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 Puffle Sitting

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Puffle Sitting   Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:45 pm

This is obviously a Club Penguin fanfic. Please enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Drive

Alone in his igloo Jet Pack Guy flipped through the channels on his TV. He never really liked vacation time. Well he did enjoy it from time to time but he loves his job as a secret agent even more. One whole week of nothing to do. He can't even take his jet pack out because it got busted on his last mission. G is suppose to be fixing it and hopefully he will have it back by this evening.
Jet Pack Guy Landed on his favorite channel but it was playing one of his least favorite shows. The channel was The Jet Pack Channel and the show was Can You Survive This? It was basically a show where four penguins that do not fly pet packs actually probably has never even heard of the game Jet Pack Adventure are each given a safety jet pack that young penguins use to train with and have to fly to high spots in Club Penguin or just around trying to complete a scavenger hunt without being eaten, losing fuel, crashing into things, and well basically avoid making the common mistakes that jet pack noobs often make. Jet tries to avoid watching it because it drives him crazy when one of them forgets to fuel up or do the things most masters of the jet pack know what to do. They make the mistakes that penguins just learning how to use the jet pack know to avoid! What is even worse is the winners of the show act like they know everything you possibly can know about jet packs which is untrue!
While Jet Pack Guy was yelling at some lame penguin that just ran into his tenth pole he heard the doorbell ring. Right away he assumed it was G bringing by his hopefully fixed jet pack. He felt so lazy just sitting on his chair watching TV. Jet was excited to get his most loved object back but when he answered the door he saw Rookie holding a orange puffle that was drooling on his flipper.
"Oh hi Rookie I was not expecting you." Jet said trying to not sound too surprised.
"I presume you were expecting me." Came a voice from some unknown source.
"Uh Rookie? Do you have another puffle hiding somewhere? One that can talk and sounds exactly like G?"
"Oh that is G. He is trying to pull our luggage to your door." Said Rookie smiling as usual.
"It would be nice if you could give me a hand Agent!"
"Oh um right boss on my way!" Rookie answered giving a salute.
Jet Pack Guy just shook his head. He thought Rookie had learned by now that secret agents don't salute.
"Whoa this is heavy Gary! What do you have in here?" Rookie asked while trying to pull one of G's wheelie suit cases.
G wiped the sweat off of his face. "Rookie I highly doubt you wouldn't even be able to comprehend what I was saying if I told you."
"Hey G do you want me to give you a hand with that?" Jet Pack Guy asked as G slowly pulled his suit cases.
"It would be helpful. The most workout that I get in the lab is transporting my heavy inventions like what I am doing now. I am sadly not much of a field agent like you so lending a nice strong flipper is exactly what I need."
Jet Pack Guy gave a slight smile then stopped almost immediately. He thinks it's amusing when G explains more than he has to. "I'll take that as a yes."

While they were moving suit cases G explained what was going on. He and Rookie needed a ride to the airport quite a distance away from Club Penguin and Jet Pack Guy apparently was the only penguin that G knew that had a suitable car for the job. They can't teleport there because the airport is out of teleporting range. Most penguins don't even need cars but Jet has one for dangerous camping trips and other things like that.
Jet only started to drive about 2 miles before Rookie started complaining. Just 10 minutes ago he was excited to go on a mini road trip.
"I'm hungry! Can we stop and get some fish burgers on the way?" Rookie asked in a whiney voice.
"If it will make you shut up." Jet Pack Guy responded annoyed.
G shook his head. "Jet you obviously don't have any experience with kids." Then Gary turned to Rookie. "Sure thing but you have to promise to behave for the rest of the ride."
Rookie smiled and his puffle jumped up and down in enjoyment. "I hope the meal comes with crayons so I can finish the mazes they put on the bags!" The orange puffle got really excited and showed that he agreed with Rookie. Rookie looked at the puffle and his smile disappeared. "Now Socks I don't want you eating the crayons this time!" The orange puffle looked sad after that.
Jet Pack Guy was curious. Who in their right minds names their puffle Socks? Well then again Rookie is never in his right mind. He still had to know. "Socks?"
"Yeah! I named him that because when I first got him and showed him to G he found his sock collection and tried eating all the left socks. So I thought Socks would be perfect for him but he tries to eat everything. I guess the poor little guy is always hungry."
"Or just plain stupid." Jet Pack Guy muttered under his breath.
G obviously heard and giggled like a little girl.

20 minutes of silence has gone by thanks to the happy fish meal that Rookie got and the crayons that came in the bag kept him distracted. When he had finally finished the maze the whole car knew.
"I'm done! I finally finished it!!! Wow getting Booger to Booger's Fish Burgers at the end of the maze was tough!!!" Then Rookie looked at Socks who was eating a green crayon. "I told you hundreds of times just because it is green doesn't mean it tastes like green apple! Believe me I tried it myself. Now about the red I still can't tell if that tastes like cherry or not."
Jet Pack Guy wanted to bang his head on the steering wheel but tried to avoid any head trauma. This was all going to be over soon.
G has been quiet for a while and Jet wanted to have a slightly more intelligent conversation although after listening to Rookie there might be a change that he might not be able to make out a single word that comes out of G's smart beak. He decided to aim for a simple question. "So G why do you and Rookie need to go to Australia?"
Gary looked over to Jet Pack Guy trying to come back to the car ride. He had obviously been lost in thought as usual. "Oh... right well Rookie is in need of special training if you get what I mean. We are also going to be meeting up with PH while we are there and help her train a new puffle."
"Oh please don't tell me that puffle is Socks!" Jet was strongly hoping. If the orange rat were to become an elite puffle they would all be doomed.
G chuckled. "No it's not him but it is a scary thought. Thanks for putting it into my mind. Carrot is way better suited for the job as orange EPF puffle. We are going to be training Sparky. He is a brown puffle. Actually he is from the same litter as Lab Rat."
Jet got confused. "Lab Rat?"
Just then a brown fluff ball jumped out of nowhere and looked up into the driver seat where Jet Pack Guy was sitting. Jet tried to stayed focused on the road.
"Lab Rat! I warned you about scaring penguins when they are driving. Now type you are sorry on your keyboard!" G demanded.
The brown puffle pulled a keyboard out of nowhere and typed out the words I'm sorry. It made Jet smile.
"Hey that is actually kind of cute." The red penguin said looking down at the displeased brown puffle.
Lab Rat started to type something else. "Keep your eyes on the road!"
Jet gave him a glare then focused on the road. It wasn't a puffle's job to tell him what to do! He was glad that after this he probably wouldn't see much of Lab Rat. If they get a brown EPF puffle it most likely will be Sparky. Well hopefully. Lab Rat seems to already be trained.
G shuffle his feet a little as if he was having a hard time saying something. Lab Rat noticed this and gave him a awkward look. "Um Jet Pack Guy there is something that I have been wanting to ask you."
"What is it G?"
"I need you to watch Lab Rat and Socks while Rookie and I are in Australia for the week."
Jet Pack Guy was stunned and he wasn't the only one. Lab Rat started to type on his keyboard as soon as G said that. Both asked the same thing at once. "What!?!?"

Chapter 2: The Airport

Jet Pack Guy had no clue on what to say. He had never taken care of a puffle before. The only puffle that he knew of that he got along with was Flare who was a black puffle and black puffles are hard to get along with so that has to say something about his personality!
Lab Rat typed away on his keyboard. "You can't leave me with... with... THIS!!! Well no offense but I am use to being around more intelligent beings."
G finally gave them an answer. " It's only for one week. I'm sure you boys will get along nicely."
The car fell silent. Jet was sure that everyone was trying to play in their minds how this will go and everyone maybe even Rookie but he was unsure on Socks had it all ending in disaster.
"So who's up for a little game of Eye Spy?" Rookie asked breaking the silence.
Nobody answered. The car stayed silenced but Rookie obviously felt uncomfortable in it.
"I'll start then. I spy something... WHITE!"
Jet looked out the window to see nothing but snow, ice, & an occasional tree. "Is it snow?"
"You got it!"

