and others call me Sammie. You can call me whatever you like to make yourself comfy." The red bear said.
Trying to fight back the tears Sparkle steadied her nervous voice to respond. "Fine. Salmon."
Salmon cringed at hearing the name that she has not heard in years. "How did you...? YOU! I sort of remember you! A very faint memory seeing you the day the cogs took over. You have not aged a bit. Hiding out underground huh? Well once you are one of us I'm sure you will be open to sharing your hideout but for now lets get started." Salmon fixed herself up after the quick shock by combing her hair and straightening her jacket. "Like I said you can call me whatever you wish to make yourself comfortable. If you want to call me Salmon that's fine. This here is the room where all the patients can visit with one another and work on their future lives by practicing many business activities. This main area you can't see much but over there behind the door that is currently closed but is not allowed to be is where the copy machine is." She was pointing over to her right. Sparkle's left. "And if you would follow me I can show you where the desk is." She walked over behind a door and to a spot almost right behind the chessboards. There was a area where toons could walk up to whoever was managing the desk.

After Salmon was done giving Sparkle her tour the pink duck sat down at one of the big round tables in her new clothes which was a gray hospital gown with gray pants. Very exciting. She looked down at her name tag which said Page. What kind of name is Page? But then again to the cogs what type of name was Sparkle?
Over to Sparkle's right sitting down in a chair humming and kicking her feet back and forth was a tall tan bunny. She noticed Sparkle sitting there and well decided to greet herself. "Hi! I'm Sandy!"
Salmon walked over with a little smile on her face.
"Are ya new here?" Sandy asked.
"Actually Sandra I want you to give your full name and hold out your right hand to shake. Oh and please say you not ya." Salmon interrupted.
Sandy's excited ears fell flat. "Yes mother!"
The red bear giggled. "And please no jokes. You made me show emotion and that is against the rules. We always want to follow the rules."
Sandy looked agitated. "Yeah.. I mean yes yes fine! Whatever!."
With narrowed eyes Sandy held out her right hand and Sparkle took it for a nice firm handshake and greeted herself as well. "Hi I'm Sparkle."
Salmon seemed pleased. "You are off to a good start Sparkle. You still do need a little work. I would like it if you practice going by your new name Page." The bear looked over to Sandy. "And Ms. Featherflap lets work on giving your full name."
Salmon walked off and Sparkle waited until she was out of earshot before asking Sandy a question that she is absolutely dying to ask. "Your last name is Featherflap? Do you have any relation to Salty Featherflap?"
Sandy raised an eyebrow. "You knew my grandma? My mama talked about her sometimes but I never got to meet her."
Now Sparkle was very curious. "Is your mom Sea Salt?"
Sandy shook her head. "Yep that's my mama! She is very sweet and quiet. I'm glad she's still in hiding underground. As for Grandma Salty I'm not sure what happened to her. Mama wasn't specific. She just said the family got separated after the cogs started to take over. My papa Danny found her through the whole mess of scared toons and showed her to his underground hideout. Danny and his whole estate had started the underground hideout system. Ms. Scales was apart of it too. It was actually her whole idea. She left us to start another underground town somewhere but they got to her. By the time she had been brainwashed in this horrible place she couldn't remember where the original underground town was but now she's loyal to the cogs! Don't listen to anything she says! She might seem like your friend but truth is there ain't much in the way of people working here that you can trust. She's one of the worsts. Sammie acts like your best bud like you can call me whatever you want but that's what she wants! She lures you in and gets you brainwashed a lot faster that way! Once she has you on their side she finds other underground towns and all of that. She wants to find the main one the first one but so far hasn't had much luck. Find that town and you bust the whole underground operation! Personally I grew up in the original town. I'd never ever EVER let her or anyone here find out where that is! They are not gonna brainwash me!"
Sparkle was amazed at all of this. So much has happened over who knows how many years. These cogs went too far! As bad as all this sounded one thing was really getting at Sparkle which was making her very nervous. "You said Salmon... um I mean Ms. Scales is one of the worsts. If she's not the worst then who is?"
Sandy slowly grew a evil grin. "Oh you'll find out soon enough."

