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 A Club Penguin Halloween

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: A Club Penguin Halloween   Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:48 pm

Chapter 1: Dark Pumpkin

As fall approached the carnival had come to an end. The happy penguins shared with each other the things they have bought with their tickets and wondered what they would do with their leftover tickets. Their puffles played happily in the forest while they showed off their items and had a good time.
A new comer to Club Penguin, Dark Pumpkin or Dark for short studied these penguins as they enjoyed themselves. Kendi, one of his first friends since arriving sat with him explaining that the carnival was recently in town and told him about her favorite games.
"Oh and Puffle Paddle was the best!" Kendi said. "You start off with a blue puffle then you hit it up and down up and down."
Dark wasn't really interested in Puffle Paddle or the games that he missed out on. Mostly he was missing his home. It was in a different area in Antarctica, a little town called Hot Water. It was called that because of the beautiful hot springs that were in the area. It was nice. He misses playing with his friend there at the secret hot spring hidden deep in a underground cave. His friend was a gray puffle but it was better then not having any friends at all. He wanted to take the puffle with him when he left but she was nowhere to be found when he went to the cave. She was the closest friend that he has ever had. Now with his new job cleaning the pizza parlor, he rarely has time to go on any vacations which means no going to Hot Water and seeing his little buddy for a while. Hopefully he'll get some vacation time soon.
"So Dark, how's that job at the Pizza Parlor?" Kendi asked.
Dark was pulled back to his new friend sitting next to him who was talking about some meaningless game where you hit a poor little puffle with a paddle to keep it from falling.
"Oh um it's going okay." Dark responded.
Kendi smiled. "That's good to hear. You know, Halloween is right around the corner!"
Dark smiled at the thought of his favorite holiday. Scaring little penguins, getting candy, being scared yourself, and most of all THE HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS! Dark loved Halloween decorations so much! Back in Hot Water he ran the spookiest haunted house ever. The kids loved it!
"Halloween is my favorite part of fall" Kendi continued. "You can dress up as whatever you want then get candy. What are you dressing as this year?"
Dark wasn't sure. He always dressed accordingly to his haunted house theme for each year. Without running the haunted house what was he going to dress as?
"Oh um I'm not sure." Dark answered.
Kendi smiled and shrugged. "Yeah I'm not all too sure either. I hear there's going to be some neat Halloween costumes this year in the catalog such as a witch and unipeg but I think I'll go as something simple like a candy corn. Ooh! Or I can use my abonible snowpenguin costume. I scared Rookie pretty bad in that!"
"Rookie?" Dark asked.
Kendi all of the sudden got nervous. "Well um, he's a friend of mine. He's a little on the goofy side."
"Oh." Dark said not wanting to go further. It was yet another one of those things that made Kendi jump. She gets nervous so easily. He decided he would change the topic.
"I actually wish that I could do a haunted house this year like what I use to do where I lived before moving here but when I moved I had to sell a lot of my building material and as for my robotics and stuff I used in the haunted house they are pretty old and warn out. A few of them didn't survive the move. Also the usual volunteers I had are back in Hot Water. There would be no way that I could do it again this year." The dulled orange penguin said using the only thing he could think of to change the topic.
Kendi's emerald green eyes glowed in excitement. "Yeah! A haunted house! That sounds like fun. As for your problems there are many helpful penguins here in Club Penguin, also I have a friend who would love to fix your electronics for the house. I also know a great construction worker who can help build it. This will be fun!"
Dark was happy to hear that he can continue his tradition of running a haunted house but was surprised at all the penguins that Kendi knew. Well she has been living here for quite some time so it shouldn't be too surprising.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: A Club Penguin Halloween   Fri Oct 07, 2011 3:40 pm

