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 Club Penguin Short: G's GPS

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Club Penguin Short: G's GPS   Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:51 pm

This is a short story about a GPS that G installed on the sled that we get to test drive in mission 2. It has had many repairs & this time G is positive that nobody would get lost test driving it.
A few things before we get started, if you have read Puffle Sitting it gives a little preview to the sequel of which I won't start until I get back from Mexico. Another is if you have not read Puffle Sitting then don't worry, it's just a story kind of sort of outside the Puffle Sitting story although if you read the sequel then you would have to at least know how this one ends to get a few parts that I'm going to throw in.
One important thing that you need to know is, in Puffle Sitting I had Flare be that helpful black puffle from the PSA missions (I wanna cry because I prefer those over field ops) so if your a little confused on that I'm sorry & if you skipped this whole thing, well I guess I'm just going to have to explain that little bit in the fic now won't I?

Chapter 1: Finding A Victom Volunteer

G straightened his tie and wipe some sweat off his forehead. He doesn't like crowds too much but by now he has gotten use to presenting his latest inventions or presentations in front of the EPF. He still does get nervous sometimes though.
He walked into the meeting room filled with senior agents from the old PSA. Even Rookie was there. Not sure now they can call him Rookie seeing as he was a member of the EPF longer then many of the penguins in the room although all of them were PSA members longer then him. Still the name does fit him so no reason to call him anything else.
"G!" A orange penguin wearing a brown wig shouted.
"Ah, Agent Kendi, I see you have gone back to your original feather color." G commented.
"Yeah I like changing the color of my feathers a lot but nothing beats my original color!"
"Agent Jinx, do you think you can hit the lights?" G asked a small lime penguin wearing a red sideways wig and had on sunglasses that were slightly too large for her face.
"Sure thing Garyyyyy!" Jinx said as she tripped over her own flippers and crashed into the light switch turning the lights off.
G gave a small giggle. "That's not exactly what I meant by hit the lights but it works."
The lab coat wearing royal blue penguin pushed a button from a remote control that he pulled out of his pocket and a screen lowered. After another push of the button a projector turned on shining an image of the sled from the second PSA mission.
The whole room screamed in terror.
"Not that darned thing again!" A yellow male penguin shouted.
"It's come back to haunt my nightmares!" Another yelled.
"The only good part about test driving that thing was me meeting Jet Pack Guy!" A bright red penguin said.
"Agent Tamari, I thought that you loved that mission."
The red bird crosed her flippers. "Like I said, the only good thing about it was meeting Jet Pack Guy, other then that it stank!"
"No offense G," Jet Pack Guy said. "But do you have any idea how many agents I had to rescue that got lost in the wild because they were test driving that monster?"
"Yeah," Said Kendi. "After a while it was considered PSA initiation to drive that snow mobile then get lost out in the middle of nowhere. You survive your in, you die well then you die."
"Considered initiation?" Jinx asked. "You guys told me that I had to test drive G's sled then survive in the wild for a few nights to become an official PSA member!"
"We lied," Said Tamari. "We only told you that because none of us wanted to be the guinea pigs once G was done fixing it up. We did that to all newbie PSA agents so please don't think that you are special."
"Everyone please stop complaining. I wanted to show you slides of the upgrades on the sled." G announced to the horrified EPF agents.
"Upgrades?" Asked Kendi. "Does this mean that you are looking for a volunteer to test out the new model?"
"Well yes that's exactly what this meeting is about." G replied.
"Alright then, I'm out." Kendi said waving. "See ya later G."
"Kendalyne! Wait! Don't leave please." Gary shouted.
All the other penguins started getting up from their seats.
"Hey where are all of you going?" The frustrated blue penguin asked the crowd.
A hot pink penguin with short blond hair, shades, and a scarf turned around. "Sorry G, I am that going through that again!"
"I knew this would happen." Gary said under his breath then he pushed another button on his remote, this time causing a clicking sound on all the doors.
"Uh G, did you lock all the doors?" Jet asked.
"Yes, you guys didn't even hear me out. There's a new feature added that I'm sure all of you would love."
"And what would that be?" The pink blond asked.
"I am so glad you asked Agent Fox. I installed a GPS!" G announced changing the picture on the screen to a picture of the GPS. "This is no ordinary GPS, It's G's Personal Satellite meaning it is operated by my own satellite hovering right over Club Penguin. You can't get lost because she knows her way around Club Penguin, even in the wild territories."
She?" Kendi asked with a threatening tone.
G blushed. "Oh um... Gigi speaks with a female voice so it's easy to refer to her as a she."
Kendalyne narrowed her eyes. "How about you test her out. I'm sure she'd love some alone time with you."
"Oh that sounds like a fabulous idea, I would love to see my creations in action but I am not much of a field agent." G replied wishing that he was more open to working out on the fields.
"Well then here's your chance to practice." Jet said. "I'll be flying around in the wild area keeping a eye out for you just in case you crash your sled."
"There is no need to worry about that Jet." Gary said raising a flipper. "I know my own sled and my own GPS I'm positive that I will be able to test drive it then bring it home safely, in one whole piece."
Kendi was staring at G with crossed arms and a scowl upon her face. "Yeah I'm sure you know Gigi well. Have fun, and please unlock the doors I have puffles that I need to feed."
All of the agents started shouting in agreement so Gary pushed the button that allowed the doors to open releasing all the agents from that stuffy board room. The only two who remained were Jet and G.
Gary turned to the red penguin. "What's up with Agent Kendi? She doesn't seem too happy."
Jet rolled his eyes and put his flipper on G's shoulder. "You are a very smart penguin but you have no idea when a girl likes you."
"Huh?" G asked.
Jet gave a very brief smile. "I'll let you figure it out on your own. As for now it's my turn to clean Flare's litter box. See ya." Jet Pack Guy waved then went out the door.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin Short: G's GPS   Tue Feb 21, 2012 8:14 pm

