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 Herbert's Puppet

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Getting into it

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PostSubject: Herbert's Puppet   Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:16 pm

This is a sequel to Puffle Sitting & also G's GPS ties into this story as well.

Chapter 0: Before Gary Got Lost

Jet was concerned about Herbert's plans and did not want to take part but he devised a plan of his own. In order to foil Herbert he must help him first.
The red penguin wondered if he should tell G about his situation. He decided not to because he knew Herbert would be mad and G would try to help in any way possible in which meaning he'd mess up Jet's entire plan. This was something that he had to face on his own.
There was a sound coming from Jet's computer. He looked to see he had received a message on PIM from Gary.

G_Messenger3000: Jet, I am having an important meeting. I need you and some old time agents to come.

JetPacks4ever: Alright G, I'll be there.

Chapter 1: G's Missing!

Rookie crashed into the break room at EPF Command saying something so quickly Jet could not catch what he was saying.
"Rookie please speak slower." The red penguin said irritated.
"It's Gary!" Rookie wined. "He still hasn't returned yet from test driving the sled and it has been a week!"
"It's no problem Rookie." The cool penguin replied. "He probably got himself lost. I'll just go out and look for him."
"But where? He could be anywhere in Antarctica!" The silly green penguin said.
Just then Jet noticed that he has a message on PIM from an unwanted 'friend'.
"Rookie, don't worry I'll find him. Let me finish typing up my most recent mission report on my laptop." The red bird said trying to get rid of the pest.

HottHerby: I know about the disappearance of the clumsy yet intelligent bird. I know you have noticed that he is gone by now and will want to conduct a search for him. Well if I see you flying around the island like crazy looking for him it's all done. The whole island will know about the existence of the EPF and will know that you are a member of this secret organization.

JetPacks4ever: Fine, I won't rescue the most important penguin in the EPF just to save myself, right. Herbert, trapping G in the wild is too low, even for you. I am going to go out and find him even if it does cost me my job. The EPF would fall without G so even if it known to all of CP, at least Gary will be safe.

HottHerby: Well if you are going to play it that way I will activate the heaters I have installed all around the island and melt it down so everything the EPF worked to save will all be gone. It's your choice, one penguin or the whole island.

JetPacks4ever: Looks like I don't have a choice now do I?

HottHerby: Now that's a good little birdy.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Tue Mar 06, 2012 1:48 pm

Chapter 2: All Systems Down

At the EPF HQ two days later Jet typed away at his laptop filing in his missions report. On his most recent mission he had to stop a huge crowd of penguins from attempting to tip the iceberg, again. This was getting old. He wanted more excitement. The red penguin was half relieved that Herbert has made an appearance but still nervous on the future of the EPF and even more scared about how G was doing.
He looked over to the coffee maker in the break room to see Lab Rat moping. He must really miss Gary. Jet swore once he took care of Herbert and his plans to heat up the island that he was going to rescue the nerdy penguin. By now everyone has noticed his absence and they wondered why Jet hasn't gone out to search for him.
A message from Herbert appeared on Jet's screen. He clicked to read it.

HottHerby: Hello annoying jet packing loving penguin. I have my first job for you.

JetPacks4ever: What is it Herbert?

HottHerby: I need you to hack into the EPF's security and take it down. I have tried myself and so has Klutzy but failed thanks to those annoying agents but I am sure you can get the task done.

JetPacks4ever: Ugh fine whatever.

Jet did as he was told. Without G around to fix the system the EPF wouldn't have much to do. This was going to be horrible but what else could Jet do?

Chapter 3: Lab Rat's Suspicions

The brown puffle noticed that something was different with the EPF. He has a close connection with technology and he could almost feel the system crying out for help.
That was not the only thing that was weird, Jet's behavior lately was very off. He promised Rookie that he would find Gary but he hasn't yet. This had Lab Rat very worried.
He decided to check out Jet's laptop when he got up and left it unguarded. Whatever might be wrong with that penguin his laptop might hold the key.
"No way!" The brown fuzzball said to himself. "Jet Pack Guy took down the EPF's systems? But why?"
While browsing everything on the computer a PIM message came in. Although it was against Club Penguin law to read others' mail Lab Rat felt that this was a special occasion.

HottHerby: I see that all systems are down, good job.