45 minutes has gone by and they were still playing Eye Spy.
"I spy something clear!" Rookie said still excited by the obviously boring game.
"Is it the ice again?" Jet asked.
"Wow are you some kind of Eye Spy wizz or something? That was amazing how you get my guesses right away every time!" Rookie said amazed.
Jet sighed. He was tired. "How about we play the Quiet Game?"
"Alright! Sounds like fun!"
It was great to finally get some quiet time but it didn't last long. Rookie soon bursted out laughing. "I... I... I CAN'T DO IT! You guys are great at this game! That was a fun and long round though!"
Jet Pack Guy squeezed the steering wheel and reminded himself that they were almost to the airport. It was just 5 more miles which probably felt like 100 in Rookie time and when Rookie is with you Rookie time feels doubled. He thought to himself that it just can't get any worse than this but forgot that you NEVER think or say that because it does get worse. The dreaded question came up.
"Are we there yet?" Rookie asked.
Jet Pack Guy squeezed the steering wheel even harder. "Do you see the airport anywhere?"
"There then that answers your question! I'm going to turn on the radio." Jet reached for the switch to listen to Jet Pack Tunes his all time favorite station. He was thankful that they were not driving out of distance of it.
"Hey great idea but this station is boring! Can we listen to Goofball FM?"
"No Rookie I want to listen to this station."
"But this is BOOOOORING!!!!"
"How about I choose the station?" G inquired.
"No no this is fine! Ugh if there is anything worse than jet pack music it's old science man music!"
"Thanks G."
"No problem Agent. I do owe you for sticking you in a car with Rookie and leaving two puffles in your care for a week."

The car was actually peaceful for a few minutes then Rookie started to complain again. "I gotta go to the bathroom!!!"
"Rookie we are almost there. Can you hold it until then?" Jet asked him annoyed.
"No! I really gotta go!"
"Fine!" Jet said then pulled over.
Rookie looked out. "Where? There isn't even a bush that I can use... oh wait I don't have to go anymore!" The Rookie looked down at the seat. "Oh oops."
"This might be a good time to try my Car Clean-O-Matic!" G said enthusiastically.
Jet had his head in his flipper shaking it slowly. "Whatever G just please make sure it gets clean!"

Five minutes later they were back on the road... snow. The song for Jet Pack Adventure was playing and Socks was eating a cookie while Lab Rat dissected a O'berry. They finally arrived at the airport and Rookie had to use the bathroom again. After he went through the metal detector he ran for the nearest restroom.
"Good luck with him G." Jet Pack Guy said then remembered Gary was suppose to fix his jet pack. "Oh hey G status on my jet pack?"
"I almost forgot to tell you my lab assistant was working on it." G responded while putting his keys on other things in the tray before stepping through.
"Since when did you have a lab assistant?" Jet asked.
"I hired her a couple weeks ago. We need more people working in the gadget room so one of our field agents in training sort of decided that working with me was well better."
Jet Pack Guy folded his flippers. "G? Really?"
"Alright I wasn't exactly truthful. She decided that field work wasn't just right for her and wanted to quit and as you know quitting the EPF isn't an option so now she's my assistant. It's kind of nice actually."
"Right got ya. Well have fun in Australia. I hope that special training they give will whip Rookie into shape!"
"Well PH had her training in Australia and look how she turned out."
This made Jet Pack Guy hopeful. "Well whatever the outcome is and please let it be good I'm glad he is finally getting more training. Rookie was sent out into the field way to early."
"I couldn't agree with you more. Good luck with the puffles Agent and don't forget to check back with my assistant on your jet pack."
"Alright bye G." And with that he waved and left.

Chapter 3: Getting To Know Each Other part 1

They made it back to Jet's igloo peacefully. The puffles fell asleep and stayed asleep for the car ride back. The red penguin was able to tuck in both puffles but when he was trying to creep away he heard sound distressed sound come from Socks. He turned around to see what was the matter.
Socks was crying and trying to snuggle into his orange puffle bed. Jet could not figure out what was wrong.
Lab Rat woke up & reached for his keyboard. He started to type. "He says he wants a good night kiss. Personally I think you should ignore him. It's a perfect way to spread germs."
Jet Pack Guy cringed but then looked down at the sad orange puffle. He could easily ignore anyone this but Socks had this oddly over-adorable look to him. There was no way anyone could say no to that... except Jet Pack Guy. "Good night." Then he turned off the lights.
A high pitched screech came from in the room and he could hear "Make it stop" over and over again in the robotic voice that Lab Rat's keyboard has.
Jet Pack Guy turned around, opened the door, turned on the lights, and stared at the whiney orange puffle until he stopped yelling.

The next morning Jet sat at the table drinking coffee while reading the paper. Lab Rat came in and poured himself a cup of coffee and added who knows what to it. Whatever it was it made the coffee explode. Jet just looked at him with his sunglasses down on his beak so he could see better.
Lab Rat looked at him then shrugged and reached over to take a sip.
Jet lifted a flipper. "I don't think that's safe to drink."
Lab Rat shrugged in a way that puffles can shrug then took a sip. Without having his keyboard on him he was unable to explain anything to Jet Pack Guy. Even if he could Jet would never be able to comprehend what he was trying to say.
Socks came rolling in on his wagon. He was wearing a shoe on his head. Yet another thing proving that he is deserving of the name.
Jet Pack Guy didn't want to deal with the two puffles so he tried to get up and leave but he got hit in the head with a shoe. "Ow! What was that for?"
Socks was looking at him angrily and Lab Rat was getting his keyboard.
The brown puffle started to type. "I actually agree with the orange twit. You are suppose to be taking care of us not avoiding us although I am very independent I still can't open a can of puffle food on my own. I don't have any flippers."
Jet shrugged. "So what are you hungry?"
Socks stomach growled.
"I'll take that as a yes."

It was now evening and Jet was tired. He had no idea how he was going to survive the rest of the week like this. These puffles drove him mad but he did know that if he were to survive at all then he would have to get to know them a little bit better. Every different colored puffle has its own personality traits but each individual puffle was probably very different from the next. This might be a little difficult.

Chapter 4: Getting To Know Each other Part 2

Lab Rat was up late looking over his blueprints for a communication device. He was tired of having to type everything just so that penguins could understand what he was saying. He wanted his thoughts to be heard out loud and translated into penguin speak so that they know what he is saying. He got the idea after watching Up with G's nephew.
Socks came over to see what Lab Rat was doing. "Hey Ratty! Uh wut r u doin?"
"Please do not call me Ratty. I like to be called Lab Rat or for someone as simple minded as you I can settle with L.B. but not Ratty!"
"Oh ok Ratty. So.. wut is it u r doin?"
Lab Rat was angry but just reminded himself that Socks was a regular puffle. A orange puffle. Not only that but he was Rookie's orange puffle. He was just not so bright. "You would not be able to understand any of this. I suggest you go to sleep."
Socks looked at the blueprints. "Hey it lookz sorta like a picture of a hat! Not a very good hat tho. U need to work on ur art skills!"
Lab Rat did not want to deal with this. He wanted to work peacefully and quietly. He tried to think of a way to get rid of Socks. Maybe distract him with a game that average.... below average puffles like to play. The brown puffle looked around the room then spotted one of his work pencils. Fetch! That was perfect! Lab Rat didn't like germs so of course he would end up losing this pencil but it was worth it. He reached over and picked it up the best way that he could. As soon as this communication device was made he would work on a robotic claw. Balancing this pencil in a manner to be thrown was hard for someone without hands. He threw the pencil then yelled "Fetch!" and Socks was off chasing the pencil. It was finally time to get back to work.

The next morning Lab Rat woke up on his blueprints. He must have fallen asleep while working on them. No matter he needed it anyway. The brown puffle got up and decided to brew himself a cup of coffee to help get his mind going again.
"Morning." Jet Pack Guy said as Lab Rat entered the kitchen. He did not have his keyboard with him so he gave a little bow to show he said good morning back then he jumped onto the counter and started getting everything together to make coffee.
"Uh what are you doing?"
Lab Rat smiled in amusement. It was interesting that only a few days with Jet and he already talks to him as if they could have a normal conversation. Meaning without his keyboard.
It was hard to respond because he did not understand puffle language but after playing fetch with Socks Lab Rat had throwing things down. He picked up a coffee bean and threw it at Jet Pack Guy.
"Your making coffee?"
Lab Rat nodded. One gold star for Jet Pack Guy.

