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 CP Christmas Short: A Very Important Mission

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: CP Christmas Short: A Very Important Mission   Sun Dec 18, 2011 11:48 pm

This is a Christmas present for my best friend & #1 Jet Pack Guy fan Alyssa.

Chapter 1: Assignment

Jet Pack Guy rested in his igloo glad that the holidays were finally around. Everyone was happy. Herbert got Klutzy as a present, G had finished his new invention that he had been working on for the last couple months, Tamari got to kiss Jet when they found themselves under the mistletoe at the Christmas party, Kendalyne got to assist G with his invention, and Rookie is out of town visiting relatives which makes Jet very happy.

After a couple hour long nap the red penguin's spy phone started to ring. He picked it up to see it was G.
"Hello?" Jet said still half asleep.
"Jet it's me G." Gary said kind of quickly.
The tired penguin sat up and stretched. "Yeah all the spy phones have caller ID. I wanted to know what you need."
"I need you to teleport to my lab urgently! The fate of Christmas depends on it!"
Jet Pack Guy looked around to see he was already in G's lab. He hung up his phone then turned to the royal blue penguin. "G you already teleported me here."
"I know that's because I'm in a hurry to get you ready for this extremely important mission." G said trying to gather his gadgets to one spot on a table.
"What is it? If it involves Santa, I don't have enough jet pack fuel to fly all the way up to the North Pole from down here in the south." Jet said patting his jet pack.
Gary stopped quickly from his panicking and frantically trying to get his gadgets together to take a sip of eggnog then went back to work talking to Jet at the same time. "No thank goodness it's not a problem with the real Santa. It's the mall Santa who has fallen ill over at the Southern Lights Mall over in Icicle City. They can't find a replacement and all the little kids will be upset that they don't get to sit on Santa's lap."
"Icicle City? That's a hour away. Out of teleporting range.... wait a minute are you saying that you want me to be the replacement Santa?" Jet asked.
Gary nodded. "That's exactly what I'm saying."

Chapter 2: G's Childhood Fear

Jet crossed his flippers. "No G I won't do it! I don't get along very well with kids."
G looked down at his eggnog with a sad face. "But what about the children?"
"G, they'll be fine." Then Jet looked over to the sad penguin lost in his holiday drink.
"When I was seven," Gary started. "I got to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what I wanted. It was the most magical day of my life. It may have not been the real Santa but he felt real to me. That was the day I got over my fear of Santa Claus."
"G.. that's... that's..." As hard as he tried to hold it in Jet Pack Guy just couldn't. "That's downright hilarious! You use to be afraid of Santa Claus?" By this time the red penguin was rolling around on the floor laughing.
Gary looked down at him angry. "Well I was young and didn't like the thought of a chubby creature from the north spying on me day and night then has free roam to break into igloos on one night of the year. That day I learned that even though Santa is a stalker he has a kind heart. I don't want these kids to be let down."
Jet got up from the floor and fixed himself. "Alright I'll do it but not for the kids. Just because I really enjoyed learning that you were once afraid of Santa Claus! Oh I so have to tweet this."
Gary gave Jet Pack Guy a evil look.
The red feathered penguin slowly put away his phone and took that look seriously.

Chapter 3: Gadgets

G walked Jet Pack Guy to the table of gadgets to explain each and everyone to him.
"Uh do I really need gadgets for this mission G?" Jet asked.
Gary nodded his head. "Of course."
Jet Pack Guy just shrugged and figured that they might come in handy.
The royal blue penguin picked up a jingle bell necklace.
"Do you seriously expect me to wear that?" Jet Pack Guy asked with disgust.
"I do once you know what it does." Gary said. "This little baby relaxes around your neck looking like a jingle bell not unusual for the big guy in red. What it actually is, is a listening device so that I will know when something goes wrong."
Jet picked it up and looked at it. "Nifty."
"Now for the next item we have this," G held up a candy cane. "It provides instant happiness among the kids."
"So how does it work?" Jet asked.
G smiled. "I'm so glad you asked. You give it to the kid and they eat it. The thing works wonders if you get a crier. I know it worked for me when I didn't want to sit on Santa's lap."
G picked up another candy cane but this one had thicker, darker red stripes then the other. "Now you don't want to get this one mixed up with the real candy canes. What you do is take off the rapping, lick it, then the wet spot sticks to anything! It won't come off no matter how hard you pull."
G straightened his tie, took a sip of eggnog then picked up a snow globe. "This is the final invention, a snow globe inspired by one of my all time favorite Christmas movies. What you have to do is shake it and you are instantly in my lab! Only use it in truly sticky situations though."
"Uh G, that sticky line would have worked better with the candy cane one." Jet said.
"Which candy cane?"
"Never mind." Jet said with his flipper on his face.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: CP Christmas Short: A Very Important Mission   Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:03 pm

Chapter 4: Skippy The Elf

Jet had already arrived and changed into his Santa suit. The gadgets were on hand... er um flipper. He was about to go out to take his place among Santa's chair when he was stopped by a short yellow penguin in a elf costume.
"Your the replacement Santa I see." The elf said.
"Why else would I be dressed like this?" Jet asked.
"Right, well here's the way it works," The elf started. "I am one of Santa's elves, really. He sends his elves all over the world to listen to what kids want so that he can deliver what they want to them. I know there are not usually penguins in the north but this is just a disguise. As for my name, it's Skippy. Don't laugh it's a family name."
"So your really a elf from the North Pole?" Jet Pack Guy asked.
"Yep!" Skippy answered proudly.
Jet Pack Guy was amused but already on his way out to face the torture of little penguins sitting on his lap to get pictures taken and tell him what they want.