Herbert! Lab Rat should have known. He decided to read all the old messages exchanged between the two to see what Jet was threatened with and to his horror part of it was caused by him and switching Jet's brain with Socks'.
"I have to help Jet, but how?" Lab Rat asked himself. "Ah! I know, I'll for speak him! Hmm but what should I say? Words can be powerful so I have to be careful on what I type to the polar bear. I also have to use words that Jet would use to not arouse suspicion."
"What are you talking about?" A deep voice came from behind him.
Lab Rat turned around to see Jet Pack Guy standing there looking down on him, flippers crossed.
"Oh Jet, I uhh... um well you see." The brown puffle was unsure on how to say what he was doing. Knowing that Jet was working with the enemy meant he was a threat and with what is on the line if Herbert told him to destroy the threat being Lab Rat he would do it.
"You read my PIM messages?" The angry red penguin asked.
Lab Rat slowly shook his head yes.
"Then, you have to help me please! I have ideas on how to stop Herbert but I don't know what to do honestly. He would never suspect a puffle would help me out. He doesn't know that you are a EPF agent either. Please please please!" Jet pleaded.
Lab Rat has never seen him like this before. The poor guy must be desperate.
"Of course I'll help you, it is my job to help save the island after all." Lab Rat responded.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:07 pm

Chapter 4: The Message

Rookie was down at the cove sitting in the sand and watching the other penguins surf. It was a beautiful day. The green penguin was happy that he had the day off but what he was about to learn was for an EPF agent you never have a day off.
The water looked taunting like it was saying "Rookie, you know you wanna. Just dip your flippers in me."
He couldn't take it anymore, Rookie had to get into the water. He had just eaten a fish dog so he was afraid of getting cramps. Jet always told him to wait a half hour after you eat before swimming. Just getting part way into the water was fine right?
The goofy green penguin splashed around having a good time then a bottle ran into him.
"What's this?" Rookie asked himself quietly then he took a better look at it. "It's a bottle! Some jerk left a bottle here when it should go into the recycling!"
Rookie got out of the water and started to make his way over to the recycling center when he noticed a piece of paper inside the clear pink bottle. He wanted to take it out but he didn't know how. He looked around then noticed a pink penguin wearing a black sideways wig and a swimsuit eating some sushi with chopsticks. Rookie knew that would be perfect.
"Excuse me miss." The green penguin started. "Can you please help me get this note out of the bottle?"
She looked at the bottle then shrugged. "Sure I guess."
The magenta colored bird took the old cream soda bottle then hit it really hard against a rock shattering it into little tiny pieces. Not exactly what Rookie had in mind but it worked.
Rookie took the note and read the first part in which stating that if you didn't understand the code then give it to Jet. Lucky for Rookie he happened to have the secret agent handbook on him. He was happy to get the chance to decode a note written in the tic tac toe letters used by EPF members.
He went through each sentence carefully finding the letters, occasionally getting it wrong. After an hour Rookie had finally finished decoding it! It was time to read it over.

Help! I am trapped in the wilderness. Herbert is planning to taking down the EPF. He is using one of our agents, but I do not know who. Be careful! It could be anyone, well except Pookie because he said it was someone important to the EPF. I need to be rescued, Jet it's around the usual area so just meet me in the lave.

Two questions bugged Rookie, who on earth is Pookie and why is he or she not important and what on earth is a lave? Well maybe that's three questions or two in a half? Maybe he can put it as three because then there in another half question it being apart of the second question which is where is the usual area?
All of this thinking was making Rookie's brain hurt! The note was obviously meant for Jet Pack Guy but wait a minute! Jet said that he was going to rescue G but he never did! Maybe he is the one being controlled by Herbert! This means that Rookie would have to be the one to rescue G because he knows that he can not trust Jet at the time being.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:51 pm