After two hours the patients in the main room were moved so a different set of patients could hang out in there. Sparkle's group which was given the name Group G was moving to the Filing Practice Room where you well practice filing papers. At entry Sparkle was greeted by something so terrible she almost just wanted to die right there. After the door opened standing there awaiting the scared group of toons was a medium sized blue bunny with her ears back in a threatening way. Her jet-black eyes were thinned to slits staring at Group G. She had on a dull pink dress with a black coat and a small silver necklace. Her hands were behind her back. When they walked in instantly Sparkle knew this was Jen. She could feel it. The emotion coming off of that one male guard was so strong it made Sparkle feel sick and overwhelmed so she knew something terrible must have happened to Jen. This was it.
Everyone walked in and got to their filing stations. Jen put a firm hand on Sparkle's shoulder. "Hold it right there newbie. You don't know the rules of the Filing Practice Room yet. Wouldn't want to accidentally break them now would we?"
Sparkle was nervous. "Um no Jen."
The blue rabbit's grip tightened. "My name is Officer Jenifer. No funny jokes calling me Officer Jenny like from some old popular toon show! No calling me ANY nicknames at all! I am not like Samantha Scales. I do not tolerate nicknames. Got that Page?"
Sparkle shook her head real fast then listened to the long list of rules which are also posted on the wall on a huge plaque. Afterward she was off to filing which was not fun at all.

After one hour of filing and about one hundred paper cuts Sparkle was pooped. She was wanted to sleep but that was not possible yet. They were back in the main room.
Sparkle sat at the same table that she sat at before. Sandy saw and tried to run over to her but she was stopped and talked to for running. She had a distressed look on her face when trying to get to her. That confused Sparkle but she soon found out why.
"Are you a bossbot?" She heard a voice ask.
Sparkle looked in the direction of the voice which was at the table that she was sitting at. Five toons sat there. One was a skinny very skinny cat with short but bouncing looking pink hair with purple and blue highlights. She wore a long aqua colored button-up shirt with a dark blue tie. Her green eyes were HUGE! Her name tag on her shirt read Mary. Next to her was a huge maroon bear. He had a lot of muscle but awful crooked teeth. He had on a button up white shirt with ripped off sleeves. His name tag read Micheal. Behind Micheal rubbing his shoulders was a smaller cream colored bear. She had the tall body but judging by how short she was Sparkle guess that she had medium sized legs. Her hair was brown and curly but pulled back into a ponytail. Her eyes were maroon and she wore a pink shirt with a little pocket in the upper left corner of her shirt. She also wore small pearl earrings and her name tag had the name Margret. Sitting next to Micheal was a short serious looking sea green mouse with huge glasses and buckteeth. He seemed to not fit into the group but one thing made him match with the others. On his name tag which had the name Gregory there was a bossbot logo. The last toon next to Gregory was a slick and cool looking black cat wearing a gray suit with a light pink tie. He had his paws on the table. With these toons rude behavior it was a wonder to Sparkle how they could get away with it.
"Excuse me?" Sparkle asked.
Micheal looked at Sparkle threateningly with his amber colored eyes. "Sees after ya have been here for a week you gotta take this test to see which cog type you best fits under. We got bossbot and they let the future bosses get away with whatever they want in their leisure because we have to work extra hard during work hours. Us the bossbots of Group C own this table and during this hour groups G and C gotta share the main room. The bossbots always get whatever they want and we want this table when we are in here. If you are not a bossbot in Group C then scram! Got it?"
Scared Sparkle shook her head fast in letting him know that she got it and ran off. She was tired of these rules and rude toons. She just wanted to be alone with the copy machine. No she wanted to go home.
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PostSubject: Re: The Future of Speckles   Fri Jul 08, 2011 6:16 pm

Chapter 10: Escaping The Mingler

Speckles walked down the sad hall of the cog world. It was in some business building or something. She couldn't really tell. The Mingler lead her to her doom? She had no idea but wherever it was it wasn't going to be good. The slate blue mouse couldn't help but cry. All around her she felt sadness and negative energy. It was so upsetting.
"Stop your wining hacker!" The Mingler said in a sharp voice.
"Well I can't help it!" Speckles said. "You ruined Toontown! You ruined my world, these toons' world!"
The Mingler laughed. "That wasn't me you idiot! That was the cogs!"
"Whoever did I don't care. I have a mission and I am not going to fail it." Speckles said the knocked out The Mingler with her elbow.
The blue cat laid on the ground moaning for a second but quickly regained her strength. She watched Speckles running down the hall and over to a huge window. She could not let her get away. "Get her!" The Mingler yelled then flinched in pain for where her elbow hit her stomach there was extreme pain.
Speckles ran and ran until she reached the window. The slate blue mouse closed her eyes and flinched as she knew this might be a little painful. She ran right into the window shattering it. Sharp glass pierced Speckle's arms where she was holding then in front of her for protection. It was a piece of cake to heal but right now she had to use her abilities to stay in the air. The mouse broke out of the 30th story of the building! Geez if that was a cog building in Toontown not even the best of toons would be able to make it out of there alive. For a second she felt a rush of pride but then had to quickly brush it off for she was still on the run. Although toons can't fly, cogs can.