Chapter 5: Getting To Know Each Other Part 3

Socks lay in his bed tired after a long night of playing fetch. He was unsure why Ratty didn't like picking up the pencil after he brought it back to his. That's how the game is played! Well he didn't want to worry about it now. Now was time to get some rest. Now was the time to dream. Now was the time to rest up so he was able to play the next day. Now was the time to.... COFFEE BEANS!!!!! He smelled fresh coffee beans and automatically knew morning had already come. Lucky for him most orange puffles only needed a couple hours of sleep then they were full of energy again!
Socks went to the kitchen and silently stole a few coffee beans that were not grinded yet.
Lab Rat looked over to Socks. "Aw I see you are finally eating something that is actually edible."
Socks was confused but continued eating.
Jet Pack Guy sipped his cup of coffee then looked over at the puffles then his coffee then back at the puffles again.
Lab Rat got his keyboard then typed. "Don't worry he started eating them after you got your coffee although I do recommend that you don't drink any tomorrow."
Socks just continued munching on his beans.

Later in the afternoon Socks was watching his favorite show on TV. It was called Club Penguin's Wackiest Home Videos. Him and Rookie use to watch it together all the time. While watching Jet came in and examined the TV. He sat down and grabbed the remote.
Socks was a little upset. "Hey i was watching that!"
Jet tried to hold back a giggle but he couldn't. "I have to admit that puffle speak does sound pretty cute. I wish I knew what you were saying."
Socks looked up to Lab Rat who was taking notes on the situating. He wasn't sure why Ratty was always taking notes on everything but he could hear him whisper under his breath. "That stupid Jet Pack Guy. I'm not to big on the little orange guy or his taste in shows but he was watching TV first. If I don't get my invention finished there is no way Jet will be able get along with us."
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Puffle Sitting   Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:52 pm

Chapter 6: Penguin Instant Messaging

Jet got onto his laptop to check his messages to see that G had been trying to get a hold of him. He had been too busy dealing with the puffles to get on PIM until now. Luckily G was still online.

JetPacks4ever: Hey G what's up?

G_Messenger3000: Well I couldn't call you to tell you this because Rookie accidentally broke my Cellular Phone 3000 but I needed to inform you that we will be in Australia longer then we thought.

JetPacks4ever: Longer then you thought? How much longer?

On his end G cringed. He was very afraid of Jet's reaction even if it is through the internet.

G_Messenger3000: Well, a couple weeks longer. As it turns out Sparky isn't the only candidate for the brown puffle spot as an elite puffle. There are two others and they will be competing against each other for that spot. Also there were a few complications with Rookie's training.

JetPacks4ever: Well that last one is easy to believe... WAIT A MINUTE!!!! DID YOU SAY A COUPLE WEEKS LONGER????

G_Meesenger3000: Um, yes. I'm sorry. Well I have to go. Rookie came across a angry scorpion today and I need to go to the hospital to check up on him. Good luck with the puffles!

JetPacks4ever: G!!!! Don't leave me!!!! I am in way worse condition then the idiot that I assume stepped on a scorpion!!!

G_Messenger3000 is offline your message will be delivered when your buddy goes online.
Hey cute girls, in Australia at the moment so sorry your gonna have to miss out on my hotness!

Jet Pack Guy couldn't help but laugh. What cute girls? Geez! If the Director saw that message, G's job could be in jeopardy but then again the Director does have a good sense of humor so maybe he might let him off that time.
Jet turned around in his spinny chair to see Lab Rat, a green puffle, some weird mechanical thing, and Socks chewing on some wires.
Lab Rat smiled and pushed a button.

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Puffle Sitting   Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:17 am

Chapter 7: Lab Rat's Plan

"How many times do I have to ask you Socks? Can you please go fetch Jet Pack Guy's phone for me?" Lab Rat asked for the 100th time.
"How manies times do I have to tells u? U did not throw it so I don't have to fetch it!" Socks said annoyed.
Lab Rat didn't want to play these games with him. "Fine then, I'll get it myself."
He had just finished one of his inventions that he has been working on and was excited to test it out. Of course Jet Pack Guy was gonna be Lab Rat's lab rat. He just needed to get Flit here.
He dialed the number of the puffle communication device that G invented for the EPF puffles.
"Like hello?" Flit said.
"Hi Flit, this is Lab Rat."
"Oh Ratty! Hi!" Flit responded.
Lab Rat rolled his eyes. "You too?"
"I too what?"
"Never mind Flit, I need you to do a favor for me."
Lab Rat explained the whole situation with Flit then waited for her to arrive at Jet's igloo.

Chapter 8: Body Switch

Lab Rat's plan was to use his body switch machine to switch Flit and Jet's bodies for a day so that he can understand what it was like to be a puffle so maybe he will take this job of taking care of them more seriously. He wasn't about to switch his body with Socks because well Socks in Jet's body? Not going to happen. Flit was smart enough and Jet would enjoy flying, in a different way then on his jet pack but still flying.

Alright everything was set up and Flit was in position ready to switch bodies now Jet just needed to turn around and the switch would happen!
While Jet annoyingly typed away on his laptop Lab Rat studied the machine that was going to switch the bodies of his buddy and the rude jet pack flying red penguin. It was big to a puffle but medium to a penguin. A light gray color with different colored buttons and lots of different wires. One of the satellite dishes stuck out was pointing at Jet Pack Guy and the other was pointing at Flit. Everything was perfect. There was no way that there would be any accidents. L.B. even locked Socks up in Jet's room so that he wouldn't cause trouble.
Jet Pack Guy turned around and viewed the scene. With that Lab Rat smiled and pushed the magic button. The dish pointed at Jet shot out a lightning green laser right at the penguin making him glow but something was wrong. The machine crashed and Jet fainted. There were sounds of sparks sputtering and the smell of smoke rising up from a orange ball of fur laying next to some chewed up wires.
"He got out? But how!? I made sure the door was secured!" Lab Rat said then looked over to the door of Jet Pack Guy's room which had a big munch mark in it from where Socks obviously chewed through. "Oh great!"
The orange ball of fur started coughing. At least he was still alive. Lab Rat rushed over to Socks to make sure he was alright.
"Socks? Are you okay?" Lab Rat asked.
Socks cough some more before responding. "Socks?"

Chapter 9: Jet Pack... Puffle?

Jet looked around the now giant room from where he laid. He saw Lab Rat's worried/confused look and also noticed his own body sitting in the desk chair passed out.
"Lab Rat? I'm afraid to ask this but, WHAT DID YOU DO?" Jet asked scared and angry.
Lab Rat got nervous. "Well um, Socks wasn't the attended target but it worked."
"What worked?" Jet asked.
Not waiting for a reply he looked over to a big mirror set up near the hallway. He was covered in burnt orange fur and had the goofiest expression on his face. He could not believe it. He was in the annoying little orange thing's body!!!!
"Um did something go wrong?" Flit asked.
"Did something go wrong? Well that's not exactly the right question to ask right now! I'm a annoying orange puffle! Of course something went wrong!" Jet Pack Guy yelled. "Wait a minute! I can understand you guys!"
"You've been talking to us for a while and you just now notice this?" Lab Rat asked.
"That's beside the point! Change me back NOW!"
"Alright, alright. I just gotta make a few adjustments on the machine and get it running again then-"
Just then there were a few tiny explosions.
Lab Rat sighed. "This might take a while."
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Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Puffle Sitting   Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:00 pm