Chapter 5: Planning

"So I will keep Herbert occupied while pinpointing his location." Lab Rat said. "Once I know where he is I will tell you then you can catch him."
"Yes but what about the heaters ready to melt the island?" Jet asked.
Lab Rat thought for a moment. "Hmm well there is a chance that he could be bluffing but we don't want to take those chances do we? Looks like I will have to track down and disable every single one of them, Herbert would never expect a puffle to do something like that and also there is not a brown EPF puffle yet so he hasn't even gotten the chance to meet one in which meaning he doesn't know that an intelligent puffle exists."
"Uh so what you are saying is you will go around the island and take down all of the heaters because Herbert doesn't know that brown puffles exist?" Jet Pack Guy asked.
"That is exactly it!" The brown rodent responded.
Just then Rookie walked in and grabbed a few little things then started to walk out.
Jet stopped him. "Rookie, what are you doing with a," he examined the contents the green penguin was holding. "Pen, box of paper clips, and a rubber band ball?"
"Nothing just working on a little project for my day off is all." Rookie replied.
The red penguin decided that Rookie is Rookie and usually he doesn't make much sense so he just let him do his thing.
"Oh great the green idiot who stepped on a scorpion. What do you wa-" Jet heard coming from the Puffle Lounge they have for the EPF puffles and the EPF puffles in training.
Again he decided to ignore it, he had other things to worry about.

Chapter 6: Getting Supplies

Rookie made a checklist of everything that he will need for the secret rescue of Gary.

1. Hot Air Balloon

2. Gadgets That Look Like Regular Office Supplies

3. A Map

4. A Navigator

The list looked awesome in blue crayon. He got the idea from the note of which was written in blue pen, Rookie thought it would be neater if it was in crayon instead and from looking at his checklist he knew he was right.
First was the hot air balloon of which he can cross off because he signed up to rent one already. He didn't know how to fly it but he was sure that whoever he was going to get as his navigator that penguin would know how.
That's right! He needs a penguin to help him with the directions and stuff because Rookie didn't know where the usual spot is and what the heck a lave is either. If it's a secret then he can't tell anyone.
This was going to be tricky. This Pookie guy though sounds like he would be dumb enough to go on Rookie's secret adventure but he needed someone smart to help. Pookie would probably ruin everything and definitely would not know how to operate a hot air balloon.
Whoever he was gonna get had to be smart but forced to come with him. Also someone who can't talk that way he won't tell anyone about what happened.
Sparky! He is a smart little brown puffle and Gary made that puffle communication 3000 thingy so Rookie could use that to talk to him with! That is the perfect navigator.
The map and gadgets shouldn't be too hard. Rookie can pick up a map at the Ski Lodge and as for the gadgets they can easily be found at the EPF HQ.

A half hour later Rookie already got his map and gadgets now he has to get his navigator. The green penguin knew that Sparky most likely would be found in the Puffle Lounge seeing as he won the contest and all. He'll be the next brown puffle unless he is unable to uphold his duties then the runner up will take his spot.
Rookie walked in and picked up the brown puffle who started squeaking at him.
"Oh that's right!" Rookie said then put on the translator. "Sorry now I can understand you."
"What are you doing?" Sparky asked.
"I'm pufflenapping you but for a good reason so shhh!" Rookie told the brown puffle.
Sparky was about to speak but Rookie stuffed him under his propeller cap before he could. He needed to get out of there and fast. Jet was already suspicious and at the time he can't be trusted.
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:43 am

Chapter 7: Disabling The Heaters

Lab Rat and Jet stayed in communication with each other as the brown puffle went out to disable every heater around the island. It will put Herbert at a disadvantage but he still has other cards that he can play. Lab Rat was Jet's most useful piece, if that evil polar bear finds out about him the game is over so L.B. had to be careful.
First place the brown puffle wanted to check was the Beach next to the lighthouse. It would be very affective to keep a heater there. If he was right there should be three of them all on the edges of the island.
Sure enough L.B. was right a heater here right next to the lighthouse. Just open it up cut a few wires then close it up, simple. It doesn't take a brown puffle to achieve this task.
Lab Rat started to make his way over to the land behind the Ski Lodge when he was stopped by a Club Penguin official.
"Whoa there little buddy." A penguin with a deep voice said. "Where do you think your going?" (Sorry but I have to say this, that penguin in my mind sounds exactly like Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove.)
The brown puffle gulped.
"You know there is a leash law right?" The deep voiced penguin asked.
Looking up at the bird Lab Rat could see he was a strong looking forest green penguin without a wig or hat and was wearing sunglasses so dark you couldn't even see his eyes.
Jet's voice came in from the headset that Lab Rat was wearing. "Let me handle him using that tool you installed on the headset L.B. I have an idea."
A little button was in a reachable spot for Lab Rat, he pushed it then Jet Pack Guy's voice was on speakerphone.
"Hey! What leash law?" He shouted.
Lab Rat could see what Jet was doing so he started to move his lips along to the words coming from the red penguin.
"I am a regular citizen of Club Penguin and I deserve to be able to roam about the island as I want." Jet said as Lab Rat to the big oaf.
"Oh um I'm sorry." He apologized. "I sometimes forget about how smart brown puffles are although I didn't know that they can talk."
Lab Rat accepted his apology and went on his way to take down the other two heaters, one past the forested area behind the Ski Lodge that Herbert hid at and at the Cove.
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Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:28 pm

