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 The Amazing Trio: The Contest

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: The Amazing Trio: The Contest   Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:17 am

This is an extremely long thing I had to say before the story was officially started stating why I decided to go along with something that I started 5 years ago now. Basically I saw how the characters have aged & everything, made me sad that I was the only one to see them when they were young & now they are high school students. It's just a long & complicated thing that you can skip if you please.

I actually never had a name for this before but 5 years ago it started off as a mini show inside my head. I had this sort of meditating state I would put myself in then as if I was watching tv inside my head I would watch whatever my brain would come up with.
Seeing as I have been doing that for over 10 years which is more then half my life I do have older stories but this one I have stuck with & I am very close to. I have watched the characters age, relationships formed & broken & just grow up.
I think about then when it was new, to me & how it is now & I cry. I wanted to relive the beginning from 5 years ago but did not know how well I could recall it all.
I know I should have written these down but I never did as I was afraid that someone would discover them & make fun of it. Some of it is very private & that will never be shared, but some of it I am tired of keeping to myself so I was like it must go up on the internet somewhere but was unsure exactly where it would go.
I decided to call it The Amazing Trio because it is about three girls who are very close friends & have superpowers. They fight crime together on earth & other planets as well. They have been through so much together & I will say by this point it has grown past the point of being a trio to having 2 extras although one of who I just did not like I was able to drop although the other has been in it since a little after the beginning so I just could not get rid of her. She is more on the side though.
I can't give out too much on the forth seeing as it would be a huge spoiler but when she does join in I'd expect instant rejection because of how she is portrayed earlier on. This happened about 4 years ago with me & the idea in my mind has been settled so when it does happen just live with it.
There are reasons why I choose now to finally post these three adventures on the internet, one because my main connection to their world is slowly dying & I am unsure on how much life it has left but it is extremely important for me to use in order to access that part of my brain.
I do not know how to explain it, it's like a thing, a.... I really can not explain it. I do not know how many people out there can connect with this, I don't know if I am the only person on earth who does this sort of thing or if it is common.
It is quite embarrassing actually but I am saying this now because I am tired of feeling alone, I am tired of not sharing my stories or the adventures I have gone on just by watching a tv in my head. I don't like keeping everything to myself so why not share it with the world?
What I use to connect myself with it is a foam snake on a wire leash, it is a thing known as a walk-a-pet. They use to be sold at the Oregon Zoo but they stopped selling them a few years ago so I was no longer able to buy new ones to replace the old destroyed ones.
They stopped selling the snakes so sometimes when the leash has broken off so much that it was too short I'd buy maybe an elephant & use it's leash as a replacement but now they just do not sell them anymore & I am down to my last walk-a-pet with only one leash replacement left from another destroyed one but I am unsure where the wire is.
I can not just buy a basic wire from the store, it is more complicated then that. I can not explain it in a way that would make sense so how about I just get on with the story.

The story starts now so this is around the part where you are done skipping & just go straight to the story, just to say remember this is something that I came up with 5 years ago so I am trying my best to pull it from my memory. It is something that for me already happened so I can not change it because well changing anything that happened in my characters' past would just hurt too much seeing as I've had them for 5 years now.

Chapter 1: Alien Abduction

Margret Williams, or as she likes to be called Maggie slept in her bed soundly.
She had a busy day, her 12 year-old life always full of new things to discover. She just ended her last year of grade school not too long ago and now it being summer her favorite season of all she can enjoy the last three months of being a kid.
Near end of August is her 13th birthday which means right before starting middle school she will be a teenager. Older then her other classmates, something that she was use to.
Now after a long day of playing in the warm California sun during her first day of freedom she had to rest up. Tomorrow she had plans to beat the boys at a game of dodge ball but sadly she was never going to get to that activity.
The firey look to the beautiful red hair that lay upon Maggie's head glowed, actually the whole bed glowed, a bright blue-like color like a beam from above covering up the young girl's bed in it's radiant shine.
Lucky for the abducters Maggie is a heavy sleeper, especially after a long day of play. She can be vicious. If she had any idea what was going on she would fight back.
In a quick second after the glow appeared it vanished taking Maggie with it!

"Huh? What?" Maggie said in her scratchy voice as she woke up in strange clothes laying in a strange bed.
She looked down at herself. Her tanned body was covered with a white t-shirt with white pants which was completely boring. She had no shoes on and to her surprise the bed and ground underneath her were white as well. The whole room covered in white! It was so bright it was almost blinding.
She could see other figures moving around as if they were just waking up themselves in other white beds too. At first they were invisible thanks to the camouflage the beds and those sleeping in them carried due to the room being the same color.
"Wow, whoever owns this room really needs to hire a designer!" Maggie thought out loud.
"Oh please honey!" A voice came from an opening door. "It was my idea to go with the all white, that way it can be anything you want it to be giving our new contestants some comfort to being forced out of their homes and into a game that could very well cost them their lives." The voice continued as it's owner revealed himself.
A man stood in that doorway. He had medium light brown hair pulled back into a ponytail, and wore a magenta turtleneck with a light purple vest. He had on the same shade of purple in a small hat upon his head and a pair of small prescription sunglasses that complimented the pink shirt. His pants were a dark purple and a black colored belt laid around them holding the already tight-ish pants up with the magenta shirt neatly tucked into the pants.
"Um this might be an odd question but is this how many aliens look?" Maggie asked curious.
The others who were waking up in a dazed and confused state were also wondering about who this mysterious man was and looked over to him to see what his answer is.
"Oh sweetie, I am a proud resident of earth, if you want to see an alien then-" The man was saying but got cut off.
"That is enough Joana! No more information must be revealed to the contestants." A tall man who towered at the height of 7 feet said to the smaller guy who only stood at 5'7.
This guy was very muscular. He looked healthy but old. He was almost bald with very small and thin dark brown hairs showing on top of his head. He had a scar going down above his right eye and wore actual camouflage. He has definitely fought a few wars in his days.
Hold on! did he say contestants?
"Wait a minute, contestants? For what?" The confused redhead asked.
The tall guy smiled then responded. "The deadliest legal game in the universe simply known as The Contest."