Chapter 2: Getting Help From Gary

G sat in his lab sipping on his coffee. His puffle, Lab Rat typed away on the computer. He claimed to be working on some sort of formula but Gary took a peak and saw he was chatting on PIM with Loop. He knows how he feels about her but decided not to say anything to the lovestruck puffle.
The royal blue penguin noticed a smudge on his glasses so he decided to clean it off but as he pulled out his handkerchief the phone rang startling him.
G picked up the phone. "Hello, G speaking."
"Hi Gary, this is Agent Kendalyne." The penguin on the other line said.
"Oh Kendi hi!" G responded.
"So um G," Kendi started. "Can I ask you to do a little favor for me?"
Gary didn't have anything important to do. The cleanup of the carnival was over and now he was just relaxing in his lab. It would be nice to have some work to do.
"Sure agent, how about you come over to my lab and we can discuss it?"
"That sounds great! Be there in 5." Kendi responded excited.
G slumped back in his chair and took another sip of his coffee. He wondered why it is she always got excited when she got to visit his lab.
Just then the image of a penguin teleporting appeared in front of G. When she said 5 she must of meant five seconds not minutes.
A naturally orange penguin with currently dyed purple feathers and wearing a red music note hat with short brown hair stood in the place of the teleporting penguin. She had on a red music note shirt to match her hat and some brown boots. Around her neck was a small necklace. She had with her a purple puffle who automatically went over to Lab Rat to see what he was doing.
"Hello Agent. I see you have dyed your feathers purple again." G said.
Kendi giggled. "Oh you finally noticed? They have been purple for a week now but since Halloween is coming I think I'm gonna dye them black."
"Or you could use my Feather Dye Remover 3000 to bring out your naturally bright orange feathers. That's a Halloween color as well." G inquired.
Kendi smiled but then shrugged. "I love trying your inventions G but I think I'll pass this time."
"Oh alright. So Agent, what do you need?" G asked.
"Well, I figured that you would be able to help fix a friend of mine's electronics for his haunted house. He's keeping them in storage at his igloo. He told me that you can come by anytime to pick them up." The purple penguin explained.
G got excited. Lab work yes! He was going to fix these robots, no even better! He decided to add on some features to make them even scarier! The best part is it's something to match the current season. It will definitely get him into the fall mood.
"I'll do it!"
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: A Club Penguin Halloween   Fri Oct 07, 2011 9:27 pm

Chapter 3: Annoying Purple Puffle!

GeniusFuzzball: Yes Loop, I'd love to see you perform in a rodeo.

LittlePinkWonder: Really? That's great Ratty!

GeniusFuzzball: Aww! Of course I would. You are the greatest out of all the elite puffles.

"What are you doing?" A soft female voice asked out of nowhere.
Lab Rat jumped then turned around to see a pretty little purple puffle with golden eyes. Her fur was starting to gray a little and he could spot a few wrinkles suggesting that she's a little old for a puffle. Possibly 5 years old? That would be 37 in puffle years. Despite her age spots she still had a young shine to her.
"Oh um me? I'm typing to a friend." L.B. answered.
The purple puffle got excited. "Really? Is it one of the elite puffles?"
"Yes now if you will excuse me I would like to finish my conversation." Lab Rat said the turned around to see what Loop's reply was.

LittlePinkWonder: Gee, Ratty u r so gosh darn sweet! U r kinder to me then the other puffles I've noticed. You even deal with my bad grammar!

GeniusFuzzball: Well um... I haven't really noticed.

LittlePinkWonder: Come on Ratty! I am the only puffle on earth that u allow to let me call you Ratty. U also always seem to be there supporting me during my training & always wish me luck b4 I go out on a mission. I think ya like me.

Lab Rat was turning from a brown puffle into a red puffle.
"Wow!" The purple puffle said. "I've never seen anybody blush that brightly before!"
"Will you go?" The brown puffle asked.
"Go where? My owner is busy talking to G and I'm bored. I wanna hang here with you." The purple fluff ball said.
"Look, what's your name?"
"Magic, I am having a private conversation with a very pretty puffle so if you-"

GeniusFuzzball: Well yes I do think you are pretty.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" Lab Rat asked.
"Just telling Loop what you think of her." Magic said.
"WHAT? No no no!" Lab Rat was saying then rushed to delete the message but stopped when he saw Loop's reply.

LittlePinkWonder: U really thank I'm pretty? Aww! That is so sweet of ya! I always thought u were cute for a nerdy lil puffle.

"You were saying?" Magic asked with a big grin on her face.
Lab Rat looked over to Magic then sighed. "Thank you Miss, now if you excuse me I would like to finish my conversation with Loop."
"Magic time to go." Kendi said. "We're off to see Rory now."
With that the two left to go see the friendly construction worker.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: A Club Penguin Halloween   Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:53 pm