Chapter 8: Rookie's Adventure

"So what is all of this about?" Sparky asked.
"G sent out a letter asking for help so I need to rescue him!" Rookie said adjusting his headset puffle communicator.
Sparky started to look worried. "Um if Gary needs to be rescued shouldn't a more capable penguin save him? Like Jet Pack Guy for example."
"No little puffle." Rookie said. "You and I are in on this alone. We can't trust any of the penguins at the EPF especially Jet."
"Why not?" The brown furry rodent asked.
"In his letter, G said that Herbert is controlling one of our agents and it could be anyone." Then Rookie's eyes changed. A sad and disappointed look shone in them. "I think it's Jet Pack Guy."
By now the two were in the hot air balloon flying up in the air. Sparky was keeping an eye on things making sure that Rookie didn't crash.
The two remained silent for a few seconds then Sparky spoke. "Are you sure it's Jet? You don't have any proof to back it up."
"No I'm not sure but that's why I can't trust anyone!" Rookie said. "It sounds like the only other guy in the EPF I could trust is some idiot named Pookie!"
"Pookie?" The brown puffle asked. "Uh I don't think there's an agent by that name."
"There is!" The green penguin whined. "Just take a look at the letter and the translation I did!"
Sparky looked over it. Being able to decode things immediately he could easily read the letter in his head without Rookie's translation but to check on the mistakes he might have made he decided to read his anyways to find that there were two.
"Uh Rookie," The smart puffle said. "This isn't a P. It's a R."
"R?" the silly penguin asked. "Then that means his name is actually Roookie!" (roo as in a kangaROO then key. I'll add an extra O to the mispronounced Rookie.) "Hey who is this Roookie guy?"
Sparky rolled his eyes. "Not Roookie! Rookie! As in your name!"
It took a moment for the green bird to think it over. He counted the letters and stuff on his nonexistent fingers then he realized that Sparky was right.
"Hey yeah that is my name! Cool G said-" Then it hit him. "G thinks that I'm not important to the EPF? Just because I mess up sometimes I'm not good enough to be controlled by a polar bear?!" Tears fell down the sad little penguin's face.
Sparky himself could almost feel Rookie's pain. G was right, no way would Herbert waste his time on this moron but he is the only hope that Gary has to get home, back to Club Penguin. In order to achieve that the brown puffle would have to motivate Rookie. If he didn't then there's a chance that no one would be there to save G.
"Everyone is important to the EPF Rookie." Sparky said. "Carrot isn't the brightest puffle but without him I'm sure we would be in a bad place. We all have our disadvantages but you know what?"
The green penguin whipped a tear from his eye. "What?"
"Your goofiness, clumsiness, and sometimes dumb moves makes you who you are." Sparky said with a gentle smile. "Take all of that away and you are just another boring agent. I am sure that without your great sense of humor the EPF would be a dull and gray place to work and nobody would want to be a secret agent. Without secret agents the island would collapse."
"Yeah right!" Rookie said. "Your just saying that to get me to stop crying because you find it annoying! Every penguin finds me annoying!"
"Rookie!" Sparky shouted. "I am serious." The brown puffle breathed in and out to calm himself down. "Now tell me, why did you join the EPF?"
"Because, I was a member of the PSA so they hired me."
"Why did you join the PSA?"
Rookie got up from his sad slouch to answer the question. "Because, I care about every penguin living on this island! I want to help them, all of them. Even if it's with the little problems, I am there to help. The best way I could do that was becoming a secret agent." He put his flippers on his hips and stood there in pride.
This made the brown puffle happy. He was lifting the spirits of the silly green penguin but he was curious about on thing. "Tell me, how did the PSA find and hire you?"
"Well I had just finished helping out my uncle at the Pizza Parlor, well actually it was my first day working there and things didn't go so well." Rookie said. "I needed a job because they had just come out with a new catalog with cool stuff to fill my igloo with! I thought since he was always having trouble with getting the pizzas delivered that I would be the pizza delivery penguin but that didn't go over smoothly so I worked in the back putting together the pizzas. The belt thingy moved too fast and I kept messing up all the orders. I really thought that I could help him and get coins at the same time. I was sad but there was a little penguin who was sadder. He had just lost his balloon and I could not stand to see him cry so I pulled a balloon out of my hat and blew it up for him. After that some mean penguin who bumped into me so hard it felt like he did it on purpose dropped a test into my flippers. Naturally I tried to return it but after chasing him down he yelled at me to leave him alone then straight out told me that test was for me. I was upset at first because I didn't want to take a test but when I saw what it was about I was happy because it was a test about keeping the island safe! I passed and then I was a member of the PSA."
"Well it is obvious why they needed you." Sparky said with a casual smile. "They saw your heart, how true you are. The Director is a very smart penguin, I am sure that he saw straight through the clumsiness and the kind penguin underneath it. He is a penguin who is known to be able to take anything and use it as a weapon against his enemies including you."
"What!?" Rookie shouted. "I'm a weapon? But I don't want to be!"
The smart rodent tried to calm Rookie down. "No, no not an actual weapon! Just someone that can be used to do kind things, help others and stop those who treat others badly."
"Oh! I get you!" The green penguin said then looked down under the balloon at a semi-familiar forest. "Hey! I know that place! Is that where the lave is?"
"About that Rookie, that was another mistranslated letter. It's a cave."
"Oh oops. Well anyways looks like it's time to save G! Lets finish this adventure so that we can go home and stop Herbert."
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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Mon Sep 10, 2012 5:21 pm

