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 Toontown Skype Drama

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Toontown Skype Drama   Fri Jan 13, 2012 12:10 pm

Alright to start off I have no idea what this would go under. It is not directly a Toontown fanfic. It's not really much of a fanfic at all seeing it is just more of a story coming out of my head although I do use Toontown & Skype.

This is a story many people who play Toontown can relate to, it is not the characters in charge but the actual people behind them & how they deal with each other & everything. I'm going to start off how they met then skip over to present time when it seems their little family is almost completely apart. The main character keeps a journal of the happenings on Skype & so a lot of what is in the story is writings in the journal. I have never used another font on here before so if I mess up a little please just deal with it.

Chapter 1: How it all got started

June 7th, 2006

Wondering the TTC playground in Toontown my little duck, Darlin Lil Ducky was bored. When I say bored I mean downright dead BOOOORED!!!!!! It felt like a regular day but little did I know this day was going to change everything!

A whisper came in from another duck named Lady Sally Sparkleswirl, "I like your name."

I answered back. "Thanks." I knew this was the start of a new & great friendship.

I took her to my house where we then SFed. She was a delight to talk to & we both have been playing Toontown for quite a few years. We exchanged youtube channel information & also our AIM usernames.

I'm sorry journal for writing in you so late, well actually early in the morning because Lady Sally & I were up all night typing to each other on AIM.

Amy closed her journal. Reading the page of when her & Sally first met hurt. It hurt a lot.
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Toontown Skype Drama
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