Chapter 4: Ghost Sightings

Dark was still working on the theme and everything for this year's haunted house. He wanted to do a good theme. One that will give him a good reputation in Club Penguin.
"GHOST! GHOST!" A scared little pink penguin wearing the sideways and a jean jacket with a yellow scarf was yelling as she ran past Dark and Kendi.
"A ghost?" Kendi questioned.
"Yeah! Right outside the gift shop! We need to call someone... like maybe the Ghoul Busters!" The pink penguin said.
Dark rolled his eyes. "You know, that was only a movie right?"
"Just a movie? Really? I don't think so!" A mysterious voice that sounded oddly familiar said.
The three penguins turned to see a neon green penguin in a Ghoul Busters outfit standing there. All of them knew who it was.
"Beak Murray?" The three questioned at once.
"Yep that's me! Famous actor. I came here because I heard there was ghost activity." Beak said.
The dull orange penguin crossed his arms. "Mr. Murray, just because you played a Ghoul Buster in the movie doesn't mean you really are one. I think we can handle these ghosts on our own."
"Don't listen to the freaky orange dude Beak!" The pink penguin said. "You can totally bust these ghouls that are terrorizing the island!"
"Thanks little miss," Beak said. "But the orange guy is right. I am just an actor. The real reason why I came here is because I heard from my good friend G that they are building a big and awesome haunted house here in Club Penguin and wanted me to help out. Of course since G and I are old friends I couldn't say no."
"Wow! Who knew that G knew the famous Beak Murray?" Kendi asked silently to herself.
"So Beak," Dark said. "Are you really going to help me?"
Beak crossed his arms. "Well if your going to give me the attitude you gave earlier then what do you think?"
"Hey sorry."
"Hey I was only kidding. It's fine little odd colored penguin." Beak said.
Dark looked at himself. "Odd?"

Kendi, Beak, and Dark went into the coffee shop to have something to drink while discussing plans for this year's theme.
"Sounds like a Ghoul Busters theme is the way we are going." Kendi said.
Dark put his flipper thinking about how a Ghoul Busters theme would work.
"I have a ghost costume. I could dress up as a ghost." Kendi put in.
"Yeah sounds great and I while you are scaring the people I can pull out my Ghoul Trap to catch you!" Beak added excitedly.
Dark purposely coughed. "Um who's haunted house is this anyway?"
Kendi put a playful smile upon her beak. "Well, I don't see you contributing at all."
Dark took it more seriously then he should have. "You want me to contribute? Fine! I was keeping my thoughts to myself but I'll put them out now. Here's the way I see it, the guests enter the house with a tour guide, they walk into a completely dark room then all of the sudden we see these images of ghosts on the walls and then the music starts playing. Right after the music starts to play smoke comes out and then appearing in the smoke a penguin in a Ghoul Busters outfit appears and starts blasting the ghosts. As a finally to this act he pulls out his Ghoul Trap to catch the ghosts then the guests move on into another room. As for beyond that I'm still thinking. There are you happy?"
Kendi was a little surprised but then remembered that Dark rather keep his thoughts to himself.
"GHOST! I SAW A GHOST!!!! IT WAS AT THE SNOWFORTS!!!!" A dark blue penguin in a light blue hoodie was yelling as he ran in.
Another ghost siting? Well it seems their Ghoul Buster haunted house was going to be a huge hit with all of this going on.

Alright I made a funny typo earlier that I decided to share with everyone once I finished this chapter. I fixed it obviously but I wanted people to know of this hilarious mistake.
"Don't listen to the freaky orange dude Bill!" The pink penguin said. "You can totally bust these ghouls that are terrorizing the island!"
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: A Club Penguin Halloween   Sat Oct 08, 2011 2:50 pm

Chapter 5: Construction

The three penguins went over to where Rory was working on the haunted house over at the docks.
"Howdy penguins! I was jus workin on the haunted house!" Rory said greeting them.
"How's it coming along?" Kendi asked.
Rory put down his hammer and walked back a little to look at the house. "I'd say pretty well. Looks spooky enough."
He was right on that. It was a spooky dark purple. At some areas he purposely pealed off some of the paint to give it a old and warn out feeling. On the second story stood a beautiful big triangle-like shaped window that was fogged. There was also a beaten up hold chimney with a few gray bricks missing and right outside there stood this eerie old tree with a wooden owl in it.
"Wow nice!" Kendi commented.
Rory wiped some sweat from under his construction hat. "Yep she took a while but she's almost complete!"
Dark was confused. She? Rory must have some issues.

After viewing the outside of the haunted house the penguins toured the inside then lent a flipper to Rory to add on the finishing touches. It was just about complete which is a good thing too. All the penguins were wondering why the docks were closed off. Once the robots are all fixed up, they can set them into the according rooms then have a sign up sheet for penguin volunteers. There's just one other problem. Costumes.