Chapter 9: Penguintube

Jet sat down at his desk to check his email. He was surprised to see a message from Herbert. All it contained was a link. It was to a video on Penguintube. He clicked it to see the horror of him flying around making airplane noises with two puffles on his shoulders. It was from back when Socks was in his body. Herbert must of found out about the heaters being disabled.
A message from PIM appeared on Jet's screen. It was from Herbert.

HottHerby: Did you see my little surprise?

JetPacks4ever: Yeah I saw it. So what? An embarrassing video of me is on penguintube. I don't care. At least the island is safe.

HottHerby: So you think. Don't forget I still have more. I have stuff that can get you fired from the EPF so if you play another move such as that be sure to say goodbye from everything you know. Heck, I could get you banned from Club Penguin if I wanted to.

JetPacks4ever: How could you get me banned from the island?

HottHerby: I have proof that you helped me. If that leaks then it's goodbye Club Penguin for you.

JetPacks4ever: You wouldn't dare!

HottHerby: Try me.

And with that the conversation ended. Jet knew he had to follow Herbert's rules for now on or else. Getting around this is going to be very hard.
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Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Tue Oct 01, 2013 8:53 pm

Chapter 10: G's Rescue

Rookie and Sparky landed and went into the cave to find a shivering royal blue penguin wearing a torn lab coat curled up into a ball.
"Jet? Is that you?" He asked with a shaky voice.
"Nope! It's me, Rookie, at your service!" Rookie said saluting.
G rolled over and adjusted his cracked glasses. "Rookie?" He said weakly then coughed.
"Gary!" Rookie shouted in worry. "Are you alright?"
A small smile formed on his beak. "Rookie. How many times were you told that secret agents don't salute?"
"I'm happy to see you're alright. Lets get in the hot air balloon." Rookie said helping Gary up.

The two climbed into the hot air balloon with Sparky making sure that G gets in safely.
"Rookie." Sparky said seriously. "I think that G is in need of emergency medical care. Lets fly him to the hospital."
"But what about the island?!" Rookie asked in a panic.
Sparky felt G's forehead. "That shouldn't be our main concern right now. Gary is running a fever and if we don't get him to a hospital soon it could end badly."
Rookie sighed knowing that Sparky was right. "Lets go to the hospital!"