Chapter 10: Repairs

"How's it coming along?" Jet Pack Puffle asked.
"Patience Jet," said Lab Rat. "I'm still trying to-"
Just then some sparks fluttered and L.B. fell.
Lab Rat sighed. "There is no way I can do this without some special parts!"
"Um, Lab Rat? How did you get those parts in the first place?" Jet asked.
Lab Rat bit his lip a little before responding. "Well, some of them I ordered online and other I made using parts from some of your old jet packs that don't even work anymore."
"What!? Those are rare jet packs! How on earth are we going to find the things we need to fix this thing?" Jet asked.
"Yeah that is a problem. Some of these will be easy to replace but others require some rare pieces that can exclusively be found in old, retired jet packs." The brown puffle answered.
"Well great!" Jet said. "I guess I can go brush my teeth to get this weird burning wood like taste out of my mouth."
Lab Rat looked over at the door to Jet Pack Guy's room. "Yeah about that, um the little guy had a bit of a snack."
The orange puffle looked over to his door to see a big munch hole in it. "Great! Now I got to replace my door too." Then Jet wondered about Socks. "Speaking of the little guy he's been sleeping-" He noticed his body has disappeared from the chair. "Where's my body?"
Lab Rat looked over to the chair to see that he has gone missing. "Well this can't be good."
"Um guys," Flit said. "Isn't that like him over there licking the couch?"
Both the puffles looked over to the couch to see Jet Pack Guy's body on all fours licking his couch.
Jet cringed. "Eww!"
Lab Rat slumped back frustrated. "What have I done?"
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Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Puffle Sitting   Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:05 pm

Chapter 11: Notifying G

Lab Rat decided now was the time to test out yet another invention that he was working on. Flit had gone home, Socks in Jet's body was asleep, and Jet is staring at himself in the mirror still in disbelief at what had happened. L.B. finally had some alone time and he was going to use this to tell G what had happened even though he didn't want to because he knew he would get in big trouble but it had to be done.
Lab Rat some working on a communicator so that the penguins can understand what he was saying but so far he could only make a small device that goes on the phone so he would have to call the penguin in order to speak with him or her. This definitely comes in handy right now. Gary was out so he would have to wait before contacting him on PIM.
The number of G's cell had been dialed and the brown puffle now awaited the dreaded answer. He was going to be in huge trouble for this.
"Hello, Jet. How are things going?" G asked as he picked up the phone.
Oh that's right! Lab Rat thought to himself. G has caller ID and this is Jet's phone. Well will he be in for a big surprise when he hears Lab Rat's squeaky voice instead of Jet's deep one.
"Um hi G." Lab Rat said trying to not show fear in his voice.
The blue penguin got confused. "Um Agent? Are you alright?"
"Hehe um about that G. I'm not Jet Pack Guy. I'm Lab Rat."
"What?" G asked. "But how? Did you finally get a communication device up and working?"
Lab Rat gulped. He had a worried look on his face. "Yes but-"
"That's wonderful news!" Gary interrupted. "When Rookie and I get back we should celebrate."
"Gary listen to me!" Lab Rat said annoyed. "I'm trying to tell you that I messed up on a experiment!"
G stopped his little happy dance that he was doing on the other end. "Oh. How badly did you mess up?"
Lab Rat gave a nervous giggle then explained everything.
There was a long silence then-
"WHAT???" G asked.
"Yeah I knew you wouldn't be happy." Lab Rat said.
"Are you kidding?" The blue penguin asked. "This is great! There is finally a successful body switcher in the world and it was created by my dear little Lab Rat!"
"Your not mad?" L.B. was confused. "But what about Jet and Socks?"
"Switch them back. I'm sure you'll be able to fix the machine no problem!" G said then put his left flipper into his pocket and leaned back on a pole.
"Well here the thing," the brown puffle started. "Some of the parts are tricky to replace."
"I see. Well just tell me exactly what you need and I think I might be able to whip something up for you and send it through the mail. It might take some time so keep Socks out of trouble please. Oh and also to save some embarrassment from Jet Pack Guy try to keep this news from slipping. I know Aunt Arctic just gives advice but if she found out about this all of Club Penguin will know!"
"Got it G and thanks." Lab Rat said then smiled relieved that he will be able to switch the two back soon and that Gary wasn't mad at him.
"No problem Lab Rat, anything to help my little buddy." Gary said then hung up the phone.
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Chapter 12: The Visitor

"Were you just one the phone?" Came a voice from Jet's bathroom.
"Um maybe." Lab Rat replied.
Jet as the orange puffle came into the living room where L.B. had just hung up the phone.
"You know L.B., your a pretty bad liar." Jet said.
Lab Rat raised an eyebrow. "Oh L.B. now is it?" He smiled. "Are you starting to like me?"
Jet shrugged. "Yeah I guess your pretty cool, for a puffle."
"Well whatever, Jet we are going to have to wait for the parts I need to get here. I uh... just ordered them now. They should be here in a week's time." Lab Rat said.
Jet smiled. He was amused. "Like I said, you are a bad liar. Where are the parts really coming from?"
"Well um..." The brown puffle was nervous. "I told G."
"Now now relax Jet. It's fine. He said that he can help out and will send me the parts I need to fix the machine. As for now we just have to wait." Lab Rat tried to reassure Jet Pack Guy.
"Fine then," Jet said looking over to where his body was sleeping. "Chain him, um me?... IT! up somewhere. I don't want Socks going out and ruining me!"
Just then the doorbell rang.
"Hello? Jet?" A voice came from the door. "It's me, Dot. I came to see if you were alright. I know you've been watching G and Rookie's puffles lately and knowing you are not much of a puffle person I came to see if you needed any help."
"Shoot! What now?" Jet asked.
"Um... um..." Lab Rat was trying to think of a plan.
"PIZZA!!!!" A loud goofy voice came from Jet's body.
"Oh no! Socks stop!!!" Jet yelled at him but he just ignored him.
"He can't understand you right now. He's in your body remember?" Lab Rat said.
Jet Pack Guy was now scared. "You mean all he hears, and what other penguins hear from me are squeaks?"
"Yep!" Lab Rat said then suddenly became curious. "Wait a minute! All you penguins hear us say are squeaks?"
"Yes." Jet responded.
L.B. squeaked just to hear the sound. "Oh well that explains a lot. Also wow! How embarrassing!"
"Hi Jet." Dot said to Socks.
"Ooh! Your purdy." Socks commented after opening the door.
Dot suddenly became worried. "Oh dear! Those puffles really did drive you crazy huh Jet? I wish P.H. was here to help out."
Socks scratched his head. "Jet? Hmm I wonder why she keeps calling me that. Speaking of Jetty I wonder where he's hiding!"
Jet turned to Lab Rat. "He still can't tell?"
"Well this is Socks. He isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer." Lab Rat answered.
"So," Dot said to Jet who was crawling over to her on the floor. "Um Jet, Maddy is still waiting for you to pick up your jet pack. I thought I'd go with you to pick it up but..."
Socks got excited and got up. He started jumping up and down. "OOH OOH! Does this mean I getta go out???"
"Um sure." Dot was really confused. "Jet, did that brown puffle experiment on your brain?"
Socks was busy eating some earwax that he just pulled out of Jet's earhole. "Huh?"
Dot cringed. "Yeah we need to get you out of your igloo and away from these puffles. You are really starting to scare me."
"Okie dokie!" Socks said and followed Dot out of the igloo.
Jet was staring at the now closed door. "They left me here alone with you. Um no offense there L.B."
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PostSubject: Re: Puffle Sitting   Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:09 pm

Chapter 13: Jet Pack Pick-Up

Maddy sat at G's desk and sipped some coffee out of her fish shaped mug. She was wondering why Jet Pack Guy hasn't come to pick up his jet pack yet. She has never met him but she heard from other female agents that he's cute. She didn't care about that though. She wasn't really into guys just yet. Maybe someday but not now.
The sound of penguins entering went off and Maddy turned to face who it was coming in to see what they wanted. A purple penguin with blond hair and a cool red penguin entered. The purple one was Dot but the red one, she hasn't seen him before. He had on a suit with a tie and was wearing sunglasses.... in his mouth? A little strange but it was cute. This must be the adorable jet pack loving penguin that the girl agents must love.
"Hi, did you come to pick up your jet pack?" Maddy asked with her rough voice but in the sweetest tone that she could make it.
Jet Pack Guy crunched on his glasses. "OW! It hurtd but it tadte yummy."
"Oh dear!" Maddy said rushing to his side. She pulled out a pair of tweezers from her bag. "Open up and let me see your tongue." She told him.
After picking out the sunglasses shards from his tongue she wiped off her tweezers with her aqua-blue handkerchief and put them back into her bag.
"Thank you lady penguin. Can I have a lollipop?" Jet asked her.
She giggled. "Sure why not? You were a great patient." Maddy opened up her bag pulling out a cherry flavored lollipop then handed it to Jet. "Here you go sweetie." She turned to Dot. "Are you sure it's safe for him to fly a jet pack?"
Dot scratched her head. "Well he isn't usually like this but his behavior is kind of familiar. I could swear that I've known someone that behaved exactly like this."
"Well, I think this is kind of cute." Maddy said looking down on her noticing a purple stain on her white lab coat. "Um will you excuse me for a second?" She asked then ran off into G's private bathroom.
Maddy looked into the mirror to see a periwinkle penguin with frizzy light brown hair, freckles, and clear light green eyes. Her lab coat wore the stain indicating that she had a grape jelly doughnut earlier that day.
"Ugh! He's so cute and I'm a mess! I need to find G's Stain Remover 3000! I also need to brush my hair. It's not too often that a guy that cute and cool looking can be dumb enough to try and eat his own sunglasses! It is just so adorable! Like a grown up baby." Maddy says as she searched for the stain remover.

