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 What Has Herbert Been Up To?

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Getting into it
Getting into it

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PostSubject: What Has Herbert Been Up To?   Thu Jul 23, 2015 1:44 am

When I originally wrote Puffle Sitting & Herbert's Puppet, it was in real time CP, I took off what what was happening in game & used it. Sadly I lost interest in Club Penguin at one point & failed to update. This means that I did miss out on the start of field ops but I did do them a little while after they came in & knew of Herbert's hibernation because I read up on it when I was confused by the sleeping Herbert. Although I do believe I did somewhat take part in that but it might have been during a time when I was on vacation. Wanting to continue a story about secret agents that takes place in the present, be patient, updating will be slow so I know what is happening in the world of CP.

Chapter 1: We Need to Monitor Herbert

"This is ridiculous! One of our top agents is trying to fix the mind of a pirate instead of worrying about how Herbert will strike next." A salmon colored penguin in a grey suit complained to no one as he looked out the telescope that rests at the top of the lighthouse. "Herbert is out there doing who knows what!? He normally strikes in the fall. It's nearing the end of July which means Autumn isn't too far away. In 2014 we got word where his hideout is. No penguin will dare go there since they all believe it's a trap. What do I say to that? Phooey!"

Just then, the sound of a jet pack rang in the air and slowly rising up was the face of a concerned yet displeased red penguin.

"I could hear you even through the noise of my Jet Pack. Something wrong Agent?" Jet Pack Guy asked, flippers crossed. "You very well know that it most likely is a trap. Leave him be, we all know it's a trap."

"But Jet Pack Guy!" Lookout responded in a worried tone. "We should at least try to decipher what it says on his website, who is he meeting? If we find out, we might be closer to stopping his evil scheme."

"We all want to take action but you know we must wait. Patience is a virtue. Maybe you should go see Sensei, he can help you keep a more calm mind. He did wonders for me." The red penguin offered with a smile.

"I have to remain stressed. Some penguin needs to worry about this. Now, if you don't mind, I am going to monitor Herbert's website and Twitter feeds." Lookout said before heading over to the stairs of the lighthouse.
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What Has Herbert Been Up To?
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