Hours after arriving at the Club Penguin Hospital a nurse came out to the bored Rookie who was playing paddle ball in the waiting room back to see G.
"Gary!" Rookie shouted when he was escorted to the room and hugged the blue penguin tightly.
"Easy Rookie." G said as best as he could after having the life squeezed out of him.
"Sorry, I was just worried." Rookie said.
Sparky jumped up snatching the translator off of Rookie then put it on G. "I am also happy to see you are doing fine. We were very concerned when we found you out in the wilderness."
"Yes, thank you both." The blue penguin said, smiling. "So why did you come to my rescue? The letter was clearly requesting Jet Pack Guy."
"Because Jet is working for Herbert!" Rookie shouted.
"Now Rookie, no assuming that without evidence." Sparky squeaked.
"Huh? You know I can't understand you right now." Rookie said.
"Rookie," G said full of concern. "What evidence do you have to support your theory?"
"I... I... don't know. I just know that Jet is the one up to no good and if you don't believe me I will prove it!" Rookie responded then teleported out to find his evidence.
"So Gary," Sparky started. "I think I will leave you alone to get some rest. I believe they want to keep you here over night. It is best after all."
With that Sparky grabbed the translator and headed off.

Chapter 11: The Truth is Revealed

Rookie looked around the EPF command but couldn't find anything proving that Jet was the one who was working with Herbert. Of course Rookie wasn't all too sure what to look for.
He sat down in Jet's office chair and spun himself around a few times then he heard a noise that kind of reminded him of the sound PIM makes when receiving a message. Jet must of forgotten to sign out. Well of course Rookie had to sign out for him so that any penguin couldn't look at his personal stuff.
When moving the mouse Rookie saw the page screen light up and moved the mouse over to the log out button when a brown ball of fur came out of nowhere and hit the mouse away from Rookie.
"Ow!" Rookie shouted shaking his flipper. "What was that for?" He questioned the brown fluff which by looking at it he could tell it was Sparky.
The puffle squeaked then jumped over to the computer screen pointing out the name of the one who sent Jet the message. HottHerby.
"This is none of my business Sparky. I can't read Jet's private letters. What if it's from a girlfriend?" Rookie said.
Sparky planted his face on the desk being unable to facepalm without hands. He then got up and grabbed the translator and threw it onto Rookie.
"Rookie! Look! The message is from Herbert! You were right all along!" Sparky said once Rookie could understand him.
"HottHerby could mean anybody." Rookie said.
"Ugh! Let me handle this." Sparky said then moved the mouse over to click the button to read the message.

HottHerby: So, my current plan is to steal the sunlight all for me! I know you will do anything that I request my little puppet. I need you to get parts for my fabulous machine and with access to that gadget penguin's items it should be easy.

After reading this Sparky decided to respond as Jet Pack Guy to get the whole scoop. Rookie on the other hand was against this so he got up and went into the break room for some hot cocoa.

JetPacks4ever: Remind me again, why must I do what you say?

HottHerby: You penguins and your tiny brains. It's a wonder how you can even survive. If you don't do what I say then all of the island will know that you worked for me and went against the EPF of which by that time they will know exists and you will forever be banned!!!!

JetPacks4ever: Oh yeah, that's right. Just tell me what you need and I will deliver it.

Right behind him Sparky heard the sound of throat clearing.
"Lab Rat? What have I said about talking to Herbert as me?" A deep voice came from behind him.
Sparky turned around to see Jet Pack Guy standing behind him.
"Sparky?" Jet asked, confused.