Five minutes later Maddy walked out of the bathroom all cleaned up and presentable. She saw Jet munching on a blue crayon as he colored in a picture of a pink puffle playing with it's jump rope in a coloring book green. Not only was he using the wrong color but he was going out of the lines too. Why did she even need to get fixed up for someone this smart? Well whatever. She was going to win him over.
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PostSubject: Re: Puffle Sitting   Mon Feb 20, 2012 8:58 pm

Chapter 14: The Director Goes Online

"I can't believe I'm stuck in my igloo while Socks gets to go out with Dot." Jet Pack Puffle said depressed.
"Goes out with Dot? Well that's a funny way of putting it." Lab Rat said goofing with Jet.
The orange puffle jumped. "Uh no I don't mean go out with Dot in the sense they are going on a date just going out and doing more then hanging out here."
"I know what you mean Jet. By the way I've noticed this for quite a while but according to your computer you have a new message on PIM." Lab Rat said gesturing to the monitor with the message notice on it.
"Thanks L.B." Jet said as he hopped onto his desk chair then up onto the desk.

Fab_Movie_Director has sent you a new message.

Jet chuckled. He always found the Director's username amusing then he opened up to see what the message is.

Fab_Movie_Director: Jet, I noticed some odd items have been purchased by G & sent to your igloo. Should I be worried?

JetPacks4ever: No no don't worry at all! They are just for some of Lab Rat's experiments is all.

It took a few minutes but then he got a response back.

Fab_Movie_Director: Alright now I am worried. You know what that puffle did to my feathers one time?

JetPacks4ever: Uh.... no?

Fab_Movie_Director: Good. That's classified information. Basically what I'm saying is watch that puffle if you don't want hot pink feathers!

JetPacks4ever: Hot pink feathers?

Fab_Movie_Director: Shhh! Your not suppose to know.

JetPacks4ever: Alright then. I'll keep a close eye on him. I doubt he can get into anymore trouble then he already has.

Fab_Movie_Director: Wait, what trouble is that?

JetPacks4ever: Classified information.

With that he signed off not wanting The Director to pry further. The orange puffle jumped off the computer desk and looked at L.B. "Hot pink feathers? Really?"
Lab Rat shrugged in a way that puffles can then replied. "The guy was molting. I was just testing out a formula that I made that grows new feathers fast. He's lucky to have any feathers at all."
The two puffles stared at each other for a few seconds then burst out laughing.
"I have never actually seen The Director before but I can imagine he looked hilarious with hot pink feathers!" Jet said through his puffle-like squeaky laughs.
"You bet he did! That's what made P.H. want to dye her feathers brown." Lab Rat said giggling.
Jet Pack Puffle stopped laughing. "P.H. has seen The Director before?"
Lab Rat stopped laughing and tried to scramble to find the right words to use to cover up his mistake. "Well uh... you see um..."
Jet looked hard into Lab Rat. "That's a good thing you can't communicate to penguins because you really can't lie. Now spill, why is it P.H. is so special that she has seen The Director before?"
The brown puffle sighed. "Fine. The Director and P.H. are dating but it is more top secret then his hot pink feathers so SHUSH!"
Jet was so amazed only one word could escape his fluffy little puffle mouth. "Whoa."

Chapter 15: Up All Night

Jet's body has returned with the confused Dot wanting to get rid of him after all the trouble he caused. He was fast asleep with the occasional twitch of the flipper indicating that he was dreaming.
Lab Rat was up playing Ice Blocks on Jet's computer and yet again beat the final level. (There's a hidden game in mission 3 called Ice Blocks which is very addicting so I recommend that if you don't have much time don't play the game.)
"Lab Rat?" Jet asked waddling the puffle way into the room. "It's 2am why are you still up?"
"I often have a hard time sleeping at night so I thought I'd play some Ice Blocks." The brown puffle replied.
"Huh it seems weird for a puffle of your intelligence to be playing Ice Blocks."
"I may be a puffle of science but that doesn't mean I don't play computer games once in a while."
Jet was tired and didn't want to start any fights so he decided to change the subject. "You know, when I was a little penguin my mom would make me hot cocoa when I had a hard time sleeping."
"That sounds like a fabulous idea! Tell me where you keep your cocoa and I'll get started."
"Uh L.B. I was offering to make it." Jet replied.
Lab Rat looked Jet up and down then gave an amusing smile. "No offense but you haven't been a puffle for that long and I have been one my entire life. I don't think you could pull this off."
Jet shrugged. "I guess your right but at least let me help."
Lab Rat was entertained by the idea of Jet in the kitchen trying to make hot chocolate as a puffle. "Sure but how are you going to do that?"
"I may not be as smart as G but I do know jet packs very well." Jet said with pride. "I can make fuel with cream soda and thanks to the movie Chicken Little I was able to make my own jet pack out of soda bottles."

Lab Rat was waiting patiently on the kitchen counter for Jet to come in. He was humming the Club Penguin National Anthem which for some odd reason was stuck in his furry little head.
Suddenly there was a loud fizzing sound then pink, sparkly smoke clouded the kitchen and as soon as it cleared he saw cocoa, milk, and two mugs on the counter with Jet Pack Puffle right next to them.
Lab Rat smiled and showed an amused/teasing look in his eyes. "I see your adjusting well."
"Haha very funny." Jet commented sarcastically. "Lets get cooking."

The two were now at the kitchen table enjoying their hot cocoa and talking.
"So Flare actually had a crush on Loop at one point?" Jet asked stunned.
"Yeah but that's only because of the love potion that Pop and Flit brewed up for him as an April Fools Day present." Lab Rat replied.
"Sounds like life with the EPF puffles is a lot of fun." Jet said.
Lab Rat looked down into his hot chocolate then replied. "Yeah it is.
"Why is it Sparky that's in that competition to become the next EPF puffle and not you? It sounds like you have a lot more experience." Jet asked worried about the sad look on the brown puffle's face.
"Because the EPF puffles are mostly about work and they don't get to have a lot of fun like other puffles. They don't have the freedom to just roam about Club Penguin with their penguin. I wouldn't be able to work with G in his lab anymore and I'd always have to watch my back whenever I left the safety of the EPF HQ. Bad guys such as Herbert would know that I work with them and could pufflenap me. That is no life."
Jet didn't realize how hard the EPF puffles had it. He's glad that although Lab Rat and Socks belonged to EPF agents that they weren't in as much danger as the EPF puffles but one thing was still bugging him. "So L.B. why are you so sad about not being an elite puffle?"
It took a while but Lab Rat was finally able to respond. "The others and I are friends but they act as if they are apart of an exclusive club and don't let me in on a bunch of things. Sometimes they would be laughing about a mission then when I come in they would stop and look at me. If I ask them what was funny they would say that is was classified information and those who are not elite puffles are not aloud to know."
The little brown fella knew a ton of things that even Jet wasn't allowed to know only being a puffle and was able to go places and do things most penguins are not able to but he didn't realize that the elite puffles actually kept EPF secrets from other puffles and it must be hard for Lab Rat not allowed to be in on it.
Jet thought for a moment then smiled when an idea came to mind. "Wait here."
Jet went off for a few seconds then came back after searching through some postcards.
"Now I don't think this is against the rules but if it is I'll take the blame for it because it was my idea." Jet said giving a blank postcard to Lab Rat.
The fluffy brown rodent moved it around and read the words that appeared on it. "This is one of the EPF's invitation cards."
"How very observant of you. The test is very easy and I know you are a smart puffle and will pass all with flying colors." Jet said imagining himself standing there with flippers crossed and his sunglasses down his beak a little revealing his amused eyes mixed an your welcome expression. Man he missed his body.
"Thank you so very much Jet." Lab Rat said with a smile.
Jet picked up a pair of his sunglasses that were left on the kitchen table then replied. "No problem at all."
The two puffles looked out the window to see the sun rising & they then realized that they were up all night.