Chapter 5: Chick Troubles

It has been one hour already. Skippy stood by taking notes on everything the little penguin chicks asked for while Jet had to go through kids demanding all these toys, pulling at his fake beard, attempting to steal the candy canes (the ones for eating thankfully), and the occasional lap wetter which was not fun.
A hot pink penguin with a beautiful golden wig sat upon Jet listing off a long list of items. "And I want a doll house, a puffle plushie, a autographed background from Cadence, a Penguin Band poster, and a tiara for my puffle."
"So that's it?" Santa Jet asked.
The little girl thought for a moment then responded. "You know, your right! I also want a couple new wigs and a pink scarf."

After another half hour the little girl was done and it was time for the next child.
"Come here little boy." Jet said picking up a cute little fluffy aqua colored baby chick. "What would you like for Christmas."
The little chick shook his rattle happily and giggled.
"I take it you can't talk yet." Jet said patting the little guy's head.
Then a light green colored penguin stepped forward. She was the chick's mother. "Actually he knows one word."
Santa Jet tickled the baby. "And what would that be?" He asked the baby.
"WHACK WHACK!" The baby screamed then whacked Jet Pack Guy in the head with his rattle.
Jet rubbed his head. "Oh, I see."

Chapter 6: Your Never Too Old For Santa

The next kid a green penguin in a propeller hat and sunglasses ran up and jumped onto Santa Jet causing him great pain.
The red penguin straightened himself then looked at the penguin on his lap in shock. "Rookie?"
Rookie smiled and became really happy. "Santa!!!! You remember me from last year!!!!"
"Last year?" Jet asked silently to himself.
"Yeah!" Rookie said happily. "And the year before that and the year before that!"
"Oh brother." Jet Pack Guy said rolling his eyes. "Anyways, I thought you were seeing family."
"Wow you really do know everything about everybody! My family lives here in Icicle City!" Rookie responded.
"A Rookie, you know your too old for this right?" Jet asked.
"Your never too old to sit on Santa's lap!" Rookie said then noticed something. "You know, you sound a lot like my best buddy Jet Pack Guy but between you and me, your way cooler then Jet."
"Rookie! It is me!" Jet started to say then looked over to Skippy who was giving him a stern look. "I mean it is me!" Jet said changing his voice to a more jolly tone. "Santa Claus! What can I get for you this year little boy?"
"Well it's not so much something for me but for Jet Pack Guy. I really want him to smile for Christmas this year because he is always grumpy. G and I sometimes call him Mr. Grumpypants because he never wears a smile. You think you can help bring joy to his heart for Christmas this year?"
This really touched Jet Pack Guy. It normally wouldn't but something about this made a tear grow in his eye but it quickly disappeared when he remembered his nickname. "Mr. Grumpypants? You know it's not nice to call penguins names behind their backs."
"No no! It was only a joke nickname! Please don't put me on the naughty list!" Rookie begged.
Jet Pack Santa smiled. "You have never been on the naughty list Rookie, and you never will be if you keep up the good work that you do" Jet looked around then changed to a whisper. "for the EPF."
Rookie was shocked. "YOU KNOW ABOUT THE ELITE-"
Jet covered Rookie's mouth. "Keep it down. It's a secret remember?"
Rookie shook his head gesturing yes with Jet's flipper still over his beak.
"Don't worry Rookie your message will be delivered to Santa and I'm positive you will get what you asked for." Jet Pack Santa said as Rookie waddled off waving at him.
Jet smiled. "Little does Rookie know, his Christmas wish has already come true." Jet said to himself.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: CP Christmas Short: A Very Important Mission   Mon Dec 19, 2011 8:21 pm

After Story Chapter: Shut Up!

Jet had returned to Club Penguin with a shake of the snow globe.
"I heard everything." G said seeing his return. "Looks like the only gadget you didn't use was the sticky candy cane."
Jet gave a pleased smile. "Actually G I found a very important use for that one."


Skippy was yelling at Jet Pack Guy furiously for breaking too many rules. "And another thing when a kid passes gas on your lap you don't throw him off!"
"Uh huh, uh huh." Jet said not listening. He was too busy unwrapping a candy cane.
"Hey! Are you even listening? Drop that candy cane and listen to this lecture!." Skippy said angrily.
"Oh this candy cane?" Jet asked looking at it. "I'm sorry here you can have it."
Skippy was confused at first but then shrugged and took it. He licked it once. Then he started to suck on it. "Hmm? fbaoaboebfoeabeo!!!!!!" He said unable to open his mouth because it was stuck to the candy cane.

Back To Present

G was using his flashback machine to view Jet's flashback. "Wait how is it I didn't hear any of that?" He asked.
Jet smiled and looked at the jingle bell. "As it turns out this thing has a off switch."
"Oops I forgot about that." Said G feeling a little smrat.

Smrat: Sarcastic way of saying smart.
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PostSubject: Re: CP Christmas Short: A Very Important Mission   

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CP Christmas Short: A Very Important Mission
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