In the break room Rookie had run into Jet who greeted him but he wasn't in the mood. All he said in response was to go to his desk and that he forgot to sign off of PIM. Jet waddled out in a hurry leaving Rookie in there, alone with his hot cocoa and two marshmallows floating inside the mug.
"If that message really is from Herbert then that means that Jet Pack Guy really is working for him." Rookie said to his hot chocolate.
After talking to his drink he heard the sound of a door creek. Looking up there was a little brown puffle peering in.
"You got caught Sparky, I knew you would." Rookie said to the puffle.
"Rookie." The puffle said with a slight British accent. "It's not Sparky, I'm Lab Rat."
"Lab Rat! Oh hi! All you puffles look alike." Rookie said.
The fuzz ball rolled his eyes then pushed the door open and came inside. "I heard what you said. The truth is Jet Pack Guy is working for Herbert but it's not his choice. He's being blackmailed. Please, you can not tell any other agents. This needs to be a secret. Understand?"
"But I already told G about it!" Rookie responded.
"How long have you known?" L.B. asked.
"Well I just found out for real, before when I told G it was more of a gut feeling." The goofy green penguin answered.
"Then we shall leave it at a suspicion with Gary and not fill...... wait a second, Gary? He's back?"
Rookie shook his head. "Sparky and I rescued him! We were working together a lot. Actually that's why I'm wearing the translator right now. Sparky was being rude and read Jet's message from Herbert. I left because I didn't want any part of it."
Lab Rat was clearly trying to hold back some tears. "I... I... I can't believe he's back! Where is he?"
"At the hospital but he's fine." Rookie answered.
Lab Rat started to let out a soft purr. The thought of seeing Gary and laying on his warm lap again was too much.
"Lab Rat? Are you alright buddy?" Rookie asked.
The brown puffle snapped out of it then blushed a little after realizing that he purred. "Right well it seems we have a decent team built. If Sparky knows about what is going on the three of us can fight against Herbert when Jet just does what he is asked of him. After this situation is over we will clear everything up with the Director and make sure she understands that he had to do what he did."
"She?" Rookie questioned.
"Did I say she? Well the Director could be male or female, we don't know. Lets drop the subject and move on to saving Club Penguin, shall we?"
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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Wed Jul 22, 2015 3:36 pm

Chapter 12: The Last Bomb

The red penguin folded his flippers, fury shining in his sunglasses. "Sparky, what, no, why are you here, responding to MY messages?"
Shivering, the brown puffle tried to respond with the most ease possible. "Jet, I'm sorry but we had to find out who was defying the EPF, it's for your safety, honest."
"You know what I have done. There isn't any going back now, I was stupid to fall into Herbert's trap in the first place and now I have to deal with it."
"Jet." The brown puffle said, worry growing in his voice. "However this started, it can be fixed."
The table was pounded by his red flipper. "No! Not just my pride as an agent is on the line but the entire agency will be compromised if I don't do what Herbert says. There is no way to fix it."
"Hey Jet, why don't you just explain to me how this all happened? It can be fixed and I think I might know what to do. I'd like to hear your story first, if you don't mind." Sparky said, rubbing up to his flipper like a cat to comfort the distraught penguin.

The green penguin fiddled with the translator a bit. "This thing gets itchy after a while."
"Rookie, I am sorry if it causes you discomfort but it's how we can stay in communication." Lab Rat told him.
"Ay, Rookie! There you are. Wearing that blasted thing making my unique ability obsolete." Came the voice of a familiar penguin.
"P.H.?" Rookie asked looking around.
"Over here." P.H. said, on the other end of the hall. She walked over, holding a very familiar orange puffle who was chewing on something. "I believe this belongs to you. I found him at the Snow Forts." P.H. added as she dropped the fluff ball into Rookie's flippers.
"Socks!" Rookie happily cheered as he hugged his beloved pet.
"What is he eating?" Asked Lab Rat.
The brown penguin scratched her head. "Beats me. Definitely dangerous for puffles to say the least. Now matter how much I ask him to, he won't drop it. Heck, I can't even pull 'em outta his mouth."
Lab Rat studied studied the contents, red and blue casings over some copper colored wires, he then jumped back a bit realizing he made a mistake.

"Hmm, why only lay bombs on the edges of the island? There had to be one in the middle, making it like a sinking ship although seeing as he had to resort to a different plan, that shows all of them had been disabled." Sparky pondered.
"Lab Rat got all of them as far as I'm aware. Herbert didn't like that obviously." Jet said as he scrolled back up in the conversation.
"What is even more baffling is the fact that the EPF monitors all chats from websites such as these, how is it the Director let this go on for so long?" Lab Rat asked, partly to himself.
"Wait a second, the Director monitors this?" Jet asked the puffle as he picked him up and eyed him.
Sparky gulped. "Well, yeah. I know of some top EPF agents that look these over too but I fear I'm not allowed to say who. This worries me if they haven't acted. Something bigger might be going on."
"Hey guys, Lab Rat said he missed a bomb but no worries because my genius puffle ate it!" Rookie told everyone at Jet's desk.
The orange puffle let out a belch, releasing the wires from his mouth.
"Well, that answers one of my questions." Sparky stated, wishing he could facepalm or better yet, plug his nostrils from the nasty burp smell.