Chapter 16: The Test

Lab Rat left Jet behind to watch Socks to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid which wasn't the smartest thing but he really wanted to go do the test so that he can be an actual EPF agent.
The brown puffle looked at the name Everyday Phone Facility then rolled his eyes. "Personally I thought the Sports Shop was a better cover but no they didn't want to rebuild it."
He entered the building and could sense the scanner on him. "Hey I know what's gonna happen lets get this started." He shouted to the room.
"Oh really?" Lab Rat swore he saw the screen say for a brief second but wasn't sure so he shook off that weird vibe it was giving off. The brown puffle stretched out a little then waited for his orders.
"Lets see how fast you can run." The screen read.
Easy! L.B. maybe not the most athletic puffle but the little critters can move faster then the average penguin and know this test was designed for penguins he knew he could pass it easily.
He had to run from one point to the other of which he cleared in seconds.
"Excellent!" The screen read. Lab Rat closed his eyes and glowed with pride but then when he opened them he could not believe what the monitor said. "If I am judging you by penguin speed but puffle, you could do better. Which would you prefer I grade you as?"
Lab Rat was scared now. He has examined this technology himself and it was incapable of gaining artificial intelligence, either there was an actual penguin behind the controls or the thing was possessed. Penguins never operated it although it was built so that a penguin could take the controls but that was only if there was some kind of emergency. Like if the system crashed and the only way of judging new penguins to join the EPF was that if a penguin took over.
The possibility of the machine being possessed still stands. It's actually the only conclusion that Lab Rat could draw up because although the system can be alerted that a puffle had received the invitation after doing the DNA scan so that they know who it is entering to take the test. L.B. tested in his mind that after seeing a puffle get the invitation that a penguin such as The Director decided to take over the testing it being a unique situation but that can not be it because if it really did respond to what he said earlier then whatever it is had to understand puffle. The only penguin he knows of that can talk to puffles is P.H. and she was in Australia.
Lab Rat is a puffle of science true, but he knows that ghosts exist. G proved it scientifically on Halloween. The machine had to be possessed.
"Fine, I have poor athletic ability for a puffle I do admit so please judge me the penguin way on that so it won't hurt my score. I would like to be judged as a puffle for the rest of the tests though." Lab Rat told the machine.
It took a second but it finally gave the little brown rodent his answer. "Alright sounds fair enough. Ready for a game of hide & seek?"
"I'm ready for anything you are willing to throw at me." Lab Rat said with pride in his voice.
"I am going to turn off both cameras and give you 10 seconds to hide before turning them back on." The monitor read.
Both cameras turned off and then Lab Rat realized that he can't just randomly throw a snowball like a penguin can. He doesn't have flippers for molding one. Well he'll have to go with the next best thing, of which he was embarrassed to do but it was the only thing he could do.
The brown puffle coughed up a hairball and threw it at camera two then went behind a post, out of sight of camera one.
Both the cameras woke up. One was searching for him and two was frantically moving around trying to figure out where in Club Penguin it was.
"Great job little buddy, camera one was unable to spot you and camera two can't see anything!" The screen complimented.
Lab Rat smiled, part of it was pride but most of it was caused by the fact that he now knows what is wrong with the screen. Well most of it. He doesn't have the whole solution figured out. Although he did have an idea and all he had to do was yell very loudly to get his answer.
"Sooo, I guess I got stealth down." Lab Rat started to say in a regular tone then he raised his voice for confirmation that he was right. "THAT MEANS THERE IS ONLY ONE PART LEFT?" Then he fell silent for a second. After hearing what he was hoping for he decided to come up with a cover up for his actions. "Sorry I am very excited to continue, I had a hard time controlling my voice volume."
"It's quite alright, lets get started with the last test then." The monitor responded. A post moved revealing a square. "Step on the square." The screen told Lab Rat to do.
The brown puffle was far too smart to fall for that. "Or how about I do this?" He was not looking forward to it but he had to do it. He coughed up yet another hairball then threw the disgusting thing onto the square and the sound of static electricity escaped as laser-like bars shot in creating a cage trapping the poor little hairball.
"Very excellent." The screen commented. "You got 100% in everything assuming you are a penguin in the first test."
"Thank you G." L.B. said to the screen.
"What are you talking about? I'm not G, how can I be? G is in Australia and he can not speak puffle."
Lab Rat envisioned himself wearing a detective cap at this moment, giving G his deductions. "First off you called me little buddy, the only penguin I ever tolerate calling me that is G. The others know to avoid using those words with me. As for how you can understand me well there is that device that I created to communicate to you over the phone with. I assume you found a way to install it into the speakers that allow you to hear everything I'm saying and to test out that theory I shouted. I heard my voice echo so someone was using it, that someone being you G"
"Fabulous deduction but like I said I'm not G. He is in Australia." The screen said. "You are right about one thing though. I plugged in the device that you used to talk to G on the phone with but not so that I could understand you, it was for Socks."
"For Socks? Then that means...."
The post in the upper right-hand corner opened as it should to incoming agents but standing there in the doorway was Jet Pack Puffle.
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Chapter 17: Surprise Visitor