Chapter 6: G's Spooks 3000

After saying goodbye to Dark and Beak for the day Kendi went over to G's lab to see how all the robots and special affects were coming along.
As she entered she noticed his cute little brown puffle asleep in his bed and G was on his computer chatting on PIM.

G_Messenger3000: Sorry Aunt Arctic but I am very busy working on my inventions. I'll go to the play with you another time okay?

"G?" Kendi asked.
The blue penguin turned around in his chair and looked up at Kendi who was watching him type. "Oh hello Agent. I take it your here to see the animatronics that I have been fixing?"
Kendi shook her head gesturing yes.
G stood up excited. "Well they are finished! I am so pleased to finally be able to show them off to you."
Kendi became confused. "Um G, didn't you just say to... AdviceGiver123 that you were busy?"
Gary looked at the screen. "Oh right Aunt Arctic?" His geeky tone changed to a deeper more manly voice but still sounded nasally. "The ladies like a busy man."
The purple penguin wanted to slap G right now but didn't want to harm a feather on his cute face so she resisted.

The two penguins walked over to where Gary was keeping all the robots and everything for the haunted house. When Kendi saw what he had done she almost couldn't believe her eyes. They weren't just fixed they were modified too! Also there were new ones! He went all out.
"So agent," Gary said. "Want me to do the whole science guy gives the spy the intel on how the gadgets work?"
Kendi smiled. "Do it."
Gary walked over to a couple of gargoyles. "These little babies are more than just gargoyles!"
The purple penguin crossed her arms. "What? Are you saying they are like the ones in the Ghoul Busters movie?"
G looked at the four stone creatures sitting on one of his lab desks. "Well these ones aren't. These ones spit fire."
Then G pushed a button and bright green flames spit out of their mouths.
"Oh." Kendi said stepping back.
G laughed. "Don't worry this fire can't hurt you. It's just an illusion making it look like it's spitting fire. As to how I did it, well a great gadget guy never reveals hi secrets."
"Alright G, what else do you got?" Kendi said.
"I'm so glad you asked." G said with a smile then continued his Halloween gadget presentation.
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PostSubject: Re: A Club Penguin Halloween   Mon Oct 10, 2011 3:46 am

Chapter 7: Halloween Battle

Everything for the haunted house was going smoothly was Kendi was free to take part in other Halloween traditions that she tried to stick to every year. Attending Halloween parties for one thing. Another was watching how other penguins did Halloween on TV. Shows that are about extreme haunted igloos or pumpkin carving or one of Kendi's favorites.... Halloween cake baking! Oh yeah! Halloween Battle was about to begin on the Meal Network! Kendi was so looking forward to it.
"The teams will have to bake a monsterous treat for us tonight!" The penguin host said. "We want classic monsters to somehow work with this cake that you must create. The trick of it is this cake must include puffles."
All the teams on the show had confused looks on their faces. "Puffles?" Everyone asked at the same time.
The host smiled. "Yes puffles. They have to be happy and having fun while at the same time you must put in a classic monster that everybody knows. You have 5 hours. Can you make it?"
Kendi got all excited and her puffles did as well. All of their eyes were glued to the TV screen. This was one of the best shows ever. Right now they are down to four teams and each team consists of a cake baker, a candy maker, and a pumpkin carver. They must combine their talents to make a masterpiece for the judges.

Team Glow In The Dark:

"Alright so what I was thinking for our idea," A neon green penguin wearing a black shirt and bright orange apron said. "We do sort of a frankenpuffle thing. You get what I'm sayin? We have this cutesy little green cake puffle with the whole bolts thing and scar. He's happy because he's in his penguin's newly remodeled pumpkin igloo! Now his penguin I was thinkin can be made outta candy."
"Sounds like a plan to me!" A neon green penguin in a dark blue shirt, black baseball cap, and bright orange apron with some remaining pumpkin guts had sort of dried commented.

Team Trick-Or-Treat:

A pink penguin wearing the dizzy, cherry red shirt, and lavender apron was drawing out her plans out on a piece of paper while trying to explain her idea. "So like what I was totally thinking is we have this cute little pumpkin puffle right? Now like we paint him yellow indicating that he's a yellow puffle so he digs music and artsy like things. He's currently like totally in love with the hot candy phantom playing the cake organ you see?"
Her team just nodded their heads slowly showing they agree when really they are thinking that this will end in disaster.