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: Re: Herbert's Puppet   Thu Jul 23, 2015 12:54 am

Chapter 13: What the Director Has Been Up To

"So, Sparky," The red penguin started, holding out his flipper pointed at the puffle. "You said you had a plan, right?"
Sparky cleared his throat. "Why yes Jet Pack Guy, I do. Hibernation. Bears hibernate in the winter, if we can force him into a hibernation-like state, we can stop him in his tracks keeping all of the EPF safe."
"Forced hibernation?" Jet questioned rubbing his chin. "How do you propose we do that?"
"No need." A distorted voice rang. "Sorry it took so long to chime in Agent but I have been extremely busy trying my best to track down Herbert's location via your conversation"
Everyone looked at Jet's computer screen to see the Director has hacked in & is speaking to them.
"Director? You've been trying to act all this time?" Jet asked.
"Agent, you must understand, this was very important. Not only was this testing how you would react to this situation but we also figured we could use it to track down Herbert. Sadly it appears he put a block up so that couldn't happen. We still had been putting together a hibernation tank for him for once we can capture him." The Director said to Jet then turned their attention to Rookie. "As for you, thank you for rescuing Gary. I greatly appreciate.... I mean the entire EPF appreciates the hard work that you did. G is a valuable agent and you proved you're just as important. I believe you deserve an award for what you did."
"Thank you Director!!!!!!" Not being able to hold back his emotions, Rookie sobbed, hugging Jet's monitor.
"You're welcome Agent." The focus was shot back to Jet Pack Guy. "As for you, Ace? You know this is serious. This will forever be on your record and I will have to give you a one week suspension BUT your heart was in the right place in keeping the EPF safe when it came down to that. I will keep hush from the other agents on what has happened but for now I will take total control of your PIM account and respond to Herbert as if I were you. This way our agents can ambush him." The Director said before attention was grabbed when their spyphone rang. "Hello? What?! Herbert has hacked us? We must defend our systems. Keep it going long enough so we can track his location."

Chapter 14: Operation: Hibernation

"Looks like I was worried over nothing. Of course the Director was going to handle it at one point." Jet stated as he slouched down in his office chair.
Rookie, Socks, and Sparky had left as soon as the call ended, leaving Lab Rat alone with the red penguin.
"It wasn't for nothing." Lab Rat said, comforting the distressed penguin. "You did good, well, sort of. I mean, worrying about your pride did sort of start it."
Jet shot the brown fluff ball a stern look.
"Sorry. I know, more than anything you were concerned about the EPF. You did what you thought was right and being in your position, I know it's hard." Lab Rat tried to clean up what he said before.

A day has passed since the whole system defender incident with Herbert and some higher up agents were being called into a meeting, even Jet Pack Guy. This was obviously serious if he was called in during his suspension.
In the room was a long table with spinning chairs. Good thing Rookie wasn't there or he would be spinning around and around in them. At one end of the table was a screen that flickered on as soon as every agent was seated.
"Greetings Agents." A familiar shadow had appeared on the screen & welcomed. "As you know, not too long ago Herbert was trying to hack our system. We did recently obtain some input giving us an idea on a scheme he is hatching. This is why we must force him into hibernation immediately."
"Director." A brick red penguin in a short brown wig, shades, and a grey suit with a black bow tie stood up. "Are you saying that Herbert's location is now known?"
"Affirmative Lookout." The Director responded to the penguin. "He is located at the Toughest Mountain." The Director answered with concern weighing down the altered voice.
"Wait!" Lookout pounded his flippers on the table in shock. "The Great Snow Race is taking place there this weekend!!! How on earth are we going to achieve taking down Herbert in that location with an event like this happening?"
"We will have to be careful. Jet, you will be extremely important to this mission since you can scale the mountain much easier than many of us. We are counting on you." The Director said before concluding the meeting.

At his igloo, Jet prepared for the unexpected mission. He had to do this, he assumed that suspension might have to wait. Although this new thing had come up, he wondered what Herbert was going to do. He saw the message where Herbert said that he wanted to steal the sunlight for himself when looking back. How was he going to do that? It wouldn't matter now seeing as they have a pretty solid plan going to take down Herbert but still, what kind of operation would they have if he caused a blackout?
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Herbert's Puppet
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