Chapter 2: Test Drive

G had everything he needed together and ready to go for his trip. G brought everything he would need if stranded, except the survival guide because he didn't have any room left and he knew what he was doing. He wrote the guide in the first place, it's not like he could just forget everything about surviving in the wild. He figured he didn't even have to worry. It would only take about 20-30 minutes to drive the sled around a little then stop at the Pizza Parlor for lunch.
G put his key in to start up the sled and off he went! He drove it around a little then realized that he forgot to program his location into the GPS. He put it in then followed the instructions of Gigi.
"Turn left at tall pine tree." Gigi said in her.... robot voice? Except it was a little different, lower and carried a light accent with it. Maybe because G had never actually heard her voice before when actually out on the snow. He expected it to sound more robotic but he did design it himself and he is clever so he figured that maybe he made the voice sound more intelligent than the device actually is.
"Turn right at slope." Gigi said as G reached a small slope.
"Hmm that's a little odd. I have not taken this way before but then again I don't go out here very often." Gary said. "I should trust that Gigi knows what she is doing."
"Go straight until you reach the big boulder then turn left." Gigi told the blue penguin to do.
G did as he was told and from there saw nothing but ice and snow. No familiar landmarks, no landmarks at all!
"Turn right and keep going." Said the GPS.
Again the royal blue penguin did as he was told.
"Keep going straight until you fall off the cliff."
At first G heard nothing wrong then he was confused when he realized what she had just said. "Wait what???!!!"
It was too late. G went flying off the cliff and crashed into the snow.
"You have reached your final destination."
G drummed his flipper angrily. "Gee thanks for the great directions"
"You are welcome."

Chapter 3: Stranded

"Gigi, I never thought that technology could ever let me down, until I met you. I think we should break up." G said frustrated and tired.
"Oh. I was unaware that we were dating." The GPS replied back to him.
"How cruel Gigi! You didn't notice how delicately I fused your wires and.... wait a second! How are you doing that?"
An evil laugh arose from the GPS. "Oh I thought you were suppose to be the smartest bird on the island!"
"Wait! I recognize that accent! Herbert! Speaking with Gigi's voice?" G asked confused.
"I had to so you wouldn't get suspicious but I have no clue on how to change the settings on this thing so that I can talk in my own voice." Herbert responded.
G couldn't help but laugh. It was so funny hearing Herbert's speech pattern in a female voice.
"It is not funny penguin! Anyways now that I have gotten you away from the island there won't be much stopping me from, I don't know TAKING DOWN THE EPF!!!"
"We have some incredible agents that can bring you down Herbert."
"Oh really now? The next best penguin has already been taken care of and the agents rely on you most of the time so without a you what will they do?"
G was scared not for his safety but for the other agent that Herbert said that he took care of. "First off there is still the director and next who was it that you messed with?"
"Oh as of who I'm not telling but don't worry I didn't hurt him, maybe his mental image but not him. I'm blackmailing and it's working. He is like my little puppet on a string, doing every little thing I tell him to do. You know why I'm sharing all of this with you right?"
"Most penguins would say the classic bad guy gloating but I know that is caused by them being positive that the hero won't live for much longer so to make their pride stronger they'll brag about how amazing their plan is which is a huge mistake because if the hero makes it out alive they can easily stop him or her."
"Well you didn't have to explain it in such a rude manner but yes that's basically it so enjoy your last night of life while I go destroy the precious organization that you work for."
"I am going to make it out alive Herbert! I wrote the survival guide for our agents after all!"
"Yes but how good are you at putting that knowledge to use?"
"I don't need you disencouraging me in the voice I always envisioned my future wife having Herbert!"
"Huh weird I always imagined you ending up with the green one that wears the glasses and pink hat that gives the advice. I never knew you were in love with the dancing one."
"What are you talking about? I don't love Aunt Arctic or Cadence!"
"Well Gigi does sound an awful lot like Cadence."
"Can we please stop this conversation?" G asked.
"Oh right!" Herbert said. "I have a whole elite force to take down. Enjoy being stranded."
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin Short: G's GPS   Sun Mar 04, 2012 7:32 pm

Chapter 4: Message In A Bottle

After walking around the wilderness trying to get to know the area, G sat down on a log. He was tired and wanted to rest.
After a few minutes he noticed a cream soda bottle laying there, he knew he had to use it to gain help. He picked it up, took a piece of paper from his pocket along with a pen that he usually keeps and started to write.

(You might wanna get out your handbooks for the message.)

He stuffed the message into the bottle and sent it down the stream. Now all he had to do was put all the survival skills that he had to good use and wait.

This is the end of this story but it kind of sort of continues in the sequel to Puffle Sitting. This was kind of suppose to be a little side story, it's kind of hard to explain. Also sorry about a lot of it being in secret agent code but if you get the tic tac toe method it really isn't that hard to read.
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PostSubject: Re: Club Penguin Short: G's GPS   

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Club Penguin Short: G's GPS
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