Team Magic:

A cool purple penguin in sunglasses, black shirt, and blue apron was clutching a green dry erase marker in his flipper as he wrote out his plans. "So we have Drakupenguin coming out of his cake coffin holding onto his pet black puffle. Now what I was thinking is we make the puffle out of candy. Then Drak will have a small pumpkin head. As for his body.... um I'm still thinking on that."

Team Supernatural:

A black penguin wearing a striped black and maroon shirt with a black apron and bright green highlight in her short black wig brainstormed different ideas with her team. "So how about the puffle be the pumpkin?"
A yellow penguin in a light green hoodie, black apron, and orange spiky hair disagreed. "Nah we can't decide that until we know what monster we are doing. Besides I'm the pumpkin carver and you won't catch me dead carving something as cute as a puffle!"
There was a bit of silence then a light blue penguin wearing a magenta shirt and black apron raised her flipper.
"Yes Rita what is it?" The yellow penguin asked.
"I'll gladly make the puffle out of cake." Rita said.
The spiky haired penguin smiled. "Good then I get the monster."
"Hey! I wanted to do the monster!" The black penguin put in.
The yellow penguin laughed. "Penelope, who has ever heard of a candy monster? Come on! I can carve a better one with my mad pumpkin skills!"
Penelope got angry. "Oh really? Then how about I prove that I can carve a better monster, starting with you!"
With that she jumped onto him in attack accidentally knocking down the camera man.
"Ladies and gentlemen sorry but I think there has been a delay in the program. Please enjoy these happy puffles playing while we sort things out." Some voice said on the TV.
Kendi turned it off disappointed. "Darn! I was looking forward to seeing those amazing cakes!"
All her puffles' faces turned sad.
"Yes I know you were looking forward to it too. Oh well."
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: A Club Penguin Halloween   Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:55 am

Chapter 8: Getting Volunteers

Kendi had just finished the sign up list for the volunteer work. She knew many residents of Club Penguin would be happy to help out with a Goul Busters themed haunted house!

Dark was setting things up in the Coffee Shop. Many penguins including Aunt Arctic were going to be there for the aniversery party so it would be perfect.
"Hi Dark." Kendi said as she walked in and saw him finishing the setup.
Dark looked over at Kendalyne and smiled. "Hi Kendi. Get the signup sheet finished?"
Kendi smiled and closed her eyes then held her beak up proudly. "Yep! I decorated it with different goulish drawings and stuff."
Dark grabbed the sign up sheet then wore this worried look on his face. He smiffed it. "Uh Kendi?"
Kendi's eyes opened. "Um what Dark?"
"Why does it smell like pumpkin?" Dark asked.
Kendi giggled. "Oh that? I was just having so much fun making the thing when I finished I didn't want to be quite finished so I sprayed some pumpkin scent on it."
Dark was confused but didn't want to further question Kendi's strange actions. "Well alright. With the aniversery party we should get many penguins helping out right?"
Kendi shook her head. "Of course!"

Hours went by and the celebration of Club Penguin's aniversery definitely did fill up the Coffee Shop bringing in many different volunteers. They got plenty of penguins playing ghosts, Ghoul Busters, and other random things that they are throwing in to terrify CP. It looks like everything is going to go smoothly.... or will it?
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: A Club Penguin Halloween   Fri Oct 21, 2011 10:46 pm

Chapter 9: Penelope Joins In The Fun

They were packing up the volunteer table with the sign up sheet when a black penguin wearing a short black wig with green streaks and a maroon shirt with black stripes on the sleeves and a shadow of a puffle in the middle ran up.
"Is it too late to volunteer?" The penguin asked.
Kendi looked over to Dark who nodded then replied. "It's fine. We are always willing to take volunteers."
"Great thanks! I kind of have this spooky idea for the haunted house if you will let me." The penguin said.
Dark grew a curious look on his face. "Really? What would that idea be?"
The black penguin crossed her arms then smiled. "Candy ghosts."
"Candy ghosts?" Everybody asked together.
"Yeah. It's my chance to prove that candy can be scary!" The penguin said with a determined look on her face.
"Oh! Your Penelope aren't you?" Kendi asked.
Penelope frowned. "Yeah. You saw me on Halloween Battle didn't you?"
Kendi shuffled her flippers. "Um... yeah but I don't care about the fight. You were still good."
Penelope rolled her eyes. "Good acting there. Whatever so can you please allow my candy ghosts? I won't let you down I promise!"
Dark thought for a moment but then decided what the heck! It might be a great addition. "Sure."
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PostSubject: Re: A Club Penguin Halloween   

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A Club Penguin Halloween
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