Two tiring hours later Speckles was hiding somewhere safe. Very safe. One of the underground towns that the toons started up. She had time to heal and now was resting in a bed belonging to a good friend of her's.
"How are you doing?" A sweet pink cat asked.
"A lot better now. Thanks Emi." Speckles said smiling.
Emi was a very kind pink cat that Speckles met trying to fight off the cog invasions. She had a huge grudge against the cogs because years ago even before she was born her half sister Amy was kidnapped by some sellbots and held captive by the VP. She had never met Amy but wishes she had the chance to.
"Those cogs have no right taking over our precious town! They also have no right kidnapping toons!" Emi said then started to cry.
"Oh Emi." Speckles said. "We will stop those cogs. Don't worry."
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Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: The Future of Speckles   Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:31 pm

Chapter 11: Secret Meeting

Officer Aly sat and drank her coffee quietly while reading the paper, then her pager went off. She took it out and looked at it. With the odd words written, she knew exactly what that meant. It made a giant smile grow on her face. A forgotten toon language, now is used by the toons living underground to send secret messages to each other about meetings and stuff. This one read - Tasecre gameetin eatonigh, gabrin eath kapin kaduc. Translation: Secret meeting tonight, bring the pink duck.

After this awful day of cogness, Sparkle was looking forward to bed. She was about to climb in but a firm and threatening grip on her shoulder scared her. She turned around to see a scary, yet kind face. Officer Aly!
"Come on kid. We have somewhere we need to be tonight. It's fine, they said you can leave the property.

About 15 minutes later they arrived at the secret meeting location. It was one of the old Toon HQ's. It was in pretty good condition but there was yellow tape around it saying do not enter. They entered anyway.
Inside, sitting in a circle were shadows of toons. When getting closer Sparkle was able to make them out. She noticed toons she knew such as a couple agents from TIBG. There were also some Loony Lab scientists and Lil Ol' Man. It seems the guy wasn't easily persuaded to the cogs' side. He can be stubborn sometimes. Salmon was also sitting here so Sparkle assumed that maybe she was wrong about this being some sort of cog resistance. She was sure she felt that Aly was on her side. Huh well she'll find out what it's about here soon.
"Hey everyone!" A shout in a familiar rough yet sweet voice shouted out.
Future Speckles had just walked in behind her and Aly. A pink cat walked with her.
"Hey! You made it out alive! That is so great." Future Speckles said looking down at Sparkle.
Salmon stood up. "Please everyone, come in and sit down. I want to get straight to the point of this meeting. Hopefully this will be the last one we will ever have."
The toons at down in a circle together. Salmon did the bored emotion while waiting.
"Alright, it seems a few toons are missing but it won't matter after we send her back." Salmon said pointing at Sparkle.
'Y'all gonna start without lil ol' me?" A tall yellow rabbit said standing in the back doorway.
Everyone turned to look at her and was shocked.
"Um we were waiting on Sea Salt and Danny but I guess it would be nice to have you here too Salty." Salmon said confused.
"That's the reaction I get? I've been missing for years and when I finally show up this is what I get? Geez! I was expecting some better reactions!" Salty said.
"Um excuse me Miss Salty," Speckles started. "But um, where have you been these past years?"
Salty smiled. "So glad you asked that Speckles. I am getting old so I decided to sit this one out and see how all of you do on your own. I wanted to know if we can really rely on today's toons to take care of Toontown. By the looks of things, well I decided it was time that you got a little help from me. Although I'm kinda late because once you send Speckles to the past all of this will go away. I at least wanted you to know what I was up to before everything changes."
All eyes were on the small pink duck.
"Me?" Sparkle said confused.
"There's no hiding it. They know." Speckles said looking down at her younger self.
"Yep we do, but our past selves don't." Salty said.
Speckles closed her eyes to keep from the tears coming out. "Maybe if I had done something sooner without worrying about revealing myself then everything wouldn't be like this."
There was a long silence then sirens went off. The cogs knew about their meeting.
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The Future of Speckles
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