The three walked back to Jet's igloo together. Well sort of. They rode on Socks' shoulders and using tricks for riding elephants Lab Rat was able to guide Socks to the red penguin's igloo.
"So I can't believe my trick worked." Jet said to Lab Rat.
"What trick?" the brown puffle asked.
"I tried to sound like G when operating the test so that if you figured out a penguin was behind it you would not suspect me."
Lab Rat looked at him with a slightly more serious look in his eyes. "So the calling me Little Buddy was you over playing your part a bit?"
You could visibly see the orange puffle blushing but he tried to hide it. "Uh... yeah lets go with that."
L.B. smiled now knowing that calling him Little Buddy was a complete accident. That made him feel better because now Jet felt more like a close friend then a babysitter.
Lab Rat all of the sudden became curious as to why Jet chose to act like G of all penguins. "Why did you decide to act like Gary anyways?"
"Well I guess because I've been hanging around you for so long it was easier getting inside that brainy head of his."
"I guess that makes sense but he is in Australia so it's close to impossible for him to be the one behind the controls." The brown puffle replied.
Socks who was making airplane noises with his arms spread out flying around crashed into the door of Jet's igloo.
"We're home." Lab Rat said as he hopped off the crash landed Socks.
Jet used his soda bottle jet pack to fly up & open the door but what they saw on the other end shocked them all, even Socks.
"YAY!!!!! Stinky Feet is here!" Socks shouted then ran up to their surprise visitor and gave him a huge hug.
G was sitting in Jet's office chair working on his computer.
"Stinky Feet?" G asked. "Where did you come up with that?"
Socks sat down on the floor and started to pick his beak before explaining. "Well.... yur soks be very stinky so that makes dem yummmmy!!!! Well mostly da left ones. With the stinky soks you need stinky feet!"
Gary rubbed his chin, intrigued on the behavior and speech patterns of Rookie's demented little puffle. "I'm unsure if it was the way that Rookie raised you or if you were born this way but it is interesting. I hope you don't mind me running tests on your brain."
"Not in my body!" Jet yelled but then realized all G could hear were squeaks. "Oh... right."
"Oh that is so cute!" Gary said in a higher voice then his usual nasely voice."I am so sorry Jet, I can not help myself."
"He better not pick me up-"
Just then the royal blue penguin picked up the fluffy orange puffle who was complaining. "You are so fluffy!"
"Alright G, please stop pestering me. It's bad enough that Socks almost knocked you out of my chair in my body." Jet said annoyed but knowing he wouldn't get a response.
"Oh alright I'll stop messing with you." G said then put him down.
"Thank you." Jet said then realized something was off. "Hold on! Can you actually understand me?"
Gary laughed then took out a ear piece from his.... well you get the picture. (weird working with an animal without ears) "I looked at Lab Rat's notes on your computer on how he made the translator and made a little one of my own that I just need to put into my ear hole and I can understand everything you say."
Jet looked up at G, with serious eyes waiting for him to put the translator back in before talking again. "Why are you not in Australia?"
"Oh, Rookie's special training didn't go so well and some locals got mad at him for.... I'm not going to give the full details of the situation but I will say the entire population of koalas now hates Rookie. I had to escort him back home. Dot picked us up from the airport."
"Great so did you fix the body changer thingy?" Jet asked.
G gave a nervous laugh. "Well see um about that, I already mailed the parts and I seemed to have arrived back home before the parts could make it but I'm positive they'll be here by tomorrow. In the meantime there needs to be a responsible penguin watching over everyone so I'll stay the night."
"This is my igloo, you can't just invite yourself over." Jet said.
G crossed his flippers and gave a smile. "Correction, this is his igloo." G looked over to Socks who was on the floor sticking Jet's beak into a old boot then quickly backed away at the strong odor but the bad smell didn't stop him from pulling some mold out and eating it. "He is currently not fit to be watching two puffles so I shall take over that task until you return to being yourself again. It will be like a odd sleepover with you, Lab Rat, me, and Socks."
"Hey! You would invite Socks to a sleepover but not me? That's not fair!" A whiny voice cried out from Jet's bathroom. The toilet flushed and Rookie stepped out. "Jet why didn't you want to invite me to your sleepover?" Rookie asked look at the red penguin who was crawling around on the floor.
Socks in Jet's body crawled over to Rookie and hugged his flipper. "Daddy!!!! Yur home!!!!"
"Huh?" Rookie asked scratching his head.
"Oh Rookie, I forgot that you were not informed on Jet's current situation." G said.
"DON'T! I really don't want Rookie to know because if he found out then it's only a matter of time before word spreads!" Jet Pack Puffle screamed.
"Oh my little Socksy is squeaking again! Does he want his yummy O'berries? Ooh! Maybe he wants pizza! A sleepover isn't a sleepover without pizza!" Then Rookie looked over to Gary. "What were you going to say about Jet Pack Guy?"
"Zip your beak." Jet Pack Puffle said in a low and threatening tone.
"Oh Socks!!!! I have never heard you growl before! Is everything alright?" Rookie asked.
Gary was nervous by what Jet said. He was sweating bullets and trying his best to stay cool and composed of which was not working. He is terrible at lying when threatened. "Oh Rookie I'm sure he's fine. He just wasn't happy about you leaving him is all. As for Jet I heard that Socks hit him pretty good on the head and now he is convinced that he is Socks."
"Oh so the sleepover is just to keep an eye on Jet to make sure he doesn't eat his whole igloo?" Rookie asked.
"Yeah something like that." G replied then wiped the sweat off his face in relief.
This was gonna be a long night, for Jet.
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PostSubject: Re: Puffle Sitting   Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:07 am

Hey sorry about the many chapter updates at once but I have a goal to finish this before I leave to go to Mexico Wednesday morning. Ugh I gotta get up at 3am to make it to our flight but I'm looking forward to it, lots of inspiration. So if my future fics seem a little spicy you'll know why.

Chapter 18: A Mysterious Call

Jet was not happy. He had to wait until tomorrow to return back to himself and he had to sleep in the same room as Rookie who was convinced that he was his dumb pet who would eat anything. He was not going to act like Socks. At heart, out of all the puffles he truly is a black puffle as Rookie would be orange and G brown.
He thought about getting himself a black puffle but didn't want to hurt Flare's feelings so he decided not to.... hold on! He cares about Flare's feelings? He wasn't really aware that puffles had much in the way of feelings until he had to watch Lab Rat and Socks. He was going to miss Lab Rat when he returned to being himself and everything goes back to normal. Well almost normal, L.B. is now an official EPF agent which is very unusual other then the elite puffles there really aren't any puffle EFP agents.
"Socks, what's wrong sweetie?" Rookie asked concerned.
Jet didn't want to deal with Rookie constantly worrying about him so he had to do something in character of Socks to get him off his back.
Jet looked up at Rookie and squeaked, then he ran over to a cup where he keeps his pens and grabbed one then brought it over to Rookie.
"Socks, we can't play fetch with Jet's pens! He'll get mad at us whenever he returns back to normal." Rookie said trying to whisper. The others were asleep and he was being careful to not wake them.
Jet really wasn't in the mood for Rookie so he just went over to his desk and sat on top of it to be alone.

Jet had fallen asleep on his little blue stress pillow that he kept on his desk to squeeze whenever he got frustrated which happened often. Everyone else were fast asleep which was strange because they watched all the Night of the Living Sled movies, you'd think that they would be up the entire night too scared to fall asleep.
Just then his phone rang making Jet jump. It was his spy phone which meant that it was an EPF member and that it could be a major emergency so he had to answer. Forgetting that whoever was on the other line might not understand him he answered the phone.
"Hello?" Jet asked half asleep.
"Is this Jet Pack Puffle?" A voice asked from the other end.
"Who is this and how did you know.... oh wait! Can you even understand me?" The orange puffle asked confused. He didn't recognize the voice on the other end at all.
There were multiple giggles, squeaky giggles coming out on the caller's side. "Oh silly of course we can! This is Pop."
"Me is Carrot!"
"Howdy, I'm Loop."
"Hey dude! Blast here!"
"Hi, I'm Bouncer."
"Greetings Jet Pack Puffle, I'm Chirp."
A shy voice came in. "And um... I'm Chill. Sorry I was against calling but the others insisted."
Jet rolled his eyes. "Sounds like all the elite puffles on speaker phone except the one puffle that I really want to talk to, FLIT! Get your butt here now or you are dead!"
"Agent, what are you squeaking about?" Came Gary's half asleep groggely voice from the couch where he was sleeping. He got up and put his earpiece in.
"Almost all the elite puffles are on the phone except the one puffle that I WANT TO MURDER right now!" Jet said looking angrily at his spy phone.
"Like I'm so totally sorry there Jet but it was a funny story and I so had to share it with the others." A perky voice said from the other line.
"Flit! When I get my flippers on you, you are dead meat! DEAD MEAT!" Jet screamed into his phone.
"Shh!" G warned, not wanting Jet to wake the others up. "Let me talk to them." Gary picked Jet's phone up. "Hello?"
"Oh Gary! Like you can understand us now?" Flit asked.
"Yes thanks to Lab Rat we were able to create a successful device for penguins and puffles to achieve successful communication. Are you guys giving Jet a hard time?"
"It's all in good fun." A lower voice that sounded like a burning squeaky toy said.
"Ah Flare, or as Agent Kendi (my own penguin Kendalyn) called you when you first met, Little Buddy or Fireball." G said.
"That was before I was an EPF puffle and living out in the wild. I enjoyed giving the agents that got lost out there test driving your sled a little assistance as long as they were willing to feed me."
G chuckled. "Yeah our agents had good reports about you, that's why P.H. wanted to take you in and train you to better help the EPF."
Jet knew all the puffles had a lot to say to G so he decided to go back to sleep while they chattered on about old times, new times, the EPF, and for some of the older puffles the PSA. Maybe Jet might be able to convince Gary to make him one of those puffle communicators when he returns to being Jet Pack Guy.

Chapter 19: Special Delivery

The next day everyone was eating breakfast, G was falling asleep standing up after spending hours talking to the elite puffles. His beak fell into his coffee which woke him up, maybe a little too much.
"OW! Stupid coffee burned my beak!" G complained as he wiped it off with a napkin.
"That's wut ya get fur sticking yur whole beak in yur coffee! Believe me I tried and it HURT!" Socks said.
Everyone except Rookie who was partially unaware of the exact situation stared at Jet's body in amazement.
"That would have to be the smartest sentence I have heard come out of his mouth the entire time I was watching him." Jet said breaking the brief silence that everyone was unaware existed.
G sat down at the table and put down his coffee. "Socks, were you aware that you were Jet Pack Guy this entire time?"
"Not da entire time! That Dot lady kept calling me Jet so that is when I found out." Sock said then dipped his face into his Frosted Puffs cereal.
"Wow!" The sound arose from Rookie's end of the kitchen table. He put down the news paper he was reading. "The comics were amazing today!" He looked at Jet who had his face in his cereal. "You might wanna take him out, if he believes he's Socks then he might end up drowning. I always watch him carefully while eating breakfast to make sure he doesn't do that."
G picked up the red penguin and used a nearby napkin to wipe the cereal and milk off his face.
Jet was surprised. He knew that Rookie could be very clumsy and irresponsible but owning a puffle is really teaching him a few things about responsibility and he hoped that this would help make him a better agent.
Jet's doorbell rang breaking the orange puffle from his train of thought.
"Oh those are probably the parts that I sent." G said. "I'll get it."
Gary answered the door surprised to see who stood in the doorway. "Maddy?"
Everyone else came running after hearing that, even Jet who was curious about seeing G's lab assistant and wanted to know why she was at his door. Did Socks leave a bad impression when they met?
"Oh hi everyone!" Maddy said seeing two other penguins and puffles piling up at the door. "I came to see if Jet wanted to hang out but it looks like he's busy, oh and this package came for him."
"Oh! That must be the random goofy stuff that G sent Jet while we were in Australia!" Rookie said. "Wanna come in? We were just eating breakfast."
"Rookie I don't think that's-" G was cut off.
"I'd love to!" Maddy shouted then ran in dropping the package on the couch then flopping down next to it.
Jet got closer to her to see if he could get a better view then just what he saw in the doorway.
"Awww!!!!! How cute!!!!" Maddy said then picked Jet up off the ground. "I LOVE orange puffles! They are my favorite, with their silly attitudes and love for wagons. Does this little guy belong to Jet?"
"No actually he's mine." Rookie said blushing. "His name is Socks."
"That is such a cute name for a cute little puffley wuffley like you!" Maddy said digging her beak into Jet's fur.
"I wanted to get a good look of her but this is not what I had in mind." Jet said in a grumpy manner.
"Oh, that's odd. I have never heard a orange puffle growl before." Said Maddy looking at Jet strangely.
"He's been acting strange lately, I think it's because I left him with Jet when I went to Australia."
"I wouldn't see why anyone would hate being left with Jet, especially a cute little orange puffle like Socks. he is so childish and silly. It's almost as if he's an orange puffle himself."
"That's because he's convinced he is Socks after getting hit in the head. He's usually the opposite of what he's acting like now. If you like goofy and childish then look no further then me!" Rookie said then put on a fake beak and glasses.
Maddy giggled.
Gary that the two were connecting and decided to use that to get them both out of Jet's igloo. They were distracting him from fixing the body switcher. "Why don't you two talk about your interests at the Coffee Shop? I'll watch Socks, Jet, and Lab Rat while you are away."
"Yes! It could be like a date!" Rookie said. "Oh wait, I said that out loud didn't I?"
That made the periwinkle penguin giggle more. "Lets go." She said smiling and taking Rookie's flipper.

Chapter 20: The Switch Back

After another hour the smart penguin and brainy puffle had finished fixing the machine that had changed Jet's life forever.
"We made a few adjustments so that any interference won't cause anyone to end up in the wrong body again, not that this machine will ever be used at any other time but it might be handy to keep around." G said.
Jet was getting impatient. "The two of us are on the platforms that you told us to stand on so please just throw the darn switch already!"
"Alright, do you want an evil scientist laugh thrown in just for kicks?" G asked.
"No!" Jet yelled.
"Oh your no fun." G said in a child-like manner then flipped the switch causing bright flashes of light.
Jet had collapsed at the sudden jolt than ran through him but when he opened his eyes then stood up he could hardly believe it. He was in his own body again! "Thanks G," Jet said. "I'm going to go shower now."
"Well that was sudden." Gary remarked.
"Yeah well I don't know where Socks as been, I don't wanna know where he's been, I just wanna get clean then take a nap. I didn't get enough sleep these past few days." Jet said then he closed the door to his bathroom with both him and the slippery brown puffle on the other side.

I'm going to try my best & upload chapter 21 tomorrow but for now good night. It's 1am & I have to practice getting up early, lol wish me luck.
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Chapter 21: Communication

Lab Rat hopped onto the counter in Jet's bathroom. There was so much he wanted to say to Jet but knew he would not be able to understand.
The red penguin was hidden behind a shower curtain humming the song from Jet Pack Adventure. L.B. could see just a shadow of him washing his feathers.
"Here it goes," Lab Rat said quietly to himself. "Jet, these past week I spent with you was actually very amazing. I too was against the idea of staying here with you but then I settled into it. Not only did I create a few incredible inventions but I also gained a friend. A great friend who made hot cocoa with me and helped me to become an official agent with the EPF."
The brown puffle had to pause for a second to wipe a tear that manifested in his eye. "It just won't be the same anymore. Sure G could give you one of his puffle communicators but it won't be the same. I won't be able to just call you up to see if you wanted to go see a play or collect seashells at the Cove because there is a high possibility that you won't be wearing the device. I also wouldn't be able to shout hi Jet if I accidentally run into you while I'm wandering about Club Penguin. You would think I'm just another brown puffle squeaking at you. I am going to miss you, I really am."
Just then the shower curtain quickly moved revealing the head of a soaking wet bright red penguin's head covering the rest of his body with the curtain. He had an annoyed look on his face. "You know I just understood everything that you just said right?"

Jet had gotten out of the shower and dressed. He was in the living room and Lab Rat was talking to Socks.
"So Socks," L.B. started. "You could understand us this whole time?"
Socks spit out the old boot that he was chewing on. "Yeppers!"
"So why did you not respond?" The brown puffle asked.
"Cuz I didn't wanna listen, you two are no fun!" The orange hairball replied before examining the chewed up boot.
L.B. rolled his eyes. "Of course."

Chapter 22: Black Email

After everyone had left, Jet was relieved to finally have a little alone time. He go to take a nap and fix something to eat. After spending so much time with others the igloo did feel empty so he decided to check his messages on PIM.
One from G read, "I forgot to mention, while at your igloo I might of sort of accidentally checked your messages from The Director. After you cut off from him he wasn't pleased but you still have your job don't worry. I explained to him everything that happened even though I shouldn't have but he did have a right to know. Also, hot pink feathers? I wish I could have seen that!"
Jet was about to reply to the message that G sent when he got a message from someone else, someone he doesn't know.

HottHerby has sent you a message, this penguin is not on your contacts list. Would you still like to read the message?

Jet was curious so he clicked show IM just to see what this person had to say to him.

HottHerby: Greetings Jet Pack Guy, you are going to help me bring down the PSA.... my friend just corrected me. I mean EPF. I forgot that the PSA HQ had already been destroyed! *evil laugh*

JetPacks4ever: Who is this?

HottHerby: Who am I? Well I am surprised a smart penguin such as yourself has not figured that out yet.

JetPacks4ever: Herbert. Even you can't resist making up a funny username huh?

HottHerby: My username is not important right now! I am asking you to help me bring down the EPF.

JetPacksForever: You should know, I am loyal to them and would never help you.

HottHerby: Oh really?

HottHerby has invited 100PercentKlutz to the chat.

HottHerby: Activate the Krab Cam Klutzy!

100PercentKlutz: Click, click.

Just then a video with a little play button had appeared. Jet clicked it and it showed him, actually Socks in his body, flying around making airplane noises with two puffles riding on his shoulders.

HottHerby: Do as I say or this goes up on Penguintube.

JetPacks4ever: It is embarrassing yes, but I am not going to do as you say.

HottHerby: Oh Jet if you only knew.

JetPacks4ever: Knew what?

HottHerby: Klutzy and I have been spying on you for the past two weeks. We have so much dirt on you, you couldn't even imagine! We know about the entire situation that you were in. I do mean everything, switching bodies with an orange puffle and more. It's not just one embarrassing video, I have stuff that can ruin your entire life. Now I shall ask again, are you going to help me destroy the EPF?


The End?
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Puffle Sitting
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