Chapter 2: Teams

Everyone was gathered in a different styled room once they were informed that they were in a ship floating in space. It was big and looked kind of basic.
There were potted indoor plants, couches on both ends of a giant window revealing the vast dark reality that holds the tiny planet we call home. It was like some huge intergalactic waiting room that held roughly 300 people between the ages of 11 and 18 all sitting in three circles of regular chairs that looked as if they were in an introduction circle that they had on the first day of school every year.
In the center of the middle circle which held Maggie was a woman. She had dark brown hair with a red velvet shine to it. The hair was pulled back in a bun so tight it looked as if it was squeezing the life out of her for she had wrinkles on her face and a nasty shade of red lipstick that screamed business woman. Not just that but her outfit reminded Maggie of the first principal that she had at her grade school but instead of wearing a boring gray suit with a black tie with was navy blue with a light blue shirt and a tie that was so dark blue it almost appeared to be black.
Her high heel shoes looked as if they were cutting off circulation in her feet. That woman was probably the second scariest thing that Maggie has ever seen in her entire life.
"This contest is the most dangerous thing you will every face in your entire life." The woman said in a loud and strict voice that was sharper then any knife. "Do not worry because all of you will receive training from what the universe considers earth's most professional couches but I believe otherwise. Although seeing as I am one of them I at least have to agree that I am at the top. They will be there making sure that you do not screw up out there battling each other for the right of becoming earth's future protectors. As to what that means I can not say until we have our winners."
A section in the walls out of nowhere turned into doors, like a garage door opened from the down up. It happened on opposite sides of the room revealing figures walking out and joining the centers of the three different circles.
The circle to the left contained the man from earlier plus a beautiful woman with long silky black hair, deep brown eyes and light skin that seemed gentle to the touch but a good look into her eyes revealed wisdom and years of hard training. The make-up she wore obviously did a wonderful job at concealing her true age.
In the circle on the right side a sweet young woman with golden hair and sapphire blue eyes stood wearing a friendly smile. Right next to her stood a man the tan skin and dirty blond hair. He had a shirt beard and wore a buttoned up light blue shirt with white flowers and leaves on it. His pants were a light tan color and around his neck laid a shark tooth necklace.
In Maggie's circle, the center one was the scary woman complimented with the scary man who had the scar on his face. It was obvious that she was going to end up with one of those two.
"We did a scan of your brains while you slept and were able to pick out the couches that best matched your personalities so this selection was not random." The scary woman said. "Do not judge a book by it's cover although I have to admit that they do act as idiotic as they look. Just learn to deal with them, I am sorry that all of you can not have the privilege of working with me."
"I'd like to have the privilege of killing you." Maggie thought.
"By the way, every thought that comes to your heads right at this moment is being read by one of our scientists so if you are like miss Maggie here and think negatively about any of our couches here I will be notified immediately." The evil woman said giving a threatening glare to the young redhead.
"Now about the teams, each of you has a card under your chair with a color on it. Pull out the card and you will know your team." The old bat went on. "If you are in my circle and pull out navy blue that means you are on my team. If the card is green then you are on General Richard Carson's team."
Maggie pulled her card, to her luck it was green. She sighed and relaxed for a moment then remembered how threatening the tall guy can be.
To get her mind off of that she looked over to the other circles to see what was going on. On the right, the man with the shark tooth necklace was talking.
"So like little dudes and dudettes, this is like May and I am Nickey. We are like so going to be your couches but like not at the same time."
May decided to step in. "I may not have the strongest voice," The golden haired girl said in a soft and sweet tone. "But I have a feeling that I should do the talking. Nick, sweetie, you are not exactly the best at explaining things. One can only take the word like so many times."
"It's so like alright, I don't mind hanging here while you explain the color cards to them." Nick said sitting down on a stool that was in the middle of the circle that was placed there in case one of them needed to rest their feet.
"So pull out the cards from underneath your chairs, the pink ones mean you are with me and the white ones mean you are with Nickey." May said like she had just spoken to a elementary school classroom.
Maggie focused here gaze to a cute little girl with blue eyes and blond pigtails. She almost looked like a younger versions of May and she wondered if they were related.
The girl seemed very nervous at first but May bent down and talked to her, quiet enough so that Maggie could not hear what they were saying.
She ended up pulling out her card after the conversation revealing that it was pink meaning that she was with May which was no surprise.
Looking over to the other circle Maggie could see kids holding purple and orange cards. It was obvious that the purple ones meant they were with the odd guy who wore a magenta colored turtleneck.
Maggie became so involved with thinking about the whole competition ahead and the teams that she had forgotten that not too long ago she was just sleeping in her bed wondering about the dodge ball game that she thought that she would attend the next day.
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The Amazing Trio: The Contest
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