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 Agents of Both Universes

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Agents of Both Universes   Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:30 pm

Chapter 1: Evening Air

"Scanning, identity confirmed. Agent Evening Air you may enter." The red light said in a female voice as it scanned Eve's crystal blue eye.
The black cat with such tall legs and small body entered the secret room with her long flowing hair pulled back into a beautiful sparkling misty blue ponytail. She had such a unique hair color if you are talking about regular Toontown that is but this is another universe.
In this universe The Toons In Black Gloves has never existed. Many toons remember the old days. They are more kind to each other so there is no need for any kind of secret organization keeping them safe. They can handle the cogs more easily seeing as they are more open to helping their fellow toons.
These toons are smart. Loony Labs comes up with more amazing technology and a lot of the stuff happening here ends up happening in the other Toontown at one point in time although there are things that goes on in this universe that don't happen in the Toontown many people know.
"Hey Eve!"
The sleek black cat's attention was drawn over to a tall purple dog with emerald green eyes, a blue jean skirt, and a white and purple colored Flippy shirt who was calling her name.
"Yes Captain Poppy what is it?" Eve asked with a sweet and gentle tone, a voice that sounds almost as if it belongs to the winds that blow on cool summer nights.
Poppy spun around in the chair she sat in then stopped herself by tapping her foot on the desk and replied. "Today is your first day traveling to the other dimension. Are you excited?"
Eve smiled. "Of course I'm excited but I am also very scared."
Poppy laughed. "Yeah I was first time too but I already talked to your cousin. She's way over excited for the trip."

Chapter 2: Ninth Life

Ninth Life had just gotten done going over the packing of everything on the equipment list of things they will need when traveling to the second Toontown.
She stood up and took off her blue hat revealing her short, sea green dyed hair. Her Amber eyes that usually glowed with enthusiasm and excitement showed a slight trace of tiredness but that was because she was unable to get a good night's rest the last couple days only thinking about today's mission.
Her long smooth black tail usually handy for small things was used to finish zipping up the last of the four backpacks used for the four adventurers who will be traveling to this foreign universe meeting the toons they know and love but only to find none of them won't be seeing a familiar face but that of a stranger.
Toons that work for this top secret agency are only allowed in because they do not have a double in the other universe because of death or simply that they were never born at all.
Everyone that they face will not know who Ninth Life or the other three really are because they only exist within their own universe in a town that all who work for this top secret agency call Test Town.
The reason why they call it that is because it seems everything that is welcomed in the other universe has already happened within theirs so it feels as if they are the ones testing it out.
"So Nina," a grungy like voice was saying. "You all for straying from the group for a few min so you can meet some good friends of mine?"
"Hey Ruby you have been on the most missions of the entire group. Even though Captain Poppy is in charge of the whole thing I think you deserve the right to sneak away for a lil and take your best bud with ya." The black cat said, her voice that carries the sounds of a wild river rushing over many rocks and pebbles sounding more happy then usual.
The bright red rabbit smiled, her red violet eyes shined with excitement mixed in her mission look which meant it was time.
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Agents